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Nigeria, Peace Is The Key.

In Nigeria now where all we see around us is crisis, in my opinion, it's time to reflect and think of a way forward. Some may say it is best we break up, and most times all we hear is 'why were we allowed to be as one Nigeria?' Yes, we were amalgamated, but it's in the interest of every Nigerian to understand that breaking up is not the solution for a better Nigeria.

My question is why do we always refer back to the colonial masters and wonder why they made us one country? We have a voice to roar, which is why we are called the giant of Africa.

Nigeria will once again roar, yes we will. We have that title and we hold onto it, not only as the giant of Africa, but also as the lion of Africa.

But we have broken policies. We have the foundations to refer back to.

We have broken polices it is that simple. If we put them back in place, the problems which have accumulated will gradually melt like ice.

It is time for us to put our differences aside and see one another as Nigerians. We must lay aside hatred and greed. Peace is absolutely what we need in Nigeria now. Peace will gradually open doors of prosperity.

Nigeria, one nation.

God bless Nigeria, God bless Mr President.

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Publication:Nigerian Tribune (Oyo State, Nigeria)
Geographic Code:6NIGR
Date:Aug 23, 2019
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