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Nighthawk custom AAC-T .45 defensive package!

Built in collaboration with Advanced Armament Corporation, Nighthawk Custom's new AAC Suppressor-Ready pistol is one you will cherish for n lifetime. This is an all-business gun, ready to use with or without an Advanced Armament Suppressor. A steel thread-protector comes standard to protect your barrel when the suppressor is not in use.

Available through Nighthawk Custom, its Preferred Dealers or from Advanced Armament Corporation, this custom handgun is loaded with proprietary features. The first to catch your eye will be the lightening cuts on the top of the slide, mainspring housing and front strap martching the Advanced Armament M4-2000 suppressor. The slide sports new Heinie Ledge Straight-Eight Suppressor Sights which are only available thru Nighthawk Custom. These sights are designed to give you a complete sight picture over the top of the suppressor. The distinct "ledge" rear sight allows you to cock the weapon using a hard surface if needed.


* Proprietary lightening cuts on the frontstrap, mainspring housing and slide top

* Forged frame and slide

* Nighthawk Custom match-grade blacked-out threaded barrel with thread protector

* Medium length lightweight match-grade blacked-out trigger

* Ultra-thin Aluma-grips with Nighthawk Custom logo

* Advanced Armament corporation logo on both sides of the slide behind the rear cocking serrations

* Forged slide stop cut flush with chamfered frame

* Complete de-horn for easy carry


FOR MORE INFO: and click on the company name.



1 Stack-On's Portable Security Case is designed to secure a wallet, credit cards, cell phone or handgun for concealed-weapon permit holders daring transport. The safe features a keyed-lock and meets TSA airline firearm transportation guidelines. 2 The "Wrapid" by Andrews Leather, is described as a close concealing bell holster with the quick on/off convenience of belt loops wrapping up under the belt, attaching to locking 1-way snaps. In addition, the holster comes along with a matching double-snap-on mug pouch. These custom models are made from exotic Hornback Gator leather! 3 The Mantis Knives MU-6 Red Cyclops offers unique looks and performance. Overall length is 3.5" with a 2.5" blade of AUS-8 steel, anodized 6061 aluminum handle material, with a frame lock and neck chain. 4 According to the maker, the Tactical Ultimo offers premium clear hearing and advanced compression technology for protecting your ears. The circuit is designed to automatically sense end reduce background noise and let you hear nil the sounds of nature. With four pre-programmed memories, you can select the program best fit for different environments. Noise higher than 90 dB is cut instantly. Value:

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Publication:American Handgunner
Date:Sep 1, 2012
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