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Nintendo Switch Emulator Viruses Targeted By FTC.

Nintendo Switch emulator scams have become increasingly common as the new hybrid games console remains hard to find. In fact, the problem has gotten so pervasive that the Federal Trade Commission decided to tackle the trend in a recent ( blog post . In few words, any Switch emulator links were debunked as total scams.

The post describes various ways in which gamers may come across one of these fake emulators. Sightings include ads on internet websites, inside apps or even as installations with other downloads. However, as the report outlines, these files don't offer any emulation secrets at all. Instead, they direct unknowing consumers to malicious software that mimics antivirus suites in an attempt to collect credit card information.

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Another common scam uses a survey that supposedly unlocks a Switch emulator download once the questions have been answered. Lo and behold, these files also contain malicious code designed to draw out one's personal details.

Our advice lines up perfectly with the suggestions offered by the FTC. Nintendo Switch emulator files should not be downloaded under any circumstances whatsoever. It's also good practice to keep your computer's security software up to date while avoiding all online surveys. There is no Nintendo Switch emulator, and it may be quite a while before we see any sort of development in that area. The closest thing we've seen to Switch hardware exploitation is a ( "jailbreak" based on an old iOS flaw that's essentially worthless at the moment.

Since its release at the beginning of March, Nintendo Switch has been dubbed ( the company's fastest-selling console of all time . During its launch month, the system was the most popular gaming hardware product in the United States to the tune of 906,000 units.

Should you be able to find one, Nintendo Switch is available now for $299.

How do you feel about the FTC stepping in to stop Nintendo Switch emulator scams? Will this official message make a difference? Tell us in the comments section!

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Date:Apr 19, 2017
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