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Sandvik launches new alloy Sanicro 35. Oct 6, 2020 276
E-cigarettes with heating elements can cause 'significant' lung damage, study warns; Researchers from the University of California, Irvine, have warned that e-cigarettes with heating elements can cause 'significant' damage to the lungs. By, Shivali Best Sep 29, 2020 321
Sandvik launches new alloy Sanicro 35. Aug 26, 2020 275
AWI invests PS1m to meet growing demand for wire; The expanding Brierley Hill firm supplies material to customers in more than 55 countries. JOHN CORSER Jul 21, 2020 432
Parametric Optimization of Laser Additive Manufacturing of Inconel 625 Using Taguchi Method and Grey Relational Analysis. Yang, Bo; Lai, Youbin; Yue, Xiang; Wang, Dongyang; Zhao, Yuhui Jun 30, 2020 5744
Effect of Ce[O.sub.2] on High-Temperature Oxidation Performance of Electron Beam Cladding NiCoCrAlY Coating on Ni-Based Alloy. Liu, Hailang; Huang, Yiping; Wang, Xiaoyu; Lu, Ruxue Apr 30, 2020 4390
Study on Friction and Wear Behavior of Inconel 625 Superalloy during Hot Extrusion. Wang, Yanjiang; Zhao, Sixiang; Jia, Zhi; Ji, Jinjin; Liu, Dexue; Guo, Tingbiao; Ding, Yutian Report Mar 31, 2020 4760
Zurn Pledges USD 1m of Hygienic Product to Healthcare Facilities in Fight Against COVID-19. Mar 25, 2020 289
Accu-Tube Acquires Mercury Tube. Mar 1, 2020 257
ARCH Global acquires Arundel Machine Tool to strengthen precision components segment. Feb 4, 2020 153
Sandvik acquires Summerill Tube Corporation - Sandvik Group. Dec 23, 2019 283
Electroless Plating Market Is Expected To Propel Growth Based On Account Of Rising Demand From Manufacturers And Automotive Industry Till 2028 / Million Insights. Dec 18, 2019 767
Commercial Aircraft Turbine Blades And Vanes Market Size, Share, Major Players, Application, Top Region, Industry Investment Analysis and 2023 Forecast Research report. Dec 17, 2019 979
Nitinol Stone Basket Market - Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends and Forecast 2019 - 2025. Dec 9, 2019 653
Sandvik observes growth in Middle East. Dec 5, 2019 1140
Nickel Alloys Market: Global Key Players, Trends, Share, Industry Size, Growth, Opportunities, Forecast To 2025. Nov 21, 2019 707
$8.1 Billion Cryogenic Tanks Market by Raw Material, Cryogenic Liquid, Application, End-use Industry, and Region - Global Forecast to 2024. Nov 7, 2019 875
From Nitinol to Nanotubes: A Materials Science Roundtable: While new materials are being made available, orthopedic device makers still lean on the well-established options for most new development. Crawford, Mark Nov 1, 2019 3129
3D Systems awarded contract for corrosion research. Oct 28, 2019 144
Ampco-Pittsburgh closes sale of ASW Steel to Valbruna Canada Ltd. Oct 1, 2019 235
Study on the Process Optimization and Wear Resistance of Electron Beam Cladding WC-CoCr Coating on Inconel 617 Surface. Liu, Hailang; Huang, Yiping; Wang, Bo; Wang, Xiaoyu Sep 30, 2019 6279
Wire-maker's nuclear powered sales growth. Sep 3, 2019 324
Internal coil packing method for the Amplatzer vascular plug 4. Koganemaru, Masamichi; Tanoue, Shuichi; Kuhara, Asako; Kugiyama, Tomoko; Abe, Toshi Sep 1, 2019 1631
Global Guidewires Market Outlook Report, 2019-2025: Nitinol Displays the Potential to Grow at Over 4.4%. Report Aug 15, 2019 646
