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Articles from Nieman Reports (March 22, 2008)

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21st Century Muckrakers. 884
A vital responsibility in need of support '... our industry, as a whole, cannot afford to abandon or cut back on investigative reporting, particularly on local and regional issues.'. Rodriguez, Rick Essay 2420
Aboubakr Jama'i. Brief article 125
Anthony Lewis. Brief article 126
Are reporters doomed? Citizen journalism is here to stay. But in the rush to embrace new media we risk destroying the soul of traditional reporting. Leigh, David 1363
Beacons of hope: investigative journalism centers: training and support for investigative journalists are increasing, and collaborative projects are happening worldwide. Houston, Brant 2954
Changing equations in investigative reporting: an editor proposes that journalists seek new partners in their mission of monitoring those in power. Robinson, John Essay 1759
Christina Lamb. Brief article 186
Circumventing censorship with technology: when news stations in Georgia refused to broadcast an investigative report about a high government official's actions, the news story found a home on the internet. Idsvoog, Karl 948
Classified documents: secrecy vs. citizenship: in the digital age, there is an appetite 'for direct access to source documents.'. Aftergood, Steven 1197
Decision-making: a visual journey inside the Iraq War '... it remains the job of journalists to do more than report the "stuff" that happens or bring to the public the "first rough draft of history."'. Kirk, Michael; Wiser, Michael 1216
Democracy can complicate the job of journalists: when a decade of conflict ended, 'what many Nepali journalists did not anticipate was that the worst had yet to come.'. Adhikari, Dharma 1806
Determining the reliability of a key CIA source: after his newspaper story exposed the CIA's reliance on a con man to determine if Iraq had WMD, a journalist dug deeper to unravel the mystery. Drogin, Bob 1602
Dianne Solis has won the Frank del Olmo Print Journalist of the Year award from the National Association of Hispanic Journalists (NAHJ) for her work on immigration. 197
Digital journalism: will it work for investigative journalism? The Nieman Watchdog Project's editor explores what might be missing and what might be found as journalists turn to the Web to assist in reporting. Sussman, Barry Essay 1669
Digital records reveal corruption on Capitol Hill. Stern, Marcus; Kammer, Jerry 2336
Ellen Goodman has received the Ernie Pyle Lifetime Achievement Award from the National Society of Newspaper Columnists. 219
First two women Nieman fellows, classmates from 1946, die within days of each other. Obituary 880
Frederick Pillsbury. Obituary 284
Global efforts at investigative reporting: a Brazilian journalist explores the benefits of collaboration and describes how and why watchdog reporting has changed in Latin America. Rodrigues, Fernando Essay 1441
Going online with watchdog journalism '... investigative reporting itself is also on the cusp of major transformation....'. Steiger, Paul E. 1332
Good journalism can be good business: 'let's not pull the plug on for-profit journalism just yet.'. Brogan, Daniel Essay 1143
Instilling a watchdog culture in the newsroom: 'watchdog work is not just about projects; it's about an approach to beat coverage that should be reflected in daily and longer-form work.'. Hearn, Lorie Essay 1484
Intimidation and convictions of journalists: journalist Robert Shelton told a 1950's Senate subcommittee it was 'engendering the fear that soon it will be looking into newsrooms all over the country.'. Mintz, Morton 2633
Investigative reporting about secrecy: 'with some noteworthy exceptions, secrecy is rarely tackled head-on in the press.'. Gup, Ted 1508
Jerry Kammer. Brief article 131
Joshua Benton. Brief article 202
Journalism 2.0--and then what? A book introduces journalists to multimedia storytelling tools, and someone who has used it offers a guide to navigating its lessons. Gorman, Christine Book review 1029
Journalists portray a complex, self-destructive Texas politician: two reporters encounter roadblocks in telling the flamboyant story of Bob Bullock. McNeely, Dave; Henderson, Jim 1531
Leu Siew Ying. Brief article 133
Loud noises, sharp elbows, and impolitic questions: a former editorial writer examines why the inquisitive, argumentative and forceful voice of journalists is quieter these days. Boyd, Jim Editorial 1659
Matthew Schofield. Brief article 149
