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Nickerson, Sara. How to disappear completely and never be found.

HarperCollins. 281p. illus. c2002. 0-06-441027-7. $5.99. J

Margaret's dad is dead; he died by drowning. She doesn't think anything is unusual until she finds a package with a swimming medal in it--her dad's medal. Margaret found this package on an unusual trip--a trip to put a mansion up for sale by owner, a mansion that she wasn't aware her family owned. Also in this package are a key and a hand-drawn comic book. Margaret decides to investigate the house on her own, since her mother spends all her free time sleeping. Boyd, a 12-year-old who lives next door to the mansion, goes every day to the town library to check out the new Ratt comic book. It seems a new one is turned in at the desk every night. Boyd has read them all and no longer believes that they are fiction. He even sees himself in them the night he helps Margaret out of the woods. She has been chased out of the house by a mysterious figure and gets lost. Together they solve the mystery of the house and Ratt. He turns out to be Margaret's uncle, who only wants a chance to explain his part in the accidental death of her father. He intended to die that night, but his brother saved him and died instead. Danger is involved and Margaret's mother is finally woken up out of her depression.

Fans of graphic novels will find this book interesting; they may even read it! Occasional illustrations will satisfy those longing for pictures to help them visualize the story. Recommended to librarians wanting to get graphic novel readers to expand and those YAs who like a good mystery. Stacey Conrad, Reading Teacher, Palmyra, MO
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Author:Conrad, Stacey
Article Type:Book Review
Date:Sep 1, 2003
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