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Nike's New Kicks Respond To Siri.

Siri does a lot of things. She can be told to play music, send a text message, call someone, and give directions to the nearest grocery store. Now, with Nike's new product, Siri can also be told to untie someone's shoes.

Nike has announced a new "( Huarache for a future " called the Nike Adapt Huarache. It still features the neoprene bootie and exoskeletal upper the original 1991 Huarache had, but adds the FitAdapt lacing system to give users the convenience of not having to bend down low to adjust their laces.

The new Adapt Huarache has a midfoot FitAdapt motor that adjusts the fit of the shoes by tightening or loosening the laces. Wearers can control the motor by means of the Nike Adapt app that can be installed on an iPhone or an Apple Watch.


The Nike Adapt Huarache offers ease of use via preset modes, a watch app and some Siri shortcuts. It also has LED lights on each shoe that allows for more expression, not to mention visibility during nighttime runs or commutes.

Wearers can choose from preset modes that either loosen the shoes when relaxing at home, in the office or at the park ("chill" mode); or tighten the shoes when running or commuting ("move" mode). Users can also customize fit and light settings depending on their preferences.

Users will also find Siri helpful in adjusting the shoes's fit. "Siri Shortcuts support custom commands for an individual's most employed features of the shoe," Nike said. Adapt Huarache owners, then, can simply assign some commands they're more likely to use. For example, users can tell Siri "release my shoes" to make it easy for them to take it off.

Adapt Huarache owners will be given freedom to change the LED lights' colors to whatever they wish. Available colors include blue, purple, pink, red, orange, yellow, green and white. Wearers can also turn the lights off so they can be more discreet during the evenings.

The famed shoe maker said the Nike Adapt  Huarache's initial colorways will be released on Sept. 13 via the ( SNKRS and ( SNEAKRS apps, as well as select retailers. Pricing is unknown at the moment, but ( The Verge noted that Nike's Adapt BB sneakers, which featured bluetooth connectivity and self-lacing, were sold at $350 -- which might mean the new shoes won't be cheap.

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Publication:International Business Times - US ed.
Date:Aug 30, 2019
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