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   Then your prophet came
   to tell you the news
   of the old king
   with savage teeth
   who bore you to the ashpits
   where you were forced to work
   while whips tore your skin
   until you spit bloody oaths
   leaving clues behind
   in unmarked graves
   only fireflies could see.

   Red flowers bleed before your eyes
   sounds of smashing glass
   and shattered dreams
   mute angels lost in the dark
   killers taunt their victims
   with the crude zeal of their barking dogs
   cries and screams pierce the sky
   and if you listen hard enough
   you can hear your own.

   As long as there are words
   you shall sing to the wind.
   No matter where the journey leads
   you shall emerge into light
   chanting your human psalms.
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Author:Pacernick, Gary
Article Type:Poem
Date:May 1, 2002
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