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Change of Urinary Nitrite Excretion in Primary Enuresis after Indomethacin Treatment. Bader, Hisham W.; Youssef, Hala A.; Armaneous, Ayman F.; Azmy, Ashraf M.; Youness, Eman R.; Abouelna Report Sep 1, 2021 2454
Lack in knowledge on food safety linked to low-levels of nitrite in skinless sausage sold in Davao public market. Jan 28, 2021 571
Soluble mediators of immune significance in sera of leprosy patients. Dubey, Amit; Gaur, Ritu; Arela, Nidhi; Singh, Vandana; Arora, Mamta; Sagar, Harish; Kamal, Raj; Nata Report Dec 1, 2020 4658
Effect of Replacement of Synthetic vs. Natural Curing Agents on Quality Characteristics of Cinta Senese Frankfurter-Type Sausage. Parrini, Silvia; Sirtori, Francesco; Acciaioli, Anna; Becciolini, Valentina; Crovetti, Alessandro; F Report Jan 1, 2020 8471
Effect of natural pre-converted nitrite sources on color development in raw and cooked pork sausage. Hwang, Ko-Eun; Kim, Tae-Kyung; Kim, Hyun-Wook; Seo, Dong-Ho; Kim, Young-Boong; Jeon, Ki-Hong; Choi, Report Aug 1, 2018 5668
Microbiological safety of processed meat products formulated with low nitrite concentration--A review. Lee, Soomin; Lee, Heeyoung; Kim, Sejeong; Lee, Jeeyeon; Ha, Jimyeong; Choi, Yukyung; Oh, Hyemin; Cho Report Aug 1, 2018 3558
Start-Up and Aeration Strategies for a Completely Autotrophic Nitrogen Removal Process in an SBR. Zhang, Xiaoling; Zhang, Fan; Zhao, Yanhong; Li, Zhengqun Report Jan 1, 2017 5285
Investigation of the plasma nitrite levels and oxidant-antioxidant status in obstructive sleep apnea syndrome. Bozkurt, Hakan; Neyal, Abdurrahman; Geyik, Sirma; Taysi, Seyithan; Anarat, Ruksan; Bulut, Mesut; Ney Report Sep 1, 2015 4269
Dear EarthTalk: What is the "Dirty Dozen Guide to Food Additives?". LaGarde, Meredith Dec 28, 2014 509
Determining nitrate and nitrite content in beverages, fruits, vegetables, and stews marketed in Arak, Iran. Rezaei, Mohammad; Fani, Ali; Moini, A. Latif; Mirzajani, Parisa; Malekirad, Ali Akbar; Rafiei, Moham Report Jan 1, 2014 3779
Effect of nitrite ions on steel corrosion induced by chloride or sulfate ions. Cao, Zhonglu; Hibino, Makoto; Goda, Hiroki Report Jan 1, 2014 9025
Determination of Nitrite and Nitrate in Natural Waters Using Flow Injection with Spectrophotometric Detection. Yaqoob, Mohammad; Nabi, Abdul; Worsfold, Paul John Report Jun 30, 2013 4079
The myth about nitrites exposed: why these "dangerous" free radicals are good for cancer survivors. Report Nov 1, 2011 862
Campden BRI brief on organic ham. Brief article Oct 1, 2010 187
Effect of ripening period, nitrite level and heat treatment on the chemical characteristics of Turkish dry fermented sausage (sucuk). Kurt, Sukru; Zorba, Omer Jul 13, 2010 4541
Nitrates and nitrites found in cured meats: naturally debatable. May 1, 2010 485
2,000kg of banned fertiliser seized. Feb 25, 2010 142
Study Warns about Dangers for Third-Hand Smokers. Feb 10, 2010 1174
Even third-hand smoke can pose cancer risk. Feb 9, 2010 525
Fertiliser ban to cut blasts: NDS. Jan 25, 2010 184
Ammonium nitrite banned. Jan 24, 2010 184
Nitrate and nitrite levels of potable water supply in Warri, Nigeria: a public health concern. Nduka, John Kanayochukwu; Orisakwe, Orish Ebere; Ezenweke, Linus Obi Report Jan 1, 2010 2353
Sunscreen compositions. Dec 1, 2009 150
