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Nice work, but my son doesn't get it.

MY 17-year-old son often says he'd like a job similar to mine, because I "don't seem to do much".

As I write this, by the way, I'm on a train to Newcastle, en-route to a couple of days' filming, having risen at 5am.

Next week, I will be up at 4.50am, precisely, each morning to present Lorraine on ITV, before rushing to catch an eight-hour flight for another job on Friday.

Not exactly hardship, nor saving lives, I know. I love what I do and consider myself extremely lucky to be able to do it, but, just saying, I'm not the lard a**e I'm clearly thought to be by someone who considers picking his underwear up off the floor as the big task of the week.

I only mention all of this because the BBC presenter Justin Webb seems to have been similarly afflicted.

Despite rising at an ungodly hour to present the Today show on Radio 4, his teenage daughter, Martha, reckons he "doesn't do anything".

She is also outraged that her dad earns more than the Prime Minister, which is crazy, as Justin readily admits.

He says news broadcasters "who are decently paid already live in another world from millions who struggle to get by". That is the strange place we live in; a world where TV presenters are valued above doctors, nurses, teachers and care workers.

STAINED Justin inset, the ironing However, in defence of the BBC, they certainly don't splash the cash around across the board.

I change toilets carry in case pee Travel around the country is standard class, as are flights abroad. Meanwhile I had a heating engineer in the other day, who charged PS110 an hour and seemed to take an inordinately long time going about his business.

I am certainly not paid a similar rate when filming around the world and having to change outfits in public toilets. I even have to carry a thick pair of old socks around with me so I don't have to stand in someone else's urine while I struggle into a different set of clothes.

and mark The picture accompanying this is of the charming marked carpet in the budget B&B I stayed at on a recent job in Reading, where ironing is clearly done on the floor. The mattress featured joined-together stains too, which didn't altogether surprise me, because there was a pest control van parked up at the front when we checked in at 1.15am.

in and socks of puddles Still, I had a good night's sleep, so can't complain. And I'm not, because I believe I have one of the best jobs anyone could wish for. However, I'm only doing it because I didn't work hard enough to become a doctor.

So, I guess, my son does have a point after all.

I change in toilets and carry socks in case of pee puddles


STAINED Justin and inset, the ironing mark

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Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:May 28, 2016
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