Muckrakers. Reprint 2408
New sources of funding, new sources of reporting: as nonprofit investigative models take shape, a journalist surveys emerging possibilities. Cranberg, Gilbert 1445
Nieman fellows receive ASNE Awards. Brief article 193
Nieman Foundation announces I.F. Stone Award honoring journalistic independence. 380
Nieman Foundation to administer the worth Bingham Prize for investigative reporting. Brief article 166
Nieman reports on the Web. Brief article 122
Philip Cunningham writes, "We're back in the states after 10 years in Asia, basically our first long visit since my Nieman year. Brief article 111
Philip Hilts. Brief article 178
ProPublica's Advisory board includes Nieman fellows. Brief article 122
Publisher, editor and reporter: the investigative formula looking back to the early 1900's--to Ida Tarbell and S.S. McClure--offers valuable lessons for watchdog journalism in the 21st century. Weinberg, Steve 1159
Recognizing excellence: the Nieman Foundation becomes a home for two investigative journalism awards. Giles, Bob 709
Redefining a newspaper's watchdog approach: at The Oregonian, a new training program for reporters focuses on investigative skills needed by specific reporters for their daily beats. Zaitz, Les; Walth, Brent Essay 1317
Reporting is only part of the investigative story: 'in "Billions Over Baghdad," we knew that simply reporting the costs of the Iraq War in mind-numbing billions wasn't good enough.'. Barlett, Donald L.; Steele, James B. 1836
Reporting with the tools of social science: 'we had put the social scientists on notice that journalists increasingly would be competitors in their field.'. Doig, Stephen K. 1800
Rui Araujo writes: "my mandate (two years) as ombudsman of the Portuguese daily newspaper Publico is over. Brief article 237
Secrets and the press: 'some secrets deserve to be kept, and even secrets uncovered might not merit being put in public print, on television or on the Internet.'. Pincus, Walter Critical essay 2051
Seeking new ways to nurture the capacity to report: 'without an independent news media, there is no credibly informed citizenry.'. Lewis, Charles 2634
Squeezing substance into the 'sensational and superficial': experiences in the Philippines taught a journalist that 'the space for watchdog reporting must be created before new structures congeal.'. Coronel, Sheila S. 1630
Suvendrini Kakuchi. Brief article 110
Teaching multimedia journalism: online resources--many of them free of charge--are used as the textbooks for training the next generation of journalists. MacKinnon, Rebecca 1655
Tenney Lehman: inspirational editor and 'Warm Heart' of the Nieman Foundation. Obituary 1204
The Charlotte Observer. Brief article 123
The investigative journalist's digital tool kit. Murray, Joe 567
The press and the presidency: silencing the watchdog: 'President Bush was obsessed from the beginning of his administration with what he regarded as unjustified intrusions by the press.'. Marder, Murrey 1680
Thomas Morgan III. Obituary 359
Tim Golden delivers Morris lecture. Brief article 192
Transparency increases credibility: a Web site and television show reveal how investigative journalists do their jobs. Schapiro, Mark Report 1636
Understanding the value of investigative reporting: a nonprofit director feels frustrated by how difficult it is to find 'adequate resources for independent investigative reporting. Buzenberg, Bill Essay 1738
Urgent issues the press usually ignore: a focus on smaller stories 'too often fails to connect the proverbial dots and avoids too much digging into or interpreting the larger picture.'. Schechter, Danny Critical essay 2173
Using expertise from outside the newsroom: after 'crowdsourcing' worked to expand reporting, The News-Press reached out to nearby residents to form Team Watchdog. Wells, Betty 1285
Watchdog reporting: exploring its myth: 'the myth of journalists doggedly uncovering all the facts is both important--and dangerous.'. Graves, Florence Essay 2486
When a few dollars make a big difference: the fund for investigative journalism enabled Seymour Hersh to report on the My Lai massacre; since then it has funded many other investigative stories. Hyde, John 1692
When video is king: for local TV news, a difficulty will come in figuring out how to make watchdog reporting stand out in a digital world. Watson, Stuart Essay 1406
William Worthy receives Lyons Award for a lifetime of achievement in journalism. 358
Words & reflections. 464

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