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Nicaragua sues Costa Rica.

Nicaragua has filed suit against Costa Rica at the United Nations International Court of Justice (ICJ), citing violations to national sovereignty and major environmental damages to its territory due to the construction of a new road along the banks of the San Juan River, reports Caribbean News Now (Dec. 26, 2011):

Nicaragua contends that the construction work by its southern neighbor along most of the border area between the two countries is resulting in grave environmental consequences, according to the ICJ, which is also known as the World Court. Nicaragua argues that "Costa Rica's actions threaten to destroy the San Juan de Nicaragua River and its fragile ecosystem, including the adjacent biosphere reserves and protected wetlands that depend upon the clean, uninterrupted flow of the river for their survival";

These works have already caused and will continue to cause economic damage. Among the damages listed by Nicaragua is the dumping of sediments in the river such as soil, uprooted vegetation and felled trees, which the Government says are a danger to water quality, aquatic life - including several endangered species - and to rare flora and fauna on both sides of the river bank.
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