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Dozens of hippy crack canisters found near city school. DANNY THOMPSON News Reporter Nov 17, 2021 458
Urease and nitrification inhibitors with pig slurry effects on ammonia and nitrous oxide emissions, nitrate leaching, and nitrogen use efficiency in perennial ryegrass sward. Park, Sang Hyun; Lee, Bok Rye; Kim, Tae Hwan Report Nov 11, 2021 6692
Residents angry over dumped hippy crack canisters. DANNY THOMPSON News Reporter Nov 5, 2021 618
Hippy crack blitz as 'kids getting high near parks' PS100 fine for failing to give it up. JAMIE BRASSINGTON News Reporter Nov 4, 2021 301
'It's heartbreaking': hundreds of hippy crack canisters littered at popular Coventry hotspot; A councillor for the area is calling for "tighter restrictions" around the sale of the product. By, Danny Thompson Nov 2, 2021 661
Police swoop on city centre businesses in counterfeit crackdown; SUSPECTED ROGUE TRADERS TARGETED IN OPERATION. LIAM THORP ECHO Reporter @LIAMTHORPECHO Oct 2, 2021 374
Fanconi Anaemia, What Anaesthesiologists Should Consider about. Tafrishinejad, Arash; Nashibi, Masoud; Asgari, Sogol; Safari, Farhad; Sezari, Parisa; Mottaghi, Kamr Clinical report Oct 1, 2021 1613
Authorities seize thousands of canisters thought to contain 'laughing gas'. Staff Reporter Sep 30, 2021 151
Exploring the Effect on 5 Senses in Children under Nitrous Oxide Sedation. Goyel, Vinita; Jain, Aman; Mathur, Shivani; Sachdev, Vinod; Singh, Shambhavi Sep 20, 2021 2875
Freshers warned to avoid laughing gas as drug kills 42 people in Britain; Last year more than half of 16 to 24-year-olds admitted trying laughing gas. Nitrous oxide has medical and commercial uses, such as making whipped cream, but is illegal when sold as a psychoactive drug. By, Amy Sharpe Sep 18, 2021 188
No bull! Climate researchers 'potty train' peeing cows. Sep 16, 2021 381
New mum becomes first in UK to use climate-friendly pain relief to give birth; Kaja Gersinka "made history" by becoming the first woman in the UK to use climate-friendly pain relief to give birth at a hospital in Newcastle through a device known as Mobile Destruction Unit. By, Tom Wilkinson Sep 14, 2021 335
Mother makes UK history with green gas and air; climate friendly pain relief used at city hospital. MIKE KELLY Reporter Sep 14, 2021 419
How Rosie created a baby piece of history. MIKE KELLY Reporter Sep 14, 2021 689
Carrying gas is no laughing matter. Sep 3, 2021 159
Possessing laughing gas could become illegal in UK under government crackdown; The Home Office has asked he Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs to consider whether an overhaul is needed. By, Ben Glaze Sep 3, 2021 485
Hippy crackdown; Laughing gas 'to be outlawed'. BEN GLAZE Deputy Political Editor Sep 3, 2021 185
Change of Urinary Nitrite Excretion in Primary Enuresis after Indomethacin Treatment. Bader, Hisham W.; Youssef, Hala A.; Armaneous, Ayman F.; Azmy, Ashraf M.; Youness, Eman R.; Abouelna Report Sep 1, 2021 2454
Spate of deaths in Spanish hotels sparks major warning for British tourists; Revellers have been urged to steer clear of nitrous oxide -also known as laughing gas -following two tragedies and several serious injuries, including one British teenager who broke both her legs jumping from a bridge. By, Natalia penza & Abigail O'Leary Jul 23, 2021 409
Low-dose nitrous oxide shows benefit for resistant depression. Yasgur, Batya Swift Jul 1, 2021 556
Low-dose [N.sub.2]O shows benefit in resistant depression. Yasgur, Batya Swift Jul 1, 2021 1177
Brit teen, 16, leapt out of car and off 30ft bridge after hippy crack and booze binge; The teenage Brit was rushed to Marbella's Costa del Sol hospital with serious injuries and has apparently suffered a complete memory blackout about her 30ft fall from a bridge. By, Natalia Penza & Matthew Dresch Jun 11, 2021 958
Warning to residents as empty Nitrous Oxide cans found dumped in Calderdale; Community wardens have issued a warning to the public after a number of Nitrous Oxide canisters were found dumped in Calderdale. Ian Hirst Jun 9, 2021 221
Gang of 50 teens stage mass brawl on train platform; vodka bottles and gas canisters littered park. LISA RAND ECHO Reporter @lisarandonline May 25, 2021 411
PS170k illegal cigarettes taken off city streets in one day. May 18, 2021 271
PS170,000 worth of illegal cigarettes found in raids. May 18, 2021 153
Crackdown on laughing gas sales to under-18s; POLICE WARNING TO SELLERS. CARL EVE @carlevecrime Apr 2, 2021 478
'Laughing gas' shop rapped. CHRIS GEE Local Democracy Reporting Service @CHRISGEELDR Mar 30, 2021 378
Rebel Mams getting together to clean up dumped gas canisters. Mar 10, 2021 267
Improving vaccination uptake with the implementation of an immunisation Nurse Practitioner. Elia, Sonja; Perrett, Kirsten; Newall, Fiona Report Mar 1, 2021 2441
Huges piles of 'hippy crack' canisters found dumped on road. DANNY THOMPSON News Reporter Feb 27, 2021 627
Drug dealer who kept targeting students jailed. ROB KENNEDY Court Reporter Feb 10, 2021 564
Lanxess inaugurates nitrous oxide reduction plant in Antwerp. Feb 10, 2021 690
