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Ninety years of spreading the science news.

Through the years, Science News has found a range of creative ways to bring the latest discoveries of science to the public.

* 1932 SNL offers "an experimental series of science addresses recorded phonographically by eminent scientists" on long-playing records (2/20/32, p. 112). A set of seven records with pictures of the speakers sells for $3 postage paid (3/5/32, p. 148).

* 1943 An overseas pocket-sized edition of Science News Letter ships out to troops during World War II (11/20/43).

* 1954 A monthly edition of SNL is offered to carry "the news of science to the non-English speaking areas of the world." Called Scientia International, the magazine is printed in an "international auxiliary language" called Interlingua (akin to Esperanto): "In other countries there is no journal like Science News Letter. But now you can supply them with one in a language which is not their native tongue but which they can read with utter ease" (2/20/54, p. 125).

* 1969 SN announces the publication of an annual review called Science News Yearbook, as well as having doubled its staff and added foreign correspondents "from Canberra to New Delhi to Geneva" (1/18/69, p. 59).

* 2011 Science News Prime, an interactive tablet publication for the iPad (right), goes on sale in the iTunes app store.


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Title Annotation:90TH ANNIVERSARY ISSUE: 1996-2011
Author:Engelhaupt, Erika
Publication:Science News
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Date:Mar 24, 2012
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