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Nifty tips for nabbing parts.

Ordering parts isn't always easy. Sometimes your TM doesn't give the NSN for the part you need, but just gives you a part number (PN). When you only have one number to go by, it's important to make sure it's the right one.

Taking a little extra time in FED LOG can help ensure that it brings the part you need. Here are a few things to remember whenever you order parts by PNs:

* Pay attention to how the PN looks in FED LOG. FED LOG will retrieve any PN that has all the letters and numbers in the right order, even if they are hyphenated differently. So you may want PN 123-45, but there may also be a PN 1234-5. FED LOG doesn't "see" dashes. So check the item's name carefully. Does it sound right? A typo or a missing number will bring you the wrong item. It's also a good idea to click on the Characteristics tab and verify that the item's description matches what you're looking for. If you're expecting a headlight but FED LOG shows a battery, it's time to do the PN-check tango!

* Check the Management tab on your PN in FED LOG. If the History tab view is the only populated field, then the item may be cancelled and you may not be able to order it anyway. Also check the acquisition advice code (AAC) column under the Management tab. It will give you the item's status. For example, an AAC of "Y" means that it is a terminal, non-stocked item and procurement is not authorized. Click on any underlined code to get the full definition.

* Even if the item name looks right, check the major organizational entity (MOE) column to see which government agencies or DOD services are authorized to order it. Clicking on the acronyms reveals full names.

* If the item you want doesn't have an NSN, you'll have to order it using a DD Form 1348-6, DOD Single Line Item Requisition System Document. For example, there's no NSN for the handle on the containerized kitchen's chassis. But you can still order the crank handle on a DD Form 1348-6 using PN 1103-1945-01 and CAGE 2W888. Download a tillable DD Form 1348-6 here:

* On the 1348-6 form, be sure to include the PN listed in the TM (and verified by you in FED LOG), as well as the CAGE code. The CAGE code identifies the manufacturer, just as the PN identifies the actual part. A PN without a CAGE code is useless. Both are needed to ensure you get the right part. For more info, check out our PS article on how to find manufacturers at:

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