Dealer who sold drugs to students locked up. ROB KENNEDY Court reporter @ChronicleCourt Feb 10, 2021 569
Warning over deadly gas after canisters found. DAVID CAMPBELL Jan 28, 2021 519
Man told police laughing gas was for pies. Jan 13, 2021 152
'Hippy crack' cannisters found near town church. CLAIRE HARRISON News Reporter Dec 16, 2020 313
Dealer in 'party' drugs sent to jail. KIERAN MURRAY Reporter Nov 13, 2020 556
Dealer is jailed for two years. KIERAN MURRAY Reporter @ReporterKie Nov 13, 2020 563
Drug dealer caught out by mobile phones. NEIL DOCKING ECHO reporter @LIVECHOCOURT Nov 12, 2020 472
Current understanding of the global cycling of carbon dioxide, methane, and nitrous oxide. Nakazawa, Takakiyo Nov 1, 2020 18369
Intensive Rain Hampers the Effectiveness of Nitrification Inhibition in Controlling [N.sub.2]O Emissions from Dairy Slurry-Fertilized Soils. Escuer-Gatius, Jordi; Shanskiy, Merrit; Mander, Ulo; Kauer, Karin; Astover, Alar; Vahter, Hanna; Soo Nov 1, 2020 11360
Is Crop Residue Removal to Reduce [N.sub.2]O Emissions Driven by Quality or Quantity? A Field Study and Meta-Analysis. Essich, Lisa; Nkebiwe, Peteh Mehdi; Schneider, Moritz; Ruser, Reiner Nov 1, 2020 11869
Estimation of Tunisian Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Different Livestock Species. Ammar, Hajer; Abidi, Sourour; Ayed, Mediha; Moujahed, Nizar; Marti, Mario E. deHaro; Chahine, Mireil Nov 1, 2020 10073
Soil type, bulk density and drainage effects on relative gas diffusivity and [N.sub.2]O emissions. Rousset, Camilie; Clough, Tim J.; Grace, Peter R.; Rowlings, David W.; Scheer, Clemens Report Nov 1, 2020 6575
Taiwan bans recreational use of laughing gas. Oct 30, 2020 271
'Hippy crack' no laughing matter, says top medic. WALES NEWS SERVICE Oct 17, 2020 384
'Gas canisters are dangerous' warns parish councillor. Oct 5, 2020 300
Campers accused of chopping down trees and taking drugs at Scottish beauty spot; Drugged up campers trashed a beauty spot abandoning bags of white powder, nitrous oxide canisters and tents, as well as chopping down trees. Paul Rodger Oct 2, 2020 391
Agronomic and Environmental Implications of Substituting Pig Slurry for Synthetic Nitrogen in Mediterranean Wheat Systems. Mateo-Marin, Noemi; Isla, Ramon; Guillen, Monica; Quilez, Dolores Oct 1, 2020 9976
Teenagers arrested as drugs and PS22k seized. HELENA VESTY Sep 30, 2020 362
Boot full of hippy crack and drug paraphernalia discovered. Sep 25, 2020 169
'Young people had no regard for residents'. CIARA PHELAN and FERGHAL BLANEY Sep 22, 2020 243
Campaign to ban this dangerous gas. Sep 21, 2020 304
GAS CANS WHIPPED OFF THE MARKET; Auction keeps them from drug users. EXCLUSIVE BY JILLY BEATTIE Sep 21, 2020 426
LET'S CRACK DOWN ON HIPPY CRACK. Rachael Bletchly Sep 20, 2020 183
Put ban on laughing gas. Sep 18, 2020 297
Put a ban on laughing gas. Sep 18, 2020 304
Time for retail ban on nitrous oxide; Get in touch - tell us what you think Email: Twitter: @WalesOnline Facebook: Post: Media Wales, 6 Park Street, Cardiff CF10 1XR. Letter to the editor Sep 17, 2020 306
Warning as 'ambitious' teen died after trying laughing gas; An inquest heard Rory's death was 'most likely' linked to Nitrous Oxide -known as Hippy Crack. By, Neil Shaw Sep 17, 2020 781
Retail ban on nitrous oxide necessary. Sep 16, 2020 307
Crackdown on boozing and drug taking in beauty spots. GEORGE MORGAN Local Democracy Reporter @GMORG01 Sep 15, 2020 409
Concerned Ole Gunnar Solskjaer to hold talks with Man Utd forward Mason Greenwood; Mason Greenwood has been in the headlines frequently in recent weeks after being filmed inhaling nitrous oxide and breaking strict coronavirus restrictions on England duty. By, Mark Taylor Sep 14, 2020 334
Teenage United star says sorry over 'laughing gas' gaffe. Sep 14, 2020 240
NEV: STOP VICTIMISING GREENWOOD; Nev: Stop laying in to mason. GIDEON BROOKS Sep 14, 2020 315
Combination Effects of Plant Extracts Rich in Tannins and Saponins as Feed Additives for Mitigating in Vitro Ruminal Methane and Ammonia Formation. Jayanegara, Anuraga; Yogianto, Yogianto; Wina, Elizabeth; Sudarman, Asep Report Sep 1, 2020 8284
Danger warning on 'laughing gas'. Aug 29, 2020 173
Warning as cops probe danger gas gatherings; Alert over lethal substance. STUART MCFARLANE Aug 28, 2020 412
Littering's no laughing matter; car owner fined for leaving trail of rubbish. SAM JONES @SJONESREPORTER Aug 28, 2020 268
The truth on growing trend for 'hippie crack' canisters. THOMAS PARKES Aug 24, 2020 689
Dangerous gas high craze 'is not a laughing matter'. THOMAS PARKES Aug 24, 2020 761
Fears over teenagers using nitrous oxide. Aug 24, 2020 151
'Hippy crack' trail leaves mum angry. CLAIRE HARRISON News Reporter Aug 18, 2020 391
Use of laughing gas in spotlight. MIKE BROWN @MIKEBROWNGAZ Aug 8, 2020 347
Potential of Alternate Wetting and Drying Irrigation Practices for the Mitigation of GHG Emissions from Rice Fields: Two Cases in Central Luzon (Philippines). Sander, Bjorn Ole; Schneider, Pia; Romasanta, Ryan; Samoy-Pascual, Kristine; Sibayan, Evangeline B.; Aug 1, 2020 8854
