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Nicolas Malebranche; freedom in an occasionalist world.


Nicolas Malebranche; freedom in an occasionalist world.

Peppers-Bates, Susan.

Continuum Publishing Group


144 pages



Continuum studies in philosophy


Peppers-Bates (philosophy, Stetson U., US) investigates how French philosopher Malebranche (1638-1715) was able to reconcile human free will with the assertion that God directly moves not only physical matter but also thoughts and senses. Her account draws on two of his ideas that she says are neglected by scholarship. One is that the human soul, or mind, is made in the image and for the image of God. The other is that God can act only for Himself, can create minds only to know and love Him, and can endow them with no knowledge or love that is not for Him or that does not tend toward Him. Her chapters cover Malebranche's metaphysics and the problems of human freedom; God, order, and general volitions; Arnauld and Malebranche on the power of the human intellect; the union of the divine and the human minds; and attending to his agent causation. One of the chapters has been published previously.

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Title Annotation:Continuum studies in philosophy
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Date:Aug 1, 2010
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