Eco-friendly, vegetable-based esterquat from Evonik: Evonik researchers detail the benefits of an eco-friendly and vegetable-based esterquat for hair conditioning and skin care applications. Yang, Brian; Howe, Anna; Paez, Angela; Quadir, Murat Dec 1, 2009 1601
Effects of fermented total mixed ration and cracked cottonseed on milk yield and milk composition in dairy cows. Wongnen, C.; Wachirapakorn, C.; Patipan, C.; Panpong, D.; Kongweha, K.; Namsaen, N.; Gunun, P.; Yuan Report Dec 1, 2009 5855
Dietary L-arginine supplementation improves intestinal function in weaned pigs after an Escherichia coli lipopolysaccharide challenge. Liu, Yulan; Han, Jie; Huang, Jingjing; Wang, Xiaoqiu; Wang, Fenglai; Wang, Junjun Report Dec 1, 2009 7242
Evaluating the consistency of urinalysis results from the Urisys 1800 and microscopy. Lu, Jun "Rebecca"; Ding, Xiaoyi "Michael" Report Nov 1, 2009 2599
Protective activity of plicatin B against human LDL oxidation induced in metal ion-dependent and--independent processes. Experimental and theoretical studies. Turchi, G.; Alagona, G.; Lubrano, V. Report Nov 1, 2009 8576
The protective efficacy of magnolol in hind limb ischemia-reperfusion injury. Chen, Hung-Yi; Hung, Yu-Chang; Lee, E-Jian; Chen, Tsung-Ying; Chuang, I-Chuan; Wu, Tian-Shung Report Oct 1, 2009 3428
In vitro immunostimulatory properties of Abrus lectins derived peptides in tumor bearing mice. Bhutia, Sujit K.; Mallick, Sanjaya K.; Maiti, Tapas K. Report Aug 1, 2009 4873
Seasonal variation of physiological parameters in the eastern oyster Crassostrea virginica from a tropical region of the Gulf of Mexico. Gullian, M.; Aguirre-Macedo, L. Report Aug 1, 2009 5974
Detangling shampoo patented by Unilever. Jul 1, 2009 185
Safeguarding revenue-generating assets in austere economic environments: a case study of Dadeville, Alabama. Richetto, Jeffrey P.; Hocutt, Lauren E. Report Jul 1, 2009 3818
Low residue cleaning solution. Jun 1, 2009 87
Relationships of chemical composition, quantity of milt to fertility and hatchability of Clarias gariepinus (Burchell, 1822). Ayoola, S.O. Report Jun 1, 2009 4861
Assessment of hydrochemistry of groundwater in Muthupet coastal region, Tamilnadu, India. Venkatramanan, S.; Ramkumar, T.; Vasudevan, S.; Ramesh, G.; mary, I. Anitha; Vijayakumar, V. Report Jun 1, 2009 2489
Ambient Temperature Curing Coating Composition: No. 7,445,848; Steve Alister Nixon, Whitley Bay, UK, assignor to Akzo Nobel Coatings Internationals B.V., Arnhem, The Netherlands. Feb 1, 2009 184
The effect of active substance in the crude oil on the interfacial tension. Liu, Liwei; Hou, Jirui; Yue, Xiang'an Report Dec 1, 2008 3543
Emerging models for nitrogen removal in treatment wetlands. Wallace, Scott; Austin, David Report Nov 1, 2008 4364
Enhanced stain removal. Oct 1, 2008 88
New research suggests natural nitrates actually may be good for you. Aug 1, 2008 462
Pollution monitoring for Lake Qarun. Hussein, Hany; Amer, Ranya; Gaballah, Ahmed; Refaat, Yasser; Abdel-Wahab, Abeer Report May 1, 2008 5436
Environmentally advanced technology for semitransparent deck stains. Monaghan, Greg Cover story Mar 1, 2008 4508
Biosensor analysis of [beta]2-glycoprotein I-reactive autoantibodies: evidence for isotype-specific binding and differentiation of pathogenic from infection-induced antibodies. Metzger, Jochen; Von Landenberg, Philipp; Kehrel, Marcus; Buhl, Alexander; Lackner, Karl J.; Luppa, Jun 1, 2007 4452
