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Nice dress, wrong body (don't let t happen to you ).

Katrina's dresses cinch below her bust, Malaika's dresses are streamlined to create an illusion of height and Rani's hint at cleavage without accentuating it. Match your dress to your body type dress, wrong body

First the good news: The global catwalk trends and the hot new collections hitting the high streets indicate that easy to wear, timeless and good for all occasions, girly dresses are going to be in vogue. Now for the bad news: even sartorially speaking, one person's medicine can be another one's poison. In plainspeak, a dress can be disreputably difficult to pull off, depending on your body type. Wear a balloon frock on big bums and you end up looking stodgy. Try the siren charm in a low cut dress over buxom boobs and you look worryingly desperate.

Injecting two or more colours and exotic patterns on a dress can make a petite frame look pint sized. If that's not all -- your favourite flimsy chiffon dress can highlight the tummy flab and the chic mini can reveal your cellulite thighs.

So what is it that a girl's got to do? Says, designer Mandira Wirk, " The trick is to choose a dress that masks your body flaws, and accentuates your best parts. So those who have lean and long body type can select dresses with pleats to appear fuller. The pear- shaped should go for dresses that nip at the waist and slightly flare out over the hips to detract the attention from fuller thighs or hips." Perhaps that's why Bollywood belle Katrina Kaif is seldom spotted in waist cinching dresses that can accentuate her wide bottom and Malaika keeps frou- frou away from her dresses and goes for single solid colours to appear taller than her petite frame.

LIFESTYLE gets talking on how to dress, keeping in mind your body type.

WIDE WAIST ( Spoon shaped body)

These women usually have a thicker waistline. They may have bigger hips also but usually the weight on the torso area s more than the rest of the upper body.

Women who have this body type should bring about the focus on their upper body.

Dress types to choose from

It's best to go for shift dresses that tend to give a slimming effect to the body without strictly defining the waist line. A drop waist dress is a good option to choose from as it creates an illusion of slim waist. Dresses which nip somewhere near the hipbone tends to take away the weight from the waist region.

Empire neck dresses too look good.

It's not advised to go for broad belts that rest just on waistline as it will bring about your body flaw. If you need to wear a belt keep it just slim and just below your bosom.

Who does it right

Katrina Kaif opts for a dress that slims above her waist line just below the bust and tapers down below. The dress shows off her slim upper body and creates a streamlined effect down below. So the fat on the waist is not seen much.

Who gets it all wrong

Vidya Balan wears a too- tight- it- might- tear at the waist dress and to make matters worse puts a thick belt which makes her frame look even wider. She should have opted for flowy style instead of the constricted sharply tailored dress.

BROAD SHOULDERS ( Apple shaped body)

These women usually have a body structure resembling a triangle. They have broad shoulders and bust.

The hips are comparatively narrow.

Dress types to choose from

Women with wide shoulders should avoid necklines that bring the attention to the chest and shoulders.

Anything frilly, sheer or sequinned on the neckline should be avoided. Look for body balancing details but avoid puff sleeves or voluminous tops. Scooped necklines work well too.

It's a good idea to wear a dual tone dress with the darker shade below the waist to draw attention away from the shoulders.

Mid length dresses work for apple shaped women as they flatter the legs. If you want to go for a bare shoulder look you can go for asymmetrical toga type of dresses, as it will not starkly show both the shoulders. Eyelet or net details on shoulders should be avoided to balance the effect.

Who does it right

Sushmita Sen in her black monochromatic, fuss free dress looks great. Her sleeve length further takes the attention away from her wide upper frame. The neckline is not too plunging and is flattering

Who gets it all wrong

Sania Mirza with her net detailed dress grabs the attention right on her broad shoulders. The fitted fabric clinging the bust and bottoms doesn't help much either.

MIDGET ( Petite body)

These women are dainty and their height is little less than average.

Dress types to choose from

These women should be careful about the length of their dresses. A maxi may make them look even more diminutive. And a mid calf length dress does not also flatter their form. A stretch satin dress works good so does a V neck and horizontal seaming. Avoid too cutesy look like frills or puffed sleeves.

Who does it right

Malaika in her single, solid coloured dress looks good. The layering on her bosom highlights her fuller figure while drawing attention away from her height.

Who gets it all wrong

Minisha Lamba mixes too many elements in her dress. Her textured bodice, the frill on the hemline and contrasting colours create somewhat of a style confusion.

BOTTOM HEAVY ( Pear shaped body)

The pear shaped body types usually have big hips with fat accumulating in buttocks, hips and thighs.

Dress types to choose from

Since these women have bottoms bigger than bosoms, its a good to go for a dress that has some detailing on the top and slightly flares below the waist. Women with this body type should choose dresses that accentuate curves and flatter legs. They could also experiment with A- Line cut dresses and Wrap dresses. A monochromatic dress with a slim belt will balance the body. Choose lighter fabrics without extra bulk to give you a lean look." Fabrics to totally avoid are stretchy velvets and satins that cling to the body to tell the fat deposits.

Who does it right

Bipasha Basu in her purple short dress rightly accentuates her trim waist with a belt. Her dress is slightly relaxed below the waist to camouflage her big bottom.

The fabric too is breezy and not too clingy.

Who gets it all wrong

Sameera Reddy in her Grecian drape dress makes a fashion faux pas. The satin enhances her big bottom and the strictly draped dress brings out her body flaws even more.

BIG BOSOM ( Hourglass body)

This is considered as the ideal body type as these women have proportionate but often these women who are big on the bust have to dress carefully to avoid looking too bulky on the top. They should also try to shift the focus on their legs to get the right effect.

Dress types to choose from

These women should accentuate on their positive that is -- slim waist and lean legs. They should draw attention away from bigger bottoms and midriff. They can go for flattering necklines. But going too southward can spoil the look for them. The better idea is to go for V neck or square necklines. Wrap styles can work well too. They should look for fabrics that have a slimming effect but are not clingy. They should avoid ornate necklines or blouson styles.

Who does it right

Rani Mukherjee balances her bust heavy body frame with an asymmetrical dress that gives just a glimpse of a bare shoulder.

The body fitting frame on the top, without blatantly revealing the cleavage balances her look.

Who gets it all wrong

Celina Jaitley in her dare bare halter dress comes across as too much in your face. Seems Jaitley forgot the vital fashion rule of playing it low key to get the sexy effect. Her ample bosom popping out of her southward heading neckline dress spoils her look, making her look like a saucy starlet. A subtle cleavage display could have worked for her better.

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