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Niches display and protect art, antiques, electronics.

Niches display and protect art, antiques, electronics Fully displayed but protected, art objects, antiques, and electronics rest in custom-built spaces in this Tucson house. The enclosures house the varied collection of architect Robert Nevins and his wife, Harriet.

In the master suite, a deep, two-tiered enclosure for the television, VCR, and cable box backs into a closet in the dressing area. An outlet built in behind the TV provides power; wires and cables thread through a channel between the levels.

The enclosure hangs out into a foot-deep, L-shaped recess. A glass shelf runs underneath; its back edge tucks into a groove in the wall, while antique griffins support it. To the left of the TV, two smaller glass shelves rest on dowel pins set in the wall.

In the other bedroom, six niches of varying shapes, built into a false wall, hold art glass and assorted antiques. A bronze statuette stands atop a wood box bolted to the wall. Below, drawers holding small art items slide into a glass-topped frame mounted to the wall at waist height; wood brackets support it underneath.
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Date:Mar 1, 1988
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