In Case You Missed It. Aug 1, 2019 757
CO2 Reforming Catalysts Market Investigation & Development Forecast during 2018 -- 2026. Jul 10, 2019 900
CO2 Reforming Catalysts Market Investigates Growth Inclinations for the Period until 2026. Jul 10, 2019 915
Combustion Synthesis Porous Nitinol for Biomedical Applications. Aihara, H.; Zider, J.; Fanton, G.; Duerig, T. Apr 30, 2019 6823
Comparison of Micro-EDM Characteristics of Inconel 706 between EDM Oil and an Al Powder-Mixed Dielectric. Wang, Chenxue; Qiang, Zhang Apr 30, 2019 5191
Small Business, STRONG BUSINESS: Tonkawa Foundry has been a successful small business through seven decades by sticking to its strengths and staying on top of modern industry trends. Wetzel, Shannon Apr 1, 2019 1599
Fretting Wear Behavior and Damage Mechanisms of Inconel X-750 Alloy in Dry Contacts. Rustamov, Ibrohim A.; Sabirova, Ozoda Sh.; Wang, Zixi; Wang, Yuming Mar 31, 2019 6882
MED-Fibers Announces New GrabHold[TM] Stone Basket. Dec 5, 2018 251
Turbine Blade Material Market to Actively Foray into Emerging Consumer Market places During 2018 - 2. Oct 16, 2018 268
The Effects of the Duration of Use on Stiffness of Nickel Titanium Orthodontic Wires. Sheibaninia, Ahmad; Ghavidel, Parinaz Beikian; Mahmoudi, Farhang Report Oct 1, 2018 2555
SMALL BUT MIGHTY: Inside Pearl, the new Rolls-Royce engine family for business jets. Sep 1, 2018 210
Academic Insight: Latest research from the IMechE Journal of Process Mechanical Engineering. Sep 1, 2018 159
World Nuclear 2018. Jun 1, 2018 133
Aluminium powder mixed rotary electric discharge machining (PMEDM) on Inconel 718. Patel, Sagar; Thesiya, Dignesh; Rajurkar, Avadhoot Mar 1, 2018 4528
Australia charges Iranian for violating UN sanctions. Feb 23, 2018 302
TECHNICALLY SPEAKING ... Tucker, Bryan; Sweeney, P. Letter to the editor Feb 17, 2018 331
Dynamics of the content of free amino acids in blood of patients during the long-term use of orthopedic dental metal prostheses. Nikonov, Andrey Yu; Zaytseva, Olga V; Serhiienko, Maksym O; Krychka, Natalia V; Breslavets, Natalya Report Jan 1, 2018 4279
Influence of the Milling Cutter Diameter on the Cutting tool Life when Machining Inconel 718. Zetek, Miroslav; Vozar, Vojtech; Baksa, Tomas; Zetkova, Ivana Report Jan 1, 2018 2676
Influence of Cutting Conditions on the Surface Quality and Grinding Wheel Wear during Cylindrical Grinding of Inconel 718. Baksa, Tomas; Hronek, Ondrej; Farsky, Jindrich; Zetek, Miroslav Report Jan 1, 2018 2984
The Influences of Cutting Edge Radius on Surface Roughness when Milling Nickel Alloy. Hronek, Ondrej; Zetek, Miroslav Report Jan 1, 2018 3052
New Cr-Ni-Base Alloy for High-Temperature Applications Designed on the Basis of First Principles Calculations. Razumovskiy, V.I.; Scheiber, D.; Razumovskii, I.M.; Butrim, V.N.; Trushnikova, A.S.; Varlamova, S.B. Report Jan 1, 2018 5574
Numerical and Experimental Analyses of the Effect of Heat Treatments on the Phase Stability of Inconel 792. Cueto-Rodriguez, Maria M.; Avila-Davila, Erika O.; Lopez-Hirata, Victor M.; Saucedo-Munoz, Maribel L Jan 1, 2018 8436
A Review on Diffusion Bonding between Titanium Alloys and Stainless Steels. Mo, De-feng; Song, Ting-feng; Fang, Yong-jian; Jiang, Xiao-song; Luo, Charles Q.; Simpson, Machael D Jan 1, 2018 10155