Field Validation of the DNDC-Rice Model for Methane and Nitrous Oxide Emissions from Double-Cropping Paddy Rice under Different Irrigation Practices in Tamil Nadu, India. Oo, Aung Zaw; Sudo, Shigeto; Fumoto, Tamon; Inubushi, Kazuyuki; Ono, Keisuke; Yamamoto, Akinori; Bel Aug 1, 2020 8270
Effect of Nitrification Inhibitors on [N.sub.2]O Emissions after Cattle Slurry Application. Herr, Christina; Mannheim, Thomas; Muller, Torsten; Ruser, Reiner Aug 1, 2020 13551
Call for outright ban on sale of 'potentially fatal' laughing gas; The gas is now the second most commonly used substance among 16-to 24-year-olds in England after cannabis, with half a million having used it in 2019. By, Neil Shaw Jul 23, 2020 305
Rise in 'hippy crack' teens causing trouble. CLAIRE HARRISON News Reporter Jul 17, 2020 367
The dentist WON'T see you now; HEALTH; Anyone who developed toothache during the pandemic knows all; too well the nightmare of not being able to get a dentist to treat you; when you are in pain. But for disabled people, accessing emergency; dental care can be a lifelong problem, reports Elizabeth Archer. Elizabeth Archer Jul 14, 2020 834
The dentist WON'T see you now; HEALTH Anyone who developed toothache during the pandemic knows all too well the nightmare of not being able to get a dentist to treat you when you are in pain. But for disabled people, accessing emergency dental care can be a lifelong problem, reports Elizabeth Archer. Elizabeth Archer Jul 14, 2020 841
The dentist WON'T see you now; Anyone who developed toothache during the pandemic knows all too well the nightmare of not being able to get a dentist to treat you when you are in pain. But for disabled people, accessing emergency dental care can be a lifelong problem, reports Elizabeth Archer. Elizabeth Archer Jul 14, 2020 841
DYING FOR A LAUGH? CATHY OWEN Reporter Jul 12, 2020 977
'Hippy crack' warning. Jul 12, 2020 195
'Drug dealer' called police after pair stole his car in fake ketamine row; JUDGE TELLS PAIR: 'WHAT HAPPENED BETWEEN THE THREE OF YOU WE MAY NEVER KNOW'. NEIL DOCKING ECHO Reporter @LIVECHOCOURT Jul 8, 2020 846
It's what we do New warning over the dangers of 'hippy crack'. CLAIRE HARRISON News Reporter Jul 4, 2020 286
Warning as large groups of teenagers revel at country park. Jul 1, 2020 312
Police clamp down on youths congregating at country park; drunk teens have had to be taken home while others use laughing gas. SONIA SHARMA Reporter Jul 1, 2020 461
Geo-Agriculture: Reviewing Opportunities through Which the Geosphere Can Help Address Emerging Crop Production Challenges. Pratt, Chris; ngston, Kate; Laycock, Bronwyn; Levett, Ian; Pratt, Steven Jul 1, 2020 14187
Warning after litter-pickers in Filey discover used 'laughing gas' canisters; 'Inhaling this gas can lead to unconsciousness and ultimately suffocation' Volunteer litter-pickers in Filey have been finding evidence of a dangerous trend growing amongst North Yorkshire's young people. Sarah Fitton Jun 29, 2020 573
Warnings over the use of laughing gas. JADE MCELWEE @JADEMREPORTER Jun 27, 2020 455
Youths 'using drugs' in field near Plympton; IN BRIEF. Jun 27, 2020 227
Police break up huge crowds in Cardiff as streets covered in rubbish and 'hippy crack'; Hundreds of people were seen lining the steps of Roald Dahl Plass, which were left covered with glass bottles and plastic cups, beer cans as well as nitrous oxide gas cannisters. By, Liz Day & Chiara Fiorillo Jun 27, 2020 445
Drug craze fears at 500-canister 'hippy crack' find. ALAN MCEWEN Jun 26, 2020 250
Police warning over use of laughing gas; NUMEROUS CANISTERS FOUND IN CAR PARKS. JOANNE WELFORD @joannewelford Jun 23, 2020 328
Police break up lockdown party after 30 revellers 'set up tented village in woods'; The partygoers had lit a fire and reported finding bottles of alcohol and nitrous oxide cannisters littered at the scene. By, Matt Simpson & Kara O'Neill Jun 20, 2020 290
No anesthesia, no oxygen: Lebanon hospitals flatline as cash crisis hits. NAJIA HOUSSARI Jun 19, 2020 691
Residents' kept awake by noisy boy racers; 'drivers are sniffing laughing gas in car parks'. STUART ABEL @plymouth_live Jun 18, 2020 461
Rave leaves 'disgusting' mess in field; NEWS WIRE. Jun 17, 2020 180
Not enough is being done to tackle drug craze. STUART ARNOLD Local democracy reporter @LDRArnold Jun 15, 2020 675
Police warn youths over 'hippy crack'. STUART ARNOLD Local democracy reporter @LDRARNOLD Jun 11, 2020 562
Have some pride in your local community; VIEWPOINTS Write to: Viewpoints, M.E.N, Mitchell Henry House, Hollinwood Avenue, Oldham, OL9 8EF Or email: Jun 9, 2020 950
Cash, drugs and 6,000 gas canisters are found. Jun 8, 2020 156
Cattle theory out to grass; Science: Climate impact of grazing herds updated. GEMMA MACKENZIE Jun 5, 2020 336
Turnover of Urea in a Soil from the North China Plain as Affected by the Urease Inhibitor NBPT and Wheat Straw. Hartmann, Tobias Edward; Guzman-Bustamante, Ivan; Ruser, Reiner; Muller, Torsten Jun 1, 2020 7226
I found 40 killer 'hippy drug bullets' during beach clean; Activist's discovery as dad who lost son to drug urges teens not to try it. DARRAGH BERRY and MARK O'BRIEN May 30, 2020 390
