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Nikon's Lite-Touch Zoom 120ED/QD Takes the Lead in Optical Performance.

- 35mm Compact Camera is Big on Features and Small in Size -


MELVILLE, N.Y., Jan. 27 /PRNewswire/ -- Nikon's new Lite-Touch Zoom 120ED/QD compact camera delivers professional results, even in the hands of a novice. It's sleek, feature-packed and lightweight, making it the perfect companion for a trip to the beach or for backpacking through Nepal. With Nikon's world-class ED glass incorporated into its optical design, the Lite-Touch Zoom 120ED/QD surpasses the performance of any compact camera in its class.

With its 3.2x zoom and sliding lens cover, Nikon's Lite-Touch Zoom 120ED/QD is one of the world's smallest, lightest and most versatile cameras in the 35mm compact category -- carry it in palm or pocket to catch all the action at an instant's notice.

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It's All in the Glass - In keeping with Nikon's reputation for quality and innovation, the new camera's 3.2x zoom lens is made with Nikon's proprietary ED (extra-low dispersion) glass -- the same glass favored among the world's leading professional photographers and used in Nikon's high performance lenses for its ability to produce sharp, brilliant images with minimum glare.

From Landscapes to Lips - The Lite-Touch Zoom 120ED/QD's 38-120mm zoom range and whisper-quiet operation make it easy to grab the action from wherever the user is. Zoom in to catch a smile or zoom out to capture a deer in the snow -- either way, the results will be super sharp, picture perfect and vivid.

Focusing In - A 273-step wide area passive autofocus system instantly provides razor sharp focus precision throughout its entire 38-120mm zoom range, whether shooting a picturesque panorama or tiny portrait details. Set the focus at infinity and faraway subjects come out looking crystal clear; select the panorama mode to capture an expansive horizon at sunset.

Lights ... Camera ... Action - Nikon's Lite-Touch Zoom 120ED/QD features five flash modes -- auto flash, anytime flash, flash cancel, slow sync and red-eye reduction. Fully automatic exposure control and an AF-assist illuminator (that helps the camera to maintain sharp focus regardless of lighting conditions) mean effortless picture-taking in any type of lighting situation.

Automatic & Beyond - All film operations are automatic, including loading, film speed setting, advance and rewind. The Lite-Touch Zoom 120ED/QD's eyepiece features a specially treated plastic surface that prevents fogging when shooting in cold or humid environments, and a dial that allows nearsighted or farsighted photographers to adjust the eyepiece diopter -- all helping to ensure a bright, clear viewfinder image. A 10-second self-timer provides the user with ample time to jump into a shot. Sliding the clamshell-style protective lens cover open and shut powers the camera on and off. And, whether it's baby's first steps or a whirlwind vacation, the QD date and time imprint feature takes the pressure off trying to remember when an image was captured.

The Nikon Lite-Touch Zoom 120ED/QD will be available at authorized Nikon dealers in April 2000 at a list price of $255.

For more information on the Nikon Lite-Touch Zoom 120ED/QD, contact Nikon Inc., 1300 Walt Whitman Road, Melville, NY 11747, or phone 1-800-NIKON-US. Visit Nikon's website at

Nikon Inc. is the U.S. distributor of the world-renowned Nikon professional 35 mm photography system, compact automatic 35mm and Advanced Photo System cameras, digital still cameras, film scanners, the Nikon speedlight system, interchangeable Nikkor lenses, Nikonos underwater photographic systems, Nikon Eyewear, Nikon Sports and recreational optics, Nikon microscopes for the biosciences, industrial and microelectronics inspection and measuring systems and Nikon surveying and ophthalmic instruments.

Nikon Lite-Touch Zoom 120ED/QD Specifications

Type of camera: 35mm autofocus lens-shutter camera with Nikon zoom lens

Usable film: DX-coded 35mm film in film cartridge

Picture format: Normal: 24 x 36mm; Panorama (Lite-Touch Zoom 120ED QD

only): 13.3 x 36mm

Lens: 38mm f/5.3 - 120mm f/10.5, 7 elements in 5 groups (ED lens and

aspherical lenses are used)

Shutter: Programmed electronic type; also serves as diaphragm blades

Shutter speed: 2 to 1/360 sec.

