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Nibblebox Debuts New Programming.

NEW YORK and LOS ANGELES, Sept. 18 /PRNewswire/ --

Targeting college broadband users, Nibblebox debuts its fall line up of new episodic and interactive shows created by college students, live college radio, NBX radio, and affiliate channels featuring links to original creative content created by Nibblebox affiliates.

Nibblebox offers students and recent graduates a unique development and mentoring process that gives them access to tools, equipment, new technologies and industry experts to create content that is irreverent, innovative and smart. To date, mentors from the entertainment industry include Doug Liman (SWINGERS, GO), Tamra Davis (CB4, BILLY MADISON) and Peyton Reed (BRING IT ON). Others who have signed on include: Amy Heckerling (CLUELESS), Steven Soderbergh (ERIN BROCKOVICH), Wim Wenders (BUENA VISTA SOCIAL CLUB), Kate and Minnie Driver (GOOD WILL HUNTING and BEAUTIFUL), Betty Thomas (PRIVATE PARTS).

"Our slate features programming created by college students and recent graduates from all over the country," said Dave Bartis, Co-CEO. "We feel that there is a large group of incredibly talented young creators who are only being held back by lack of access to equipment and distribution resources. Nibblebox unleashes their creativity by providing not only access to resources but mentoring as well," continued Bartis.

"Nibbles" debuting this fall:

-- "100% Ground Beef" by Mike Schleif (Quinnipiac College), follows crazy

counselors and campers as they try to make it through Camp Iawikki.

-- "Dot Comic" by Jared Stern (Brown University), travels to colleges

across the country in search of the funniest students.

-- "Muffin Films" by Amy Winfrey (UCLA Graduate School), a fresh

perspective on these baked goods whether alien muffins are invading

Earth or a little girl is getting eaten by her own snack.

-- "Pop Vox" by Philip Tiongson (Columbia Graduate School), helps you

decipher all the unknown lyrics of your favorite songs while grooving

with the corresponding music video.

-- "Sorority Crime Fighters" by Robert Laws and Courtney Ashley (USC Film

School), follow three sorority girls heavily immersed in Greek-life as

they get frisky and get revenge.

-- "Spatula City" by Matt Blume and Mike O'Brien (University of Kansas),

makes the state of Kansas enticing with edible, musical and comedic

treats with bands interviewed in their living room and cooking with the


-- "Virtual Rob" by Rob Kerkovich and Nick Howard (USC), invites you to

become the master of Rob's actions as you click on to any part of his

apartment, object or any part of his body to see his special brand of

physical comedy.

-- "Viscosity" by Joshua Sanchez and Don Schecter (Tufts and Columbia

University), lets users create their own on-line music video as they

mix music, video, animation and special effects.

Along with the debut of new programming, Nibblebox is streaming live college radio, considered the home of groundbreaking and adventurous music programming. As college radio has never had the funding or resources to build its audience, Nibblebox is providing its affiliate radio stations with free streaming equipment, technical support and funding for the cost of streaming. Using the power of the Internet, Nibblebox will provide a home for college radio and the support it needs to survive and grow. In addition to providing access to each of Nibblebox's radio affiliates live streaming content, listeners will also be able to listen to NBX, the best of college radio, featuring the best shows from Nibblebox affiliates live 24/7. Future plans for NBX include multiple genre-specific channels offering like "The Best of College Radio Hip Hop" and "The Best of College Radio Jazz."

Since its beta site launch in April, Nibblebox's affiliate network has grown to over 140 affiliates on over 100 campuses across the United States. Campus affiliates are established through student TV stations, college radio stations, multi-media departments, film clubs and other creative student groups.

About Nibblebox

Nibblebox is defining a new model of digital entertainment by giving students the tools, funding and mentoring to create and deliver new and innovative video, radio and animated content for the Web. showcases short, episodic programming, 24-hour a day college radio and local mini-sites created by Nibblebox student affiliates. A true talent incubator, Nibblebox is building a library of content and properties which are being syndicated and licensed both online and offline. Nibblebox was founded by director, Doug Liman (SWINGERS and GO), former head of NBC Studios, Dave Bartis ("Everybody Loves Raymond," "Will and Grace" and "The Fresh Prince of Bel Air") and Internet and communications entrepreneur, Liz Hamburg (former President, Upstart Ventures, co-founder of Vimpel Communications). Nibblebox is a brand of Enigma Media LLC, with offices in New York and Los Angeles.

Media Contacts: Hilary Carver,, or Catherine Shin,, both of B|W|R Public Relations, 310-550-7776, for Nibblebox.
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