Predictive Analysis for the Thermal Diffusion of the Plasma-Assisted Machining of Superalloy Inconel-718 Based on Exponential Smoothing. Shao-Hsien, Chen; Tsai, Kun-Tan Jan 1, 2018 4530
Application of a Cohesive Zone Model for Simulating Fatigue Crack Growth from Moderate to High [DELTA]K Levels of Inconel 718. Li, Huan; Li, Jinshan; Yuan, Huang Jan 1, 2018 7015
Swirling Flow and Wall Shear: Evaluating the BioMimics 3D Helical Centerline Stent for the Femoropopliteal Segment. Sullivan, Timothy M.; Zeller, Thomas; Nakamura, Masato; Caro, Colin G.; Lichtenberg, Michael Report Jan 1, 2018 6576
New Thiadiazole Derivatives as Effective Corrosion Inhibitors for the Control of Copper-Nickel Alloy in Sulphide Polluted Synthetic Sea Water. Balamurugapandian, N.; Ravichandran, R. Report Dec 31, 2017 4830
A HANDY & HARMAN COMPANY. Dec 15, 2017 307
Peak Rock Capital Affiliate Sells Metals Processor and Polisher Main Steel. Nov 17, 2017 194
Peak Rock Capital Affiliate Sells Metals Processor and Polisher Main Steel. Nov 17, 2017 206
Screw/Barrel/Valve Package For High Glass Loadings. Nov 1, 2017 128
Factory from iconic Lowry finally closes. Jul 15, 2017 112
Factory from iconic Lowry finally closes. Jul 15, 2017 118
Experimental and finite element analyses study of superelasticity behavior of shape memory alloy NiTinol wire. Amin, Samir Ali; Hassan, Ali Yasser Report Jul 1, 2017 2092
Shell shock technologies. Taffin, John May 1, 2017 846
Experimental investigation and improvement of surface finish analysis on HCHCR steel using EDM. Vigneshwaran, K.; Mohan, P.; Pranav, A. Jeevith Apr 30, 2017 1811
Validation of commonly used rectangular nitinol archwire dimensions using stereomicroscope an invitro study. S., Vasu Murthy; M., Pavan Kumar; N., Praveen Kumar; M., Shiva Prasad; K., Sreekanth; V., Samatha Re Report Apr 1, 2017 1815
A study on wet and near-dry electrical discharge machining process of Inconel 718. Senthilkumar, K.P.; Janagarathinam, P.; Kumaran, A. Bala; Rajesh, S.P. Report Apr 1, 2017 5209
Mechanical and Metallurgical Properties of Various Nickel-Titanium Rotary Instruments. Shim, Kyu-Sang; Oh, Soram; Kum, KeeYeon; Kim, Yu-Chan; Jee, Kwang-Koo; Chang, Seok Woo Report Jan 1, 2017 6344
Machining of Inconel 718 Using Uncoated Cutting Tools with Different Cutting Edge Quality. Baksa, Tomas; Schornik, Vaclav; Adamek, Pavel; Zetek, Miroslav Report Jan 1, 2017 2582
Machining of difficult-to-cut materials. Bleicher, Friedrich; Finkeldei, Daniel; Siller, Anton Report Jan 1, 2017 3024
Electronic Controlling on Nanotribological Properties of a Textured Surface by Laser Processing. Yang, Haifeng; Liu, Kun; Wang, Yanqing; Liu, Hao; Man, Jiaxiang; Sun, Bo Report Jan 1, 2017 3828
Effect of Nickel Content on the Corrosion Resistance of Iron-Nickel Alloys in Concentrated Hydrochloric Acid Pickling Solutions. Alharthi, Nabeel; Sherif, El-Sayed M.; Abdo, Hany S.; Abedin, S. Zein El Jan 1, 2017 5759
Investigation on Surface Roughness of Inconel 718 in Photochemical Machining. Misal, Nitin D.; Sadaiah, Mudigonda Report Jan 1, 2017 3263
The Effect of Hydrofluoric Acid Surface Treatment on the Cyclic Fatigue Resistance of K3 NiTi Instruments. Kum, Kee-Yeon; Chang, Seok Woo Report Jan 1, 2017 3382