Lens cover: Slide type lens cover with power switch ON/OFF

Viewfinder: Real-image viewfinder; frame coverage: approx. over 80% in

regular-size frame; approx. 0.44x magnification at 38mm, approx. 1.13x

at 120mm; Dioptre adjustment: -1.5 to +1.5 DP; Antifog viewfinder

Viewfinder information: Image size frame with parallax compensation marks;

Panorama-format frame marks (Lite-Touch Zoom 120ED QD only); Autofocus

frame marks: Green LED (in-focus indicator) --- Lights up: subject

focused; Blinks slowly (at 2Hz): subject is too close to achieve

correct focus; Blinks quickly (at 8Hz): subject is difficult to focus;

Orange LED (flash-ready light) --- Lights up: flash ready; Blinks

slowly (at 4Hz): flash being charged; Blinks quickly (at 8Hz): the

popped-up flash unit is being pressed down

Focusing: Wide-Area Passive Autofocus system; Activated by lightly

pressing shutter release button; Distance range from approx. 2.4 ft to

infinity (approx. 2.6 ft to infinity at 120mm).

Focus lock: Focus is locked as long as the shutter release button is

lightly pressed

Exposure control: Electronically controlled program AE: auto exposure

range (ISO 100): EV 4 - 17 at 38mm or EV 6 - 19 at 120mm; (ISO 400): EV

6 - 17 at 38mm, EV 6 - 19 at 120mm; Flash fires automatically if the

available light is low

Film speed setting: ISO 50, 100, 200, 400, 800, 1600, and 3200 film

automatically set

Film loading: Film automatically advances to the first frame upon

completion of film loading; With a film cartridge confirmation window

Frame counter: Shown in the LCD panel; Additive type; Counts back during

film rewind

Self-timer: Electronically controlled; Activated by depressing the shutter

release button; Self-timer lamp blinks and lights up to show when

ready; 10 sec. duration; Cancellable

Film advance: Film automatically advances by one frame after each shot;

Auto rewind at the end of film roll; Mid-roll rewind function available

Remote control (optional): Infrared wireless remote control; 2 sec. delay

shutter release; Effective range is within approx. 5m straight in front

of the camera; Battery will last for approx. 10 years; Dimensions (W x

H x D): approx. 60 x 27 x 10mm; Weight (including battery): approx. 13g

Built-in flash: Four flash modes available: Auto Flash, Flash Cancel,

Anytime Flash, and Slow Sync; Flash automatically fires when there is

not enough light or subject is backlit; Flash shooting range (ISO 100,

ft): approx. 0.75 - 4.1m at 38mm, approx. 0.8 - 2m at 120mm; (ISO 400):

approx. 0.75 - 8.2m at 38mm, approx. 0.8 - 4m at 120mm; Shutter release

button is locked during flash charging; Recycling time approx. 6 sec.

Red-Eye Reduction mode: Red-Eye Reduction lamp lights up for approx. 1

sec. before flash fires

Battery life: Approx. 12 rolls of 24-exposure film when flash is used for

half the exposures

LCD panel (Power is on): Frame counter, Flash mode, Red-Eye Reduction,

Self-timer/Remote control, Infinity Focus mode, Low battery power, Date

recording (Lite-Touch Zoom 120ED QD only), Time/Date (Lite-Touch Zoom

120ED QD only)

Power source: One 3V lithium battery (CR123A type or DL123A)

Data imprint function (Lite-Touch Zoom 120ED QD only): Imprint uses 7-dot

LED; Functions with panorama-format pictures; Auto film speed setting

with DX codes (ISO 50 - 3200); Printed date include year, month, day,

hour, (24-hour cycle with no AM/PM) and minute with five choices:

Year/Month/Day, Month/Day/Year, Day/Month/Year, Day/Hour/Minute, and

no-imprint; Leap year adjustment until 2039; Power source is the same

as the camera body; Built-in clock with timing accuracy within =+/-

90 sec. a month

Dimensions (W x H x D): Approx. 4.5 x 2.4 x 1.6 in.

Weight (without battery): Approx. 7.3 oz.
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