Alex sister laughing gas fear. OLIVIA KELLEHER May 28, 2020 199
Laughing gas canisters found in car park. May 27, 2020 154
Bag full of laughing gas is found in Whitby car park; Police collected the canisters from The Whitby Club car park in Whitby. By, Kristy Dawson May 25, 2020 193
Gunners star 'inhaled nitrous oxide'. May 18, 2020 287
Alexandre Lacazette pictured inhaling 'hippy crack' again despite previous Arsenal warning; Alexandre Lacazette has been seen inhaling from a balloon despite already being warned by Arsenal about using "hippy crack". By, Sam Meade May 16, 2020 274
'Funky balls' could be added to banned drug list. May 13, 2020 263
Tourism ministry backs cracking down on the use of laughing gas. Evie Andreou May 6, 2020 357
Low seasonal nitrous oxide emissions in tea tree farming systems following nitrogen fertilisation using poultry litter application or green manure legumes. Rose, Terry J.; Kearney, Lee J.; Morris, Stephen; Van Zwieten, Lukas Report May 1, 2020 6831
Behavioral Response of Weaned Pigs during Gas Euthanasia with C[O.sub.2], C[O.sub.2] with Butorphanol, or Nitrous Oxide. Cavusoglu, Enver; Rault, Jean-Loup; Gates, Richard; Lay, Donald C. Jr. Report May 1, 2020 6791
Effect of Chinese Milk Vetch (Astragalus sinicus L.) and Rice Straw Incorporated in Paddy Soil on Greenhouse Gas Emission and Soil Properties. Ma, Qiaoying; Li, Jiwei; Aamer, Muhammad; Huang, Guoqin May 1, 2020 5127
Greenhouse Gas Emissions as Affected by Fertilization Type (Pig Slurry vs. Mineral) and Soil Management in Mediterranean Rice Systems. Moreno-Garcia, Beatriz; Guillen, Monica; Quilez, Dolores Apr 1, 2020 10327
Nytrox as "Drop-in" Replacement for Gaseous Oxygen in SmallSat Hybrid Propulsion Systems. Whitmore, Stephen A. Report Apr 1, 2020 18089
Jack the lad or Greal deal? The highs and lows... Mar 31, 2020 744
Jack the lad or Greal deal? The highs and lows... Mar 31, 2020 739
Deadly dose of laughing gas cans found; Dire warning users risking their health. SHAUNA CORR Mar 12, 2020 256
Nitrous oxide emission factor from cattle urine and dung in native grassland of the Pampa biome, South Brazil. Schirmann, Janquieli; de Bastos, Diego Fernandes; Weiler, Douglas Adams; Veloso, Murilo G.; Dieckow, Report Mar 1, 2020 7474
Influence of Tillage Systems, and Forms and Rates of Nitrogen Fertilizers on C[O.sub.2] and [N.sub.2]O Fluxes from Winter Wheat Cultivation in Oklahoma. Kandel, Tanka P.; Gowda, Prasanna H.; Northup, Brian K. Mar 1, 2020 7115
Effect of Manure and Urea Fertilization on Yield, Carbon Speciation and Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Vegetable Production Systems of Nigeria and Republic of Benin: A Phytotron Study. Olaleye, Abimfoluwa; Peak, Derek; Shorunke, Akeem; Dhillon, Gurbir; Oyedele, Durodoluwa; Adebooye, O Report Mar 1, 2020 9221
What you had to say about 'hippy crack' haul. JOSH LAYTON News Reporter Feb 21, 2020 625
Huge haul of 'hippy crack' on car park. JOSH LAYTON News Reporter Feb 20, 2020 499
CCTV clip shows brazen drug deal taking place in the heart of Liverpool's clubland; Twelve men were jailed for dealing drugs to clubbers following an eight-month Merseyside Police investigation. Joe Thomas Feb 9, 2020 1007
Measurements and APSIM modelling of soil C and N dynamics. Smith, C.J.; Macdonald, B.C.T.; Xing, H.; Denmead, O.T.; Wang, E.; McLachlan, G.; Turner, S. Tuomi. Report Feb 1, 2020 13639
Changes in Lung Function Parameters after Total Intravenous Anaesthesia and Balanced Anaesthesia with Desflurane: A Prospective Randomised Study. Sharma, Saurabh; Bhalotra, Anju Romina; Awal, Shikha Clinical report Feb 1, 2020 5390
Supplementation of Non-Starch Polysaccharide Enzymes Cocktail in a Corn-Miscellaneous Meal Diet Improves Nutrient Digestibility and Reduces Carbon Dioxide Emissions in Finishing Pigs. Chen, Yuxia; Shen, Dan; Zhang, Lilan; Zhong, Ruqing; Liu, Lei; Chen, Liang; Zhang, Hongfu Report Feb 1, 2020 6374
Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Cut Grasslands Renovated with Full Inversion Tillage, Shallow Tillage, and Use of a Tine Drill in Nasu, Japan. Mori, Akinori Feb 1, 2020 8311
Nitrous Oxide Market to Exhibit A CAGR Of 7.1% By 2025 / Key Players - Praxair Technology, Inc, Oxygen & Argon Works Ltd, The Linde Group, Matheson Tri-Gas Inc, SOL Spa. Jan 27, 2020 988
Action over use of nitrous oxide. THOMAS PARKES Jan 4, 2020 355
Can we really curb carbon pollution? Chitra Kannabiran (Environment) Jan 3, 2020 850
Laughing gas canisters found during church's litter pick. Jan 2, 2020 417
Carbon Sequestration and Contribution of C[O.sub.2], C[H.sub.4] and [N.sub.2]O Fluxes to Global Warming Potential from Paddy-Fallow Fields on Mineral Soil Beneath Peat in Central Hokkaido, Japan. Naser, Habib Mohammad; Nagata, Osamu; Sultana, Sarmin; Hatano, Ryusuke Jan 1, 2020 12433
Fundamentals of Heterogeneous Catalysis: a Study of N2O Mitigation Reaction Over Modified Zeolite Catalysts. Naseer A. Khan and Naveed ul Hasan Syed Dec 31, 2019 3743
Police find used bag of 'hippy crack' canisters in children's play area on Aylesbury estate. Dec 30, 2019 387