Buffer Film Assisted Growth of Dense MWCNTs on Copper Foils for Flexible Electrochemical Applications. Pakdee, Udomdej; Duangsawat, Boonchai Jan 1, 2017 5648
Effect of Ta Additions on the Microstructure, Damping, and Shape Memory Behaviour of Prealloyed Cu-Al-Ni Shape Memory Alloys. Saud, Safaa N.; Hamzah, E.; Bakhsheshi-Rad, H.R.; Abubakar, T. Report Jan 1, 2017 8252
Nanoscale Mechanical Properties of Nanoindented [Ni.sub.4.88][Mn.sub.27.2][Ga.sub.24] Ferromagnetic Shape Memory Thin Film. Fu, Xiaofei; Liu, Chao; Lu, Xili; Li, Xianli; Lv, Jingwei; Wang, Famei; Wang, Liying Report Jan 1, 2017 3169
New pound coin on way in blitz on the fakers; 12-SIDED, TWO-TONE QUID WILL BE IN CIRCULATION BY MARCH 2017. Nov 1, 2016 334
Manhattan DJ inspires scholarship. Stilley, Kevin Sep 1, 2016 426
Experimental investigations and analysis of metal removal rate and surface characteristics on inconel-625 using electrical discharge machining. Selvam, M. Panneer; Ravikumar, R. Jun 30, 2016 4015
Ma*OE Orthopedics awarded US FDA approval for dynaMa*OE Nitinol compression screw. Jun 8, 2016 224
Ma*OE Orthopedics awarded US FDA approval for dynaMa*OE Nitinol compression screw. Jun 8, 2016 220
Development of regression models of GTAW process parameter of Inconel 825 by using factorial design approach. Prabaharan C.; Venkatachalam P.; Sureshkumar K.; Vijayakumar R.; Ranjithkumar R. May 30, 2016 3469
Optimization of process parameters in drilling EDM of Inconel x-750 using RSM and desirability function. Arunbharathi, R.; Ashoka, Varthanan P.; Karthick, B.; Sathish, Kumar P. May 15, 2016 5155
Retrofit injection package for LSR. May 1, 2016 104
Proclad launches 3rd production line. Jan 25, 2016 446
Molding properties of Inconel 718 feedstocks used in low-pressure powder injection molding. Fareh, Fouad; Demers, Vincent; Demarquette, Nicole R.; Turenne, Sylvain; Scalzo, Orlando Report Jan 1, 2016 4520
Machining of Inconel 718 using uncoated cutting tools with different cutting edge quality. Baksa, Tomas; Schornik, Vaclav; Adamek, Pavel; Zetek, Miroslav Report Jan 1, 2016 2525
Machining of difficult-to-cut materials. Bleicher, Friedrich; Finkeldei, Daniel; Siller, Anton Report Jan 1, 2016 3039
Norman Noble, Inc. Dec 15, 2015 297
Hiperfire ECL Eclipse AR trigger. Dec 10, 2015 145
Use of a nitinol wire stent for management of severe tracheal stenosis in an eclectus parrot (Eclectus roratus). Mejia-Fava, Johanna; Holmes, Shannon P.; Radlinsky, Mary Ann; Johnson, Dan; Ellis, Angela E.; Mayer, Clinical report Sep 1, 2015 5533
Fike UK expands bursting disc range. Feb 1, 2015 458
Fike UK expands bursting disc range. Jan 1, 2015 457
Durability of the cutting tool with different thin layers when Inconel 718 is machined. Schornik, Vaclav; Zetek, Miroslav; Baksa, Tomas Report Jan 1, 2015 2510
Effect of cutting edge geometry on cutting tool life when drilling Inconel 718. Dana, Milan; Zetek, Miroslav; Schornik, Vaclav Report Jan 1, 2015 2388
Tapping tool life when machining Inconel 718. Dana, Milan; Zetek, Miroslav; Schornik, Vaclav Report Jan 1, 2015 2316
Effect of yttria and alumina on the microstructure and mechanical properties of nickel-chromium based alloys. Pasebani, Somayeh; Dutt, Aniket; Charit, Indrajit; Mishra, Rajiv S. Report Dec 1, 2014 314
