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Rhetoric and refugees: Trump is what happens when we fail to understand our global problems in context. Jun 22, 2017 764
The Numbers Don't Lie: The petroleum industry and spill solutions go together like oil and water. Dec 22, 2016 783
Debunking dams: new research shows how hydro-electric energy can turn carbon sinks into methane bombs. Mar 22, 2016 674
What lies beneath: there are more than a few holes in BC's LNG sales pitch to China. Jul 1, 2015 704
When the rubber hits the road: the complicated truth behind electric cars. May 1, 2015 653
Industry made quakes: ignoring the science on fracking puts us on shaky ground. Mar 1, 2015 665
Silent but deadly: a fractured tale of leaky wells and migrating methane! Jul 1, 2014 752
Huffing & puffing: the quest to mine bitumen with steam is quietly spelling disaster. Mar 1, 2014 723
Resource frenzy: From beaver pelts to bitumen pipelines, Canada's commodity booms are a recipe for disaster. Jan 1, 2014 726
The petroleonic wars: why the battle over pipelines could become our energy Waterloo. Bring on the coalitions. Sep 1, 2013 666
Are there limits to solar power? The short answer--yes--highlights five inconvenient truths. Jul 1, 2013 695
Point of no returns: how a financial analyst uses the laws of thermodynamics to explain the globe's crippled economies. May 1, 2013 689
When oil spikes: maverick economist James Hamilton traces the patterns. Mar 1, 2013 671
Shackled: forty years ago, a shrewd theologian saw how needing more energy created less freedom. Jan 1, 2013 646
The social nice of energy: how does energy influence society at large? Fred Cottrell told us more than 50 years ago. Nov 1, 2012 654
Blown out of proportion: expanding wind energy extraction could lead to stormy weather. Sep 1, 2012 675
The vision of Frederick Soddy: in the economy of energy flows, a burnt hydrocarbon is wealth spent, not saved. Jul 1, 2012 678
The unplugged futurist: with his non-electrical inventions, Japan's Yasuyuki Fujimura hopes to prevent the spread of Western society's push-button sickness. Mar 1, 2012 604
The beetle's wake: selective logging of dead pine could have prevented much of the industrial mayhem, but it would have cost industry a few dollars more. Reprint Jan 1, 2012 1246
Carbon capture + stupidity: Alberta's silver bullet is an energy dead-end that creates more problems than it solves. Jan 1, 2012 671
The devil's tears: Ezra Levant buries the truth in Alberta's magic sandbox. May 1, 2011 1310
Slip sliding away: compared with Norway's bulging bank account, Alberta's Heritage Fund falls well short of its potential. Nov 1, 2008 589

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