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Ngurare behaves like Hitler and Mugabe!

Dear sir,

After considering the educational profile of Dr Elijah Ngurare, secretary general of the SWAPO Party Youth League (SPYL), I came to this conclusion: Dr Ngurare behaves exactly the same way as the Zimbabwean President, Robert Gabriel Mugabe.

He (Mugabe) tells the West to 'go hang' and to look 'East' but he, also, wants the targeted sanctions against him to be lifted in order for him to fly, shop, tour and or receive medical treatment from Europe (the "West/imperialists").

Dr Ngurare at least gives credit to the USA for grooming him educationally and finally conceded that: "As a son of African peasants, the education I obtained was through scholarships and I had to endured personal pain here and there, as such and of course, I give credit to all those Western countries and institutions where I obtained my education."

He further revealed that Americans did many good things for him after he completed school in 1992 at the Kolin Foundation Secondary School in Arandis. That is why it is needed for Dr Ngurare to give credit where it is due.

That is also true with the "foundation" to his education which was laid here in Africa, through the then apartheid, Cape (Bantu) Education System, which was abruptly and emotionally ended in Namibia soon after 21 March 1990.

However, to make the debate more interesting and educative, some issues markedly raised by the good doctor needs to be challenged as follows:

When Dr Ngurare argues that 'lucrative jobs elsewhere was never my motivation", it should not be perceived that because he is in a full-time position at the SWAPO headquarters, he receives a "starvation" salary. He might be receiving a salary much better than that of teachers in public schools, excluding the extra payments he gets as board member of various private companies, such as MultiChoice Namibia, Namibia Contract Haulage, etc. He shouldn't behave like a poor person while living luxuriously--maybe to a lesser extent--like Julius Malema of ANCYL, South Africa. In fact, because Dr Ngurare's living conditions has improved for the better, he has abandoned the impoverished areas of Katutura to reside in Windhoek's luxurious suburbs.

It is likely that the good doctor's anti-USA stance only developed after he completed his studies, graduated and left USA in 1995. He argues that: "When I left the USA after graduation, I was asked about my impression of America, which I rated as 40% good and 60% bad. This is still how 1 view it". But if in 1995 (after Dr Ngurare has immeasurably benefited from the West), he rated America as 40% good and 60% bad, then I fail to understand what good and bad means to him. Either America and Americans have improved or have never been good or the fellow is not telling the truth.

S. Eino

Otjikoto Region

Letter shortened--Ed
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Title Annotation:LETTERS & OPINION
Author:Eino, S.
Publication:Namibia Economist (Windhoek, Namibia)
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Date:Aug 5, 2011
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