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Nissan head explains guidelines on entertainment

MAEBASHI, Japan, April 23 Kyodo

The president of Nissan Motor Co. on Thursday explained his company's newly announced guidelines which restrict gift-giving and entertainment of clients, saying there is a need to clearly spell out what is and is not appropriate.

''Some of our employees pointed out they don't know the borderline when it comes to everyday entertainment and gift-giving,'' Yoshikazu Hanawa told a news conference in Tomioka, Gunma Prefecture.

''That was when I thought about creating a code of ethics which applies when entertainment becomes an issue,'' he said.

Hanawa made the comments a day after Nissan, the country's second biggest automaker, revealed that it has asked about 300 clients to refrain from gift-giving or entertaining its staff and that it has banned its executives from offering or taking gifts since February.

Nissan also plans to produce a separate code of ethics in May for distribution to all of its mid-level managers.

Hanawa also said Japanese companies should adopt entertainment practices that are more in line with those seen overseas, because Japan's practices ''are slightly different.''

He did not specify what exactly are the differences between Japanese and foreign companies regarding entertainment practices.

Nissan, which has around 41,000 employees, took the action in response to a wave of criticism over scandals in the past year involving high-ranking bureaucrats who took bribes and were excessively wined and dined by banks and major companies.
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Publication:Japan Policy & Politics
Date:Apr 27, 1998
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