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Night of the creepy carnival.

Night of the creepy carnival

Review by Femke Duursma

Title:     Night of the creepy carnival
Author:    George Ivanoff
Publisher: Random House Australia, 2015

A boy goes to a carnival. He thinks it is just a normal carnival, but it is not. Night of the creepy carnival is a 'choose your own adventure' story about a new and scary carnival that's in town. Watch out for the creepy clowns who can lead you into real trouble.

I expected the book to be just about scary clowns, but it was more scary and detailed than I had thought. I liked that you could choose your own ending. I liked everything about the book and all of the details in the story. The story reminded me of carnivals. It also reminded me of the movie Hotel Transylvania, because it has also creepy creatures and scary events. The author made the book exciting and fun and getting to choose where to go made me feel like I was in the story.

Sometimes it was hard to decide which chapter I should go to, but I did finish it. The story I read ended happily but I know that some endings finish badly. I was pleased that my story ended happily and that the non-happy part was over. It is one of the best books I ever read because I got very excited. I think the book is suitable for children in primary school, mostly Year 4 and Year 5.

Femke Duursma is a Year 4 student at The Illawarra Grammar School, Wollongong, New South Wales.

Review by Lotte van Oijen

I expected this book to be about a carnival and to be a bit creepy. It was more exciting than I had expected. I had never read this type of story before or anything by this author.

The book is about a boy who goes to the carnival with his parents and he has lots of adventures and loses his parents. He meets some very strange people at the carnival, such as the clowns.

I liked that when you read a page it got more exciting. The thing I did not like was that some of the pictures were a bit creepy, like the fortune teller, and no one was very nice. It was a good ending because the bad clown died. I did not like that the clowns kidnap kids.

This story is suitable for Year 3 and up and for people who like creepy stories. You could choose your own ending, so I really liked the book. It was a fun book.

Lotte van Oijen is a young reader who volunteered to read and review this book.

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Author:Duursma, Femke; van Oijen, Lotte
Publication:Literacy Learning: The Middle Years
Article Type:Book review
Date:Feb 1, 2017
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