Inhalation Anesthetics - Market Analysis, Trends, and Forecasts. Dec 12, 2019 1432
Accelerated Laughing Gas Use In Agriculture Detected By New Study. Johnny Vatican Report Nov 22, 2019 573
Shocking haul of weapons and drugs in schools. SAM YARWOOD @MENNEWSDESK Nov 7, 2019 268
Can split or delayed application of N fertiliser to grain sorghum reduce soil [N.sub.2]O emissions from sub-tropical Vertosols and maintain grain yields? Schwenke, C.D.; Haigh, B.M. Report Nov 1, 2019 12264
Aerial Nitrogen Fluxes and Soil Nitrate in response to Fall-Applied Manure and Fertilizer Applications in Eastern South Dakota. Mehata, Mukesh; Cortus, Erin; Niraula, Suresh; Spiehs, Mindy J.; Darrington, Joseph; Chatterjee, Ami Oct 31, 2019 13820
Facts About Sedation Dentistry From Lucas Family Dentistry. Oct 16, 2019 457
Soil [N.sub.2]O Emissions under Different N Rates in an Oil Palm Plantation on Tropical Peatland. Chaddy, Auldry; Melling, Lulie; Ishikura, Kiwamu; Hatano, Ryusuke Oct 1, 2019 11175
Pro-Con Debate: Nitrous Oxide for Labor Analgesia. Vallejo, Manuel C.; Zakowski, Mark I. Sep 30, 2019 10607
Laughing gas swoops on 18 sites. Sep 11, 2019 401
Nitrous Oxide Market To Experience Robust Growth Driven By Strong Demand From Automotive, Medical, Electronics, Food & Beverages Sectors Till 2025 / Million Insights. Sep 9, 2019 784
Tillage, compaction and wetting effects on N[O.sub.3], [N.sub.2]O and [N.sub.2] losses. Thomas, Stephen M.; Fraser, Patricia M.; Hu, Wei; Clough, Timothy J.; van der Klei, Gina; Wilson, Sa Report Sep 1, 2019 16667
Deadly laughing gas craze littering Cardiff suburb sparks calls for tougher action; Scores of empty cannisters have been spotted across Grangetown. Aug 30, 2019 579
Love Island's Tommy Fury inhales from balloon and writhes on floor in shock vid; The boxer and Love Island runner-up is seen sucking on a red balloon before clutching his chest in the footage. Aug 25, 2019 626
Brit's [pounds sterling]1k Thomas Cook holiday 'ruined by half naked teens taking hippy crack'; Thomas Cook customer Susan Dunnachie, 45, claims young guests at the hotel in Zante, Greece left nitrous oxide cannisters on the floor and partied into the night. Aug 23, 2019 814
Automotive Exhaust Aftertreatment Systems Market Expected to Deliver Greater Revenue Share Motivated. Aug 15, 2019 833
Automotive Exhaust Aftertreatment Systems Market Expected to Deliver Greater Revenue Share Motivated. Aug 14, 2019 847
The dangers of nitrous oxide: An inside look at Surrey's laughing gas problem; "It is more dangerous than you think - put it down and step away". Aug 1, 2019 1013
Predicting Accumulation of Intermediate Compounds in Nitrification and Autotrophic Denitrification Processes: A Chemical Approach. Campos, Jose Luis; Dumais, Jacques; Pavissich, Juan Pablo; Franchi, Oscar; Crutchik, Dafne; Belmonte Jul 31, 2019 5991
Automotive Exhaust Aftertreatment Systems Market to Pave Path for Augmented Revenue during the Perio. Jul 26, 2019 833
Automotive Exhaust Aftertreatment Systems Market to Pave Path for Augmented Revenue during the Perio. Jul 25, 2019 847
'Harmful' laughing gas canisters stolen in raid on hospital. Jul 8, 2019 358
Urea-induced nitrous oxide emissions under sub-tropical rain-fed sorghum and sunflower were nullified by DMPP, partially mitigated by polymer-coated urea, or enhanced by a blend of urea and polymer-coated urea. Schwenke, C.D.; Haigh, B.M. Report Jul 1, 2019 11133
Why this gas is nothing to laugh about. Jun 17, 2019 145
Warning sounded as more 'laughing gas' canisters found on Teesside streets; Inhalation of nitrous oxide, also known as hippie crack, is a growing trend and has proved fatal. Jun 17, 2019 309
Liverpool's streets are littered with laughing gas canisters: the truth about nitrous oxide; There's a high price to pay for getting high off laughing gas. Jun 16, 2019 514
'Hippy crack' dealer 'caught red-handed'. Jun 9, 2019 272
Parklife guard spared jail over 'hippy crack'. May 31, 2019 369
An Unexpected Case of Intrapartum Pneumomediastinum. Madhok, Drishti; Smith, Vinayak; Gunderson, Erik May 31, 2019 1889
Nitrogen Use Efficiency and Gaseous Nitrogen Losses from the Concentrated Liquid Fraction of Pig Slurries. Velthof, G.L.; Rietra, R.P.J.J. May 31, 2019 9007
Laughing gas seized after school kids' party. May 27, 2019 208
Warning over laughing gas. May 21, 2019 169
Laughing gas warning. May 21, 2019 177
Youngsters warned of laughing gas dangers. May 21, 2019 462
Police warning after theft of nitrous oxide from hospital. May 13, 2019 265
Nitrous oxide in dermatology. Talakoub, Lily; Wesley, Naissan O. May 1, 2019 616
Urea and legume residues as [sup.15]N-[N.sub.2]O sources in a subtropical soil. Gomes, J.; Briiggemann, N.; Dick, D.P.; Pedroso, G.M.; Veloso, M.; Bayer, C. Report May 1, 2019 5938
Violence sparks review of city nightclub licence. Apr 20, 2019 335
Nightclub rapped after balloons of laughing gas sold; BOSSES CLAIMED THEY WERE UNAWARE SUBSTANCE WAS ILLEGAL. Apr 18, 2019 510
