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Night wing.

That we might be caustic, luminous, stride into night without a hint of motion, usher a colorful verb to its place & not let the crisis in desert detain us, but keep flying over reliable cities, is this the plan? Bright sunlight not in style anymore? Wasn't that the time of day to leave no trace no possibility arise so that thinking of one another is a smoking-mirror-prophecy dumped on us while tribal consciousness ejects back into caves, Back to a solid state, O world which howls for our attention! Are we farfetched or simply disappearing? Can we hold out a tinge? Desire never really extinct but does writing it down wipe out the pain? Doubtful, but do it anyway You are a stab at the color blue, for this you keep practicing & the first shape is a runway when we close our eyes & a walkway comes out of that as we tire to sleep again what aisle what wing of building now peregrinate in dream Walk to the edge, luxurious textures reside over the precipice yet the object clamoured for recedes always a step away from us like a board game in opposition to winning, can't get ahead of the partner who discovers oil, out smarting in the heat What billions? What universe gets named 6 billion light years off as dollars compute miles, pierce celestial calendar, parsecs warm up & crystallize in one another, a kind of dendritic dancing which is really a sigh of relief to get airborne Branching is how to do it, & keep going so that the transmission not travel awry, sweet heliotrope. Desire again? Nerve cells send impulses towards you my friends who resemble cell bodies adrift in the mist, anti-globe Who are you & why do you stand wrapped in clouds when decorum is demanded in the cockpit, accumulation of mileage plus desire to observe anything as paradigm, see fuel burn Watch how lights become jewels in the diadem of night We are always hazarding a candid surmise at what cooks here, how close we get to "emptiness" that it further our assiduity, bravada, all the endeavors, apart & together that we be bold captains: effective, smooth, insatiable Taking on commerce, pleasure, austere price ceilings, & unlimited projections to carry us way above the lights & out of the darkened park from a point of view not looking up through clouds anymore, but down through them from vantage-eye of sun.
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Author:Waldman, Anne
Publication:The American Poetry Review
Date:Jan 1, 1993
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