Photoinitiation of multifunctional acrylates via ferrocene alkyl chloride charge transfer complexes. Anderson, Julic A.; Hardgrove, Evan; Cavitt, T.Brian; Reeves, Perry C. Mar 1, 2007 4292
HPLC-atmospheric pressure chemical ionization MS/MS for quantification of 15-[F.sub.2t]-Isoprostane in human urine and plasma. Haschke, Manuel; Zhang, Yan Ling; Kahle, Christine; Klawitter, Jelena; Korecka, Magdalena; Shaw, Les Mar 1, 2007 5846
Food greasy, lungs wheezy. Bell, John R. Brief article Mar 1, 2007 156
Food greasy, lungs wheezy. Bell, John R. Brief article Mar 1, 2007 156
Mass spectrometry-validated HPLC method for urinary nitrate. Tsikas, Dimitrios Jul 1, 2004 2081
Quantitative evaluation of urinalysis test strips. Penders, Joris; Fiers, Tom; Delanghe, Joris R. Report Dec 1, 2002 3501
Preservation of urine for flow cytometric and visual microscopic testing. Kouri, Timo; Vuotari, Lotta; Pohjavaara, Simo; Laippala, Pekka Jun 1, 2002 4043
Optimization of nitric oxide chemiluminescence operating conditions for measurement of plasma nitrite and nitrate. Bateman, Ryon M.; Ellis, Christopher G.; Freeman, David J. Mar 1, 2002 2227
Effect of hemolyzed plasma on the batch measurement of nitrate by nitric oxide chemiluminescence. Bateman, Ryon M.; Ellis, Christopher G.; Sharpe, Michael D.; Mehta, Sanjay; Freeman, David J. Oct 1, 2001 2926
Nitric oxide measurements during endotoxemia. Brovkovych, Viktor; Dobrucki, Lawrence W.; Brovkovych, Svitlana; Dobrucki, Iwona; Kalinowski, Leszek Jun 1, 2001 5222
Increases in nitric oxide concentrations correlate strongly with body fat in obese humans. Choi, Jong Weon; Pai, Soo Hwan; Kim, Soon Ki; Ito, Masafumi; Park, Chang Shin; Cha, Young Nam Jun 1, 2001 2135
Plasma nitric oxide concentrations and nitric oxide synthase gene polymorphisms in coronary artery disease. Yoon, Yeomin; Song, Junghan; Hong, Seung Ho; Kim, Jin Q. Oct 1, 2000 3810
Nitrates Damage Hip Joints. Kubetin, Sally Koch Mar 1, 2000 190
Broad spectrum drug identification directly from urine, using liquid chromatography-tandem. mass spectrometry. Fitzgerald, Robert L.; Rivera, Jeffrey D.; Herold, David A. Aug 1, 1999 7716
Determination of nitrite and nitrate in stored urine. Moshage, Han; Stegeman, Coen A.; Jansen, Peter L.M. Letter to the editor Aug 1, 1998 1090
Disposable surgical gloves and pasteur (transfer) pipettes as potential sources of contamination in nitrite and nitrate assays. Makela, Sinikka; Yazdanpanah, Mehrdad; Adatia, Ian; Ellis, Graham Dec 1, 1997 2263
Correlation between plasma 5-aminolevulinic acid concentrations and indicators of oxidative stress in lead-exposed workers. Costa, Cristine A.; Trivelato, Gilmar C.; Pinto, Adriana M.P.; Bechara, Etelvino J.H. Jul 1, 1997 4296
Methemoglobinemia attributable to nitrite contamination of potable water through boiler fluid additives - New Jersey, 1992 and 1996. Mar 7, 1997 1430
Curing processed meats without nitrite. Brief Article Feb 1, 1996 384
Vitamin C in your salt shaker? Brown, Edwin W. Dec 1, 1995 575
Safety and sensory aspects of nitrite alternatives in meat curing. Shahidi, Fereidoon; Pegg, Ronald B. Feb 1, 1991 3252
A nitrite-free meat-curing system. Rubin, Leon J.; Diosady, Levente L.; O'Boyle, Adam R. Jul 1, 1990 2411
New acid rain threat identified. Raloff, Janet Apr 30, 1988 652
Curing bacon: fat on the fire. Silberner, Joanne Mar 2, 1985 627

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