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Nigeria - Diezani Allison-Madueke.

The Federal Petroleum Resources Minister since April 2010, Mrs Allison-Madueke is a fellow Niger Delta figure born on Dec. 6, 1960, as Diezani Agama in Port Harcourt, Rivers State. Last week, she said the problem of oil and gas thefts was being resolved, adding: "Our expectation is to increase [crude oil] production to 2.55m b/d for the rest of this year We have the capacity and potential to maintained production above 2.55m b/d All that is required is to continue to fight against pipeline vandalism and crude oil theft to achieve this target". But she did not disclose details about the measures taken.

Mrs Allison-Madueke's father was Chief Frederick Abiye Agama. She studied architecture in England and then at Howard University in the US, and worked in the US before returning to Nigeria, joining Shell Petroleum Development Corp (SPDC) in 1992. In 2002-03, she attended Cambridge University for her MBA. In April 2006, Shell appointed her as its first female executive director in Nigeria. Since 1999 she has been married to Admiral Allison Madueke (retired), one-time chief of naval staff who was at various times governor of Imo and Anambra state.

Allison-Madueke was appointed transport minister in July 2007. In June 2008 she was subject to a Senate probe after it emerged that as transport minister she had paid 30.9bn naira ($263m) to contractors between Dec. 26-31, 2007. But she was never charged or tried for these allegations and strongly denied any wrong-doing. In September 2008 there was an unsuccessful attempt to kidnap her at her house in Abuja. On Dec. 23, 2008, she was appointed minister of mines and steel development.

Commenting on the provisions of the PIB, Mrs Alison-Madueke says this had been drafted with equity in mind and that the concerns of the IOCs were taken into consideration so as to engender a win-win situation for Nigeria, as well as the other stake-holders in petroleum industry. She listed some of its provisions including those creating the Asset Management Co., which will take over the management of the JVs from NNPC, which will be unbundled to make way for the establishment of a new NOC, the National Oil Co., which will be competitive and profit-driven. She noted that, in line with Abuja's desire of ensuring adequate gas to the power sector, her ministry took extra-ordinary measures to achieve sufficiency under a 12-month Gas Supply Emergency plan to correct the mis-alignment and challenges in this field.

She said: "delivery of gas to ensure sufficient, uninterrupted supply to existing, as well as new thermal generating plants, has been a special focus area of mine and the Ministry of Petroleum Resources. Up to recent times, gas supply to power plants out-stripped demand to the extent that significant volumes of available gas remained un-utilised on a daily basis. However a close analysis of the supply chain has revealed that over the last 10 years or so, there has been significant mis-alignment between power projects and gas supply sources I am immediately deploying a 12-month Domestic Gas Supply Emergency Plan'. During this period, the Ministry of Petroleum Resources, together with NNPC and the gas producing companies will deploy extraordinary measures to accelerate opportunities for quick wins in order to ameliorate the potential gap between gas demand and supply".

In October 2009, the Senate indicted Mrs Allison-Madueke and recommended prosecution for the alleged transfer of 1.2bn naira into the private account of a toll company without due process and in breach of a concession agreement. But the allegations were never taken to law, and she maintained her innocence. After then VP Jonathan became acting president in February 2010, he dissolved the cabinet and made her federal minister for petroleum resources. She was retained in this post on July 2, 2011, when she was confirmed by the legislature and vowed to push the PIB into law.
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