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Ninja Slayer 3.

Ninja Slayer 3

Original Work by Bradley Bond and Philip Ninj@Morzez

Art by Yuki Yogo

Script by Yoshiaki Tabata

Vertical Comics

451 Park Avenue South, 7th floor, New York, NY 10016

9781942993438 $10.95

Ninja Slayer 3: Last Girl Standing (Ni) continues the shockingly violent cyberpunk story of the Ninja Slayer, and concludes the story arc introducing guest protagonist Koki Yamoto, a high school girl turned ninja through a dark twist of fate. The saga is set in the corrupt city of Neo-Saitama, a cyberpunk hell on earth ruled by murderous ninja-people fused with ninja spirits that grant them superhuman powers. Ninja of the criminal Soukai Syndicate are determined to forcibly recruit Yamoto and another emergent ninja to serve their evil ends. Yet wherever ninja appear, the Ninja Slayer is not far behind! Yamoto wants nothing to do with the horrific violence that saturates ninja life, but what choice does she have? And what hope for survival does she have, when the psychotic ninja soul within the Ninja Slayer clamors for her blood as well? An adaptation as brutal and exciting as the original novels, Ninja Slayer 3 is a "must-read" for intense action manga fans ages 16 and up!

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Date:Mar 1, 2016
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