The optical properties of nano crystalline [Fe.sub.50][Ni.sub.50] alloys prepared by mechanical alloying method. Farahbakhsh, Iman Report Nov 1, 2014 2252
Fort Wayne Metals announces line of smooth, oxide-free nitinol. Jul 1, 2014 189
Orpea to buy German Silver Care from Chequers Capital. Apr 29, 2014 244
Orpea to buy German Silver Care from Chequers Capital. Apr 29, 2014 249
Nanoscale strain fields research of boundaries between B2 matrix and G.P. zone in Ni-Ti alloy thin films. Zhao, Shilei; Zhao, Chunwang Report Jan 1, 2014 2306
Structural characterisation and mechanical FE analysis of conventional and M-wire Ni-Ti alloys used in endodontic rotary instruments. Montalvao, Diogo; Alcada, Francisca Sena; Fernandes, Francisco Manuel Braz; de Vilaverde-Correia, Sa Report Jan 1, 2014 4824
Misfit in inconel-type superalloy. Strunz, Pavel; Petrenec, Martin; Davydov, Vadim; Polak, Jaroslav; Beran, Premysl Jan 1, 2014 3782
Nickel alloy catalysts for the anode of a high temperature PEM direct propane fuel cell. Vafaeyan, Shadi; St-Amant, Alain; Ternan, Marten Report Jan 1, 2014 5194
Tech Steel & Materials Announces They Are Supplying Inconel 718 to Industry Manufacturers. Nov 22, 2013 256
Nickel-based consumables. Nov 1, 2013 139
The structure and mechanical properties of the high chromium and nickel content cast alloy after long duration work in high temperature/Sendinto aukstoje temperaturoje chromo ir nikelio lydinio struktura ir mechanines savybes. Skindaras, R.; Valiulis, A.V.; Spychalski, W.L. Report Nov 1, 2013 2446
Effect of silica content on the acid resistance of enamels. Amin, Sh.K.; Ahmed, M.M.; El-Sayed, El S.K.; Abadir, M.F. Report Jul 1, 2013 2862
Nitinol Devices & Components, Inc. (NDC). Company overview Jul 1, 2013 330
Validation of a highly thermally conductive iron-cobalt-nickel alloy as tool material for injection molds. Rostel, Peter; Holl, Kai; Seul, Thomas Jun 1, 2013 2058
Covering of conductors can aid in problems related to room-temperature superconductivity. Gabaev, Delik Apr 1, 2013 2530
Dry high speed milling of nickel-based superalloy/Nikelio superlydinio sausasis greitasis frezavimas. Benghersallah, M.; Boulanouar, L.; Lecoz, G.; Dudzinski, D. Report Mar 1, 2013 2930
Dynamic shear characteristic and fracture feature of Inconel 690 alloy under different high strain rates and temperatures. Chen, Tao-Hsing; Tsai, Chih-Kai; Fang, Te-Hua Jan 1, 2013 2405
The effect of operational cutting parameters on Nitinol-60 in wire electrodischarge machining. LotfiNeyestanak, Ali Akbar; Daneshmand, Saeed Jan 1, 2013 3238
Susceptibility to stress corrosion of laser-welded composite arch wire in acid artificial saliva. Zhang, Chao; Sun, Xinhua Jan 1, 2013 4213
HER catalytic activity of electrodeposited Ni-P nanowires under the influence of magnetic field. Lee, Hung-Bin; Tsau, Jiun-Chen; Lee, Chun-Ying Jan 1, 2013 4497
The role of nanostructured [Al.sub.2][O.sub.3] layer in reduction of hot corrosion products in normal YSZ layer. Daroonparvar, Mohammadreza; Yajid, Muhamad Azizi Mat; Noordin, M.Y.; Hussain, Mohammad Sakhawat Jan 1, 2013 4247
