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Nine Crazy Ideas in Science.


Pondering nine theories currently being debated by scientists, politicians, and the public alike, Ehrlich scientifically evaluates each one. He rates each idea on a "cuckoo scale," with one cuckoo denoting feasibility and four cuckoos, probable impossibility. The issues are reflected in the book's chapter titles, including "More Guns Means Less Crime," "AIDS Is Not Caused by HIV," "Nuclear Radiation Is Beneficial," and "There Was No Big Bang." The author thoroughly considers the agenda, hidden or otherwise, of people proposing these ideas and notes established scientific findings that support or refute them. Originally published in hardcover 2001. Princeton U Pr, 2002, 244 p., b&w illus., paperback, $16.95.
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Publication:Science News
Article Type:Book Review
Date:Nov 16, 2002
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