Premier League football star 'filmed himself sexually assaulting woman in club'; The World Cup player's victim - who cannot be named - claims he attacked her after 'downing drinks and inhaling nitrous oxide' in a London nightclub. Apr 7, 2019 312
Management of Epulis Fissuratum Using Cryosurgery--A Case Report. Sharma, Pradeep; Goel, Daksh; Ghosh, Rajarshi; Garg, Balram Apr 1, 2019 1601
HCA/HealthONE's Presbyterian/St. Luke's Medical Center Now Offers Nitrous Oxide for Anxiety Relief During Labor. Mar 12, 2019 416
The Debate Over Lab-Grown Meat. Mar 8, 2019 515
Arsenal to speak with players over 'hippy crack' allegations. Dec 7, 2018 315
Nitrous oxide emission in response to N application in irrigated sugarcane/ Emissao de oxido nitroso em resposta a aplicacao de N em cana-de-acucar irrigada. da S. Lopes, Alzeneide; de Andrade, Aderson S., Jr.; Bassoi, Luis H.; Silva, Josiane F.; Bastos, Eds Nov 1, 2018 4890
Police in 'laughing gas' raid on store; officers swoop on shop 'openly selling' substance. Oct 9, 2018 254
Wondered what these small silver canisters are? Here's all you need to know about the drug littering UK; The canisters contain nitrous oxide, also commonly known as laughing gas, which can be both illegal and fatal. Oct 6, 2018 629
The small silver canisters appearing on the streets of Wales and why they're so dangerous; The canisters contain a potentially fatal drug. Oct 6, 2018 737
Mitigation of nitrous oxide emissions from furrow-irrigated Vertosols by 3,4-dimethyl pyrazole tetra-methylene sulfone, an alternative nitrification inhibitor to nitrapyrin for direct injection with anhydrous ammonia. Schwenke, Graeme; McPherson, Annabelle Report Oct 1, 2018 9668
Warning over 'laughing gas'. Oct 1, 2018 243
Fears over rise in number of youngsters using laughing gas. Sep 4, 2018 198
Mum, 24, paralysed by 'hippy crack' wakes up with body 'buzzing from pins and needles' and says habit has 'ruined her life'; Olivia Golding, 24, has damaged the top of her spinal cord and may never be able to walk properly again after inhaling NOS leaving her totally dependent on her sister to care for her. Sep 3, 2018 959
Jude Law's son: this is gonna be crazyyy; Online boast before antics with balloon; EXCLUSIVE. Sep 2, 2018 249
Jude Law's son: this is gonna be crazyyy; Online boast before antics with balloon. Sep 2, 2018 263
Mum, 24, left paralysed after inhaling 'hippy crack' balloons; Olivia Golding, 24, would consume up to 15 balloons every weekend while her three-year-old son visited his dad. Aug 13, 2018 856
Mum, 24, who inhaled up to 15 balloons of 'hippy crack' a weekend is left paralysed from the chest down; Olivia Golding, 24, contracted a disease from nitrous oxide after binging on the balloons every weekend while her three-year-old son was at his dad's house. Pippa Allen-Kinross Aug 11, 2018 572
A Look at 2017: Takeaway Points from the State of the Climate Supplement. Hartfield, G.; Blunden, J.; Arndt, D.S. Aug 1, 2018 3952
'Deadly' laughing gas canisters discovered on the street; Police have issued a warning to parents following the discovery in Brougthton. Jul 27, 2018 356
Police have uncovered haul of weapons and drugs at city park. Jul 16, 2018 393
Child, 10, found 'laughing gas' canisters. Jun 12, 2018 185
10-year-old brings home 'laughing gas' canisters after finding them littering alley; Mum raises fears - and housing association promises action. Jun 11, 2018 421
Huge haul found at drug dealer's home; 36,000 BANNED LAUGHING GAS CANNISTERS DISCOVERED IN POLICE RAID. Jun 7, 2018 654
Dealer had laughing gas worth PS12,000 in his house. Jun 7, 2018 672
Barrel of laughing gas: Dealer caught supplying nitrous oxide to student had 36,000 canisters of it; Siavash Taheri, of Benwell, who had appeared on a BBC documentary about nitrous oxide, was caught supplying it to a female university student. Jun 6, 2018 677
THE GLOBAL [N.sub.2]O MODEL INTERCOMPARISON PROJECT. Tian, Hanqin; Yang, Jia; Lu, Chaoqun; Xu, Rongting; Canadell, Josep G.; Jackson, Robert B.; Arneth, Report Jun 1, 2018 13717
Police reveal chaos that was taking place in the crowd during the London Marathon; As runners jogged past a crowd of 800 young people were drinking and inhaling laughing gas, with police having to be called in to restore order. May 31, 2018 556
These little metal cylinders have started appearing all over Swansea again; You can generally spot them at the sides of the roads. May 31, 2018 455
Warning over dangerous gas capsules dumped in Ellesmere Port; Capsules have several legitimate uses but can prove fatal if inhaled. May 24, 2018 445
Does 3,4-dimethylpyrazole phosphate or N-(n-butyl) thiophosphoric triamide reduce nitrous oxide emissions from a rain-fed cropping system? Li, Guangdi D.; Schwenke, Graeme D.; Hayes, Richard C.; Xing, Hongtao; Lowrie, Adam J.; Lowrie, Rich Report May 1, 2018 9581
Denitrifying community structure variability in the Colombian Pacific. Castro-Gonzalez, Maribeb; Rodriguez-Rubio, Efrain; Castro, Angela May 1, 2018 10518
Inhaled nitrous oxide for labor analgesia: Pearls from clinical experience: Nitrous oxide has minimal adverse effects when used as inhaled analgesia during labor and is economically feasible, readily available, and rapidly reversible, all without proven impact on neonatal outcomes. Camann, William Cover story May 1, 2018 2300