Functionality evaluation of a novel smart expandable pedicle screw to mitigate osteoporosis effect in bone fixation: modeling and experimentation. Eshghinejad, Ahmadreza; Elahinia, Mohammad; Goel, Vijay K. Jan 1, 2013 4205
First-principles study on stability and magnetism of [Ni.sub.m][Al.sub.n] (m = 1-3, n = 1-9) clusters. Zhang, Xiao; Li, Bao-Xing; Ma, Zhi-wei; Gu, Jiao-jiao Report Jan 1, 2013 6178
Preparation of soft magnetic Fe-Ni-Pb-B alloy nanoparticles by room temperature solid-solid reaction. Zhong, Guo-Qing; Zhong, Qin Report Jan 1, 2013 3834
Research on the properties of thermal sprayed Ni-Cr-Si-Fe-B coatings /Terminiu budu uzpurkstu Ni-Cr-Si-Fe-B dangu savybiu tyrimas. Lukauskaite, Raimonda; Siurkus, Donatas; Cernasejus, Olegas Report Dec 1, 2012 1776
High-energy cathode material. Brief article Sep 1, 2012 228
Electro and Magneto-Electropolished surface micropatterning on binary and Ternary Nitinol. Persaud, Dharam; Munroe, Norman; McGoron, Anthony Report Apr 1, 2012 6630
Buying German silver work: what you should know: part 2. Hardin, Barry Mar 1, 2012 2202
Buying German silver work: what you should know: Part 1. Hardin, Barry Brief article Jan 1, 2012 1773
E United Group budgets NT$10 B. to build nickel alloy plant in Fujian Province, China. Shen, Ben Brief article Nov 8, 2011 211
-CRISIL hikes ratings on Nichrome India's bank facilities. Apr 7, 2011 174
-CRISIL hikes ratings on Nichrome India's bank facilities. Apr 7, 2011 170
Evaluating cytotoxicity of recycled Ni-Cr dental casting alloys--an in vitro study. Chandra, Tripuraneni Sunil; Kumar, Namburi Suneel; Kumari, Bellam Kranti Report Apr 1, 2011 6060
NitiBrite Nitinol (Niti) Wire Features Oxide Removal Process. Jan 12, 2011 150
Electroless Ni-based coatings for biodiesel containers. Sukkasi, Sittha; Sahapatsombut, Ukrit; Sukjamsri, Chamaiporn; Saenapitak, Sawalee; Boonyongmaneerat, Jan 1, 2011 4109
Behaviour of nitrogen in melting of special steels in AC plasma-arc furnace with a ceramic hearth. Burnashev, V.R. Jul 1, 2010 2525
Structure of joints in Inconel-718 creep-resisting nickel alloy, produced by high-temperature vacuum brazing. Maksimova, S.V.; Khorunov, V.F. Jul 1, 2010 3609
Influence of technological parameters about electrodeposition of nickel-iron alloy. Poroch-Seritan, Maria; Gutt, Sonia; Gutt, Gheorghe; Severin, Traian- Lucian; Stroe, Silviu-Gabriel Report Jan 1, 2010 1486
Study the technological parameters influence on the hardness of Ni-W alloys obtained by galvanic deposition. Severin, Traian-Lucian; Gutt, Sonia; Poroch-Seritan, Maria; Gutt, Gheorghe; Stroe, Silviu-Gabriel Report Jan 1, 2010 1228
Determination of the zero strength and plasticity of nickel alloys. Yushchenko, K.A.; Savchenko, V.S.; Zvyagintsev, A.V. Report Jan 1, 2010 2918
New technology for producing billets for components from creep-resisting alloys. Eremin, E.N. Oct 1, 2009 2054
Investigation of the effect of tantalum to rhenium ratio on the high-temperature corrosion resistance of ZhS-32 creep-resisting nickel alloy. Andrienko, A.G.; Gaiduk, S.V.; Kononov, V.V.; Malashenko, I.S. Oct 1, 2009 3368
Statistical analysis of a round-robin measurement survey of two candidate materials for a Seebeck coefficient standard reference material. Lu, Z.Q.J.; Lowborn, N.D.; Wong-Ng, W.; Zhang, W.; Thomas, E.L.; Otani, M.; Green, M.L.; Tran, T.N.; Report Jan 1, 2009 8077
