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Nikolais returns.

I read Doris Hering's "Dance Magazine Recommends" in the Feb. issue and was fascinated with her take on the aesthetic similarities of Loie Fuller and Alwin Nikolais. However, in response to the last paragraph, I want to reassure everyone that Nikolais' works are being revived and are presently touring in the U.S. and Europe. Since 2003, Alberto del Saz, co-artistic director of the Nikolais/Louis Foundation for Dance, along with artistic director Murray Louis, have been reconstructing the works on our company with the assistance of myself and Jena Woodbury. Many Nikolais works have been reconstructed so far: Tent, Crucible, Tensile Involvement, Noumenon Mobilus, Imago, Blank on Blank, Mechanical Organ, Liturgies, Lythic, Pond, The Crystal, and The Sphere. This summer Tower will be added to the repertory.


Joan Woodbury

Co-founder and artistic

co-director, Ririe-Woodbury

Dance Company

Salt Lake City, UT
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Title Annotation:letters
Author:Woodbury, Joan
Publication:Dance Magazine
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Date:Jun 1, 2008
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