Laughing gas found in park; Police warning after discovery of canisters. Apr 24, 2018 286
Worried parents call on Paphos authorities to clamp down on 'hippy crack'. Apr 21, 2018 893
Seven are arrested over hippy crack theft. Apr 8, 2018 152
Warning as 'hippy crack' stolen. Apr 6, 2018 244
Nitrous Oxide Effects the Uptake of Sevoflurane to the Body During Induction/Induksiyon Sirasindo Vucuda Sevofluran Alimina Nitroz. Etkisi, Oksitin Clinical report Apr 1, 2018 4523
The Effect of Nitrous Oxide on Postoperative Pain Third Molar Surgery. Kaviani, Nasser; Hosseinzadeh, Ablofath; Akhavan, Ali; Mehraban, Mozafar Report Apr 1, 2018 2626
Engineer dies after inhaling 'hippy crack' grieving dad issues warning over dangers of nitrous oxide. Mar 9, 2018 388
The effectiveness of nitrification inhibitor application on grain yield and quality, fertiliser nitrogen recovery and soil nitrous oxide emissions in a legume--wheat rotation under elevated carbon dioxide (FACE). Sultana, Humaira; Suter, Helen C.; Armstrong, Roger; Nicolas, Marc E.; Chen, Deli Report Mar 1, 2018 9337
Acidification of pig slurry effects on ammonia and nitrous oxide emissions, nitrate leaching, and perennial ryegrass regrowth as estimated by [sup.15]N-urea flux. Park, Sang Hyun; Lee, Bok Rye; Jung, Kwang Hwa; Kim, Tae Hwan Report Mar 1, 2018 8277
Green walls idea to cut pollution on Expressway; CREEPING IVY PLANTS PLAN TO IMPROVE CITY'S AIR QUALITY. Feb 14, 2018 346
Woman arrested for driving while high on laughing gas. Feb 12, 2018 310
Police warning of 'laughing gas' risk. Feb 10, 2018 214
News THE GREEN DREAM. Feb 9, 2018 550
Tory plan to create green expressway. Feb 8, 2018 432
Fluxes of greenhouse gases from incubated soils using different lid-closure times. Minh, Dang Duy; Macdonald, Ben; Warneke, Soren; White, Ian Report Feb 1, 2018 7285
Neuropsychiatric Symptoms Induced by Large Doses of Nitrous Oxide Inhalation: A Case Report. Chen, Tianzhen; Zhong, Na; Jiang, Haifeng; Zhao, Min; Chen, Zhikang; Sun, Haiming Case study Feb 1, 2018 2952
Dealer caught at Parklife festival with hippy crack. Jan 12, 2018 435
'Cream chargers' whip up storm as new recreational drug of choice; Small silver gas canisters litter streets as catering suppliers face unusual demand. Jan 4, 2018 915
A Rare Case of Intermittent Claudication Associated with Impaired Arterial Vasodilation. Posthuma, J. J.; Reesink, K. D.; Schutten, M.; Ghossein, C.; Spaanderman, M. E.; ten Cate, H.; Schep Jan 1, 2018 2715
Pain and Stress Response during Intravenous Access in Children with Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia: Effects of EMLA and Nitrous Oxide Treatment. Ekbom, K. Jan 1, 2018 4686
Effect of Free Nitrous Acid on Nitrous Oxide Production and Denitrifying Phosphorus Removal by Polyphosphorus-Accumulating Organisms in Wastewater Treatment. Miao, Zhijia; Li, Duo; Guo, Shan; Zhao, Zhirui; Fang, Xiaofeng; Wen, Xueyou; Wan, Jingmin; Li, Aiguo Jan 1, 2018 6141
CREAM CRACKERS; Druggies buy whipped cream makers in laughing gas craze. Dec 10, 2017 1353
Effect of Sevoflurane-Nitrous Oxide Induction on the Incidence of Rocuronium Injection Pain in Adults. Kucukosman, Gamze; Piskin, Ozcan; Hanci, Volkan; Ayoglu, Hilal; Okyay, Dilek; Yurtlu, Serhan; Calisk Clinical report Dec 1, 2017 4096
'Self-anesthetizing' to cope with grief. Emtman, Reiko J.; Basinski, James R.; Poeschla, Brian D. Nov 1, 2017 3033
Australian Student Suffers Nerve Damage After Inhaling 360 Laughing Gas Canisters. Oct 18, 2017 649
Methylene Tetrahydrofolate Reductase Deficiency: the Hidden Risk in Paediatric Anaesthesia/Metilen Tetrahidrofolat Reduktaz Eksikligi: Pediyatrik Anestezide Gizli Risk. Orhon, Zeynep Nur; Koltka, Emine Nursen; Tufekci, Sevil; Buldag, Cigdem; Kisa, Alperen; Durakbasa, C Oct 1, 2017 3073
N2O emissions from California farmlands: A review. Verhoeven, Elizabeth; Pereira, Engil; Decock, Charlotte; Garland, Gina; Kennedy, Taryn; Suddick, Emm Report Sep 1, 2017 8169
'Legal highs' cases thrown out of courts. Sep 1, 2017 204
Clinical comparative study on Nitrous Oxide inhalation versus intravenous propofol and Midazolam sedation in Transnasal Gastroscopy. Aug 31, 2017 1868
No laughing matter after Ayia Napa arrest. Aug 25, 2017 172
Enhanced nitrogen fertiliser technologies support the '4R' concept to optimise crop production and minimise environmental losses. Snyder, Clifford S. Report Aug 1, 2017 8928
Benchmarking and mitigation of nitrous oxide emissions from manures and fertilisers used in temperate vegetable crops in Australia. Porter, Ian; Riches, David; Scheer, Clemens Report Aug 1, 2017 9001
The nitrification inhibitor DMPP applied to subtropical rice has an inconsistent effect on nitrous oxide emissions. Rose, Terry J.; Morris, Stephen G.; Quin, Peter; Kearney, Lee J.; Kimber, Stephen; Van Zwieten, Luka Report Aug 1, 2017 5185
New powers would clamp down on boozing in public. Jul 8, 2017 369
Crackdown on street boozers could see drinks being seized; NEW PUBLIC SPACE PROTECTION ORDER COULD ALSO TACKLE OFF-ROAD BIKES AND 'LAUGHING GAS'. Jul 1, 2017 377