Microscopic (SEM, EDX) investigations on a new material/implant for dental use. Comaneanu, Raluca Monica; Ghergic, Doina Lucia; Smatrea, Oana; Miculescu, Florin; Vlasceanu, Daniel; Report Jan 1, 2009 995
Nitinol wire product from Johnson Matthey is free of toxins. Nov 1, 2008 178
Mathematical modeling of processes of enlargement of ingots from high alloy steels and alloys using method of electroslag cladding with liquid metal in current-carrying mould. Makhnenko, V.I.; Medovar, L.B.; Saenko, V.Ya.; Korolyova, T.V.; Polishko, A.A. Report Oct 1, 2008 3214
PTFE-coated nitinol tube. Jan 1, 2008 107
The calculus of the thermodynamic activity of carbon in silicon alloyed austenitic stainless steels. Ghiban, Brandusa; Ghiban, Nicolae; Serban, Nicolae; Hadar, Anton; Bordeasu, Ilare; Jiga, Gabriel Report Jan 1, 2008 1347
Structure and strength properties of brazed joints of JS26NK cast nickel alloy: Part 2. Kurenkova, V.V.; Onoprienko, E.V.; Malashenko, I.S.; Belyavin, A.F.; Chervyakova, L.V. Report Jan 1, 2008 4865
Structure and strength properties of brazed joints of cast nickel alloy JS26NK: part 1. Malashenko, I.S.; Kurenkova, V.V.; Belyavin, A.F.; Trokhimchenko, V.V.; Chervyakova, L.V.; Lebedevic Report Oct 1, 2007 4250
Mechanical properties and structure of brazed joints of JS26VI cast nickel alloy: part 2. Kurenkova, V.V.; Onoprienko, E.V.; Malashenko, I.S.; Grabin, V.V.; Belyavin, A.F.; Chervyakova, L.V. Report Apr 1, 2007 5860
Cu-Al-Ni shape memory actuator for prostheses and other applications: response time and structural stabilization. Dynnikov, Vladimir; Santos, Christian; Matlakhova, Ludmila; Pereira, Elaine Report Jan 1, 2007 1417
Mechanical properties and structure of brazed joints of casting nickel alloy JS26VI: Part 1. Malashenko, I.S.; Kurenkova, V.V.; Onoprienko, E.V.; Trokhimchenko, V.V.; Belyavin, A.F.; Chervyakov Report Jan 1, 2007 4358
Short-term strength of brazed joints of nickel alloy VJL12U at temperatures 20 and 950[degrees]C. Kurenkova, V.V.; Malashenko, I.S.; Trokhimchenko, V.V.; Chervyakova, L.V.; Rabinovich, A.A. Report Jul 1, 2006 5961
Strength and physical metallurgy of brazed joints of cast nickel alloy ChS70 VI. Malashenko, I.S; Kurenkova, V.V.; Belyavin, A.F.; Chervyakova, L.V.; Shelkovoj, A.N. Report Jan 1, 2006 6996
Nickel exploration program. Brief Article Nov 1, 2005 154
Sherritt signs J-V with Cuba to boost nickel output. Mar 1, 2005 372
Market strength: the demand factors for nickel alloys should stay in place, even if China cools down a bit. Taylor, Brian Nov 1, 2004 1145
Stainless seeks support: trade issues are among those keeping the stainless climate difficult for North American companies. Taylor, Brian Jul 1, 2003 1090
Researchers construct thermodynamic databases for multicomponent alloys. (General Developments). Brief Article Jan 1, 2003 293
Mighty material breaks boulders. Pennisi, Elizabeth Dec 14, 1991 226
Fatal attraction of electroless nickel. Brown, Lawrie Column Oct 1, 1991 1066
Industrial Metal Processes enthuses on the importance of EN. Oct 1, 1991 274
Turbochargers boost Ni-resist usage. Cox, Gordon Dec 1, 1990 1256

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