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Nix, Garth. Grim Tuesday.

NIX, Garth. Grim Tuesday. (The Keys to the Kingdom, Book II). Scholastic. 321p. c2004. 0-439-43655-9. $5.99. JS

It's going to be a long week for Arthur Penhaligon. No sooner has he crawled into bed after defeating the evil Mr. Monday than Grim Tuesday arrives to endanger both his world and the mysterious realm of the House. Tuesday, the ultimate robber baron, is calling in his debts, and Arthur's very world will be part of the price. There's no help for it but to re-enter the House and with the help of some old friends and new--including former messenger Suzy, the Ancient Mariner, and a disembodied eyebrow--to defeat Grim Tuesday at his own game.

This second volume in the Keys of the Kingdom series is darker and slightly slower moving than the first, but once Arthur breaks into Tuesday's treasure house and finds the Sunship the pace picks up, and followers of the series will enjoy every minute. Buy where the first book was popular. Deirdre Root, Ref . Libn., Middletown P.L., Middletown, OH
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Author:Root, Deirdre
Article Type:Brief Article
Date:Jul 1, 2004
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