Steel waste used in reducing emissions of nitrous oxide/Residuos siderugicos usados na reducao das emissoes de oxido nitroso. Pereira, Tassia Caroline Passos; Batista, Marcelo da Silva Ensayo Jul 1, 2017 3181
HIPPY CRACKDOWN; LABOUR LEADER CORBYN IS UNLIKELY STAR TURN OF GLASTONBURY FESTIVAL Music fans warned of zero tolerance for laughing gas. Jun 25, 2017 664
Two women arrested for selling laughing gas. Jun 10, 2017 231
Growing drugs menace is no laughing matter. Apr 20, 2017 511
A two-year field assessment on the effect of slow release of nitrogenous fertiliser on [N.sub.2]O emissions from a wheat cropping system. Bordoloi, Nirmali; Baruah, K.K. Report Mar 1, 2017 8373
Quadrant CMS, Oystershell create pen-style wart remover. Feb 1, 2017 497
Nitrous Oxide is an Effective and Safe Anesthetic. Sessler, Daniel I. Report Feb 1, 2017 1156
Experimental Study of the Swirling Oxidizer Flow in HTPB/[N.sub.2]O Hybrid Rocket Motor. Heydari, Mohammad Mahdi; Massoom, Nooredin Ghadiri Report Jan 1, 2017 5495
A Surgical Cryoprobe for Targeted Transcorneal Freezing and Endothelial Cell Removal. Akhbanbetova, Alina; Nakano, Shinichiro; Littlechild, Stacy L.; Young, Robert D.; Zvirgzdina, Madara Report Jan 1, 2017 6857
Parametric Study to Improve Subpixel Accuracy of Nitric Oxide Tagging Velocimetry with Image Preprocessing. Vedula, Ravi Teja; Mittal, Mayank; Schock, Harold Jan 1, 2017 9219
Laughing gas canisters are found in park. Nov 3, 2016 267
Jack the lad accused over rowdy party at top hotel; VILLA PROBE CLAIMS OF ALL-NIGHT BASH AT WHICH SOME REVELLERS USED NITROUS OXIDE. Sep 22, 2016 603
Emission estimation of nitrous oxide ([N.sub.2]O) from a wheat cropping system under varying tillage practices and different levels of nitrogen fertiliser. Bordoloi, Nirmali; Baruah, K.K.; Bhattacharyya, P. Report Sep 1, 2016 8576
Nitrous Oxide Market Trends 2021 Forecasts and key Manufacturers. Aug 24, 2016 494
Cantel Medical Acquires Nitrous Oxide Delivery Systems Firm Accutron for USD 52m. Aug 2, 2016 242
Cantel Medical Acquires Nitrous Oxide Delivery Systems Firm Accutron for USD 52m. Aug 2, 2016 238
Foreword. Grace, Peter Aug 1, 2016 790
Nitrification rates and associated nitrous oxide emissions from agricultural soils--a synopsis. Farquharson, Ryan Report Aug 1, 2016 11745
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Emission factors for estimating fertiliser-induced nitrous oxide emissions from clay soils in Australia's irrigated cotton industry. Grace, Peter; Shcherbak, Iurii; Macdonald, Ben; Scheer, Clemens; Rowlings, David Aug 1, 2016 4943
The interaction of seasonal rainfall and nitrogen fertiliser rate on soil [N.sub.2]O emission, total N loss and crop yield of dryland sorghum and sunflower grown on sub-tropical Vertosols. Schwenke, G.D.; Haigh, B.M. Report Aug 1, 2016 11714
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Nitrous oxide emissions from grain production systems across a wide range of environmental conditions in eastern Australia. Mielenz, Henrike; Thorburn, Peter J.; Harris, Robert H.; Officer, Sally J.; Li, Guangdi; Schwenke, G Report Aug 1, 2016 12719
Nitrification (DMPP) and urease (NBPT) inhibitors had no effect on pasture yield, nitrous oxide emissions, or nitrate leaching under irrigation in a hot-dry climate. Dougherty, Warwick J.; Collins, Damian; Van Zwieten, Lukas; Rowlings, David W. Report Aug 1, 2016 6915
Procedural Sedation for Orthopedic Fracture Reductions in the Pediatric Emergency Department/Cocuk Acil Serviste Ortopedik Reduksiyonlarda Girisimsel Sedasyon. Bal, Alkan; Hennes, Halim Report Aug 1, 2016 6339
Medical Gases and Equipment Market to Reach USD 3.2 Billion by 2020 Considering Home Healthcare Market and Aging Population - iHealthcareAnalyst, Inc.. Jul 13, 2016 590
Young sun's flares nurtured early life: solar blasts could have helped warm Earth and seed DNA. Sumner, Thomas Jun 25, 2016 340
Police warn of laughing gas risk after new find. May 11, 2016 465
Fears for teens over 'hippy crack' discovery. May 9, 2016 399
'Hippy crack' canisters found near historic hall; Reports of similar items near shops after jogger's find. May 4, 2016 390
Global warming as affected by incorporation of variably aged biomass of hairy vetch for rice cultivation. Haque, Md. Mozammel; Biswas, Jatish Chandra; Waghmode, Tatoba R.; Kim, Pil Joo Report May 1, 2016 6747
Hippy crack canisters found in stabbing bar. Mar 17, 2016 152
North firm's 'illegal' sale of danger drug claim. Feb 23, 2016 765
Drug trade no laughing matter. Feb 22, 2016 826
Caught on camera: 'Illegal' Newcastle sale of a drug linked to student deaths; Covert BBC investigation reveals flouting of strict guidelines over sale of nitrous oxide in North East. Feb 22, 2016 978
Comment on "Sedative and Analgesic Effects of Entonox Gas Compared with Midazolam and Fentanyl in Synchronized Cardioversion". Veloso, Henrique Horta Report Jan 1, 2016 820
Now Available: Latin America Medical Gases & Equipment Market - Forecast to 2020. Dec 5, 2015 452

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