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Ngok' beer is now available in U.S.

Ngok' beer is now available in U.S.

A light lager beer from Africa--Ngok'--is now available in America following the arrival of the first containers in November.

The beer is sold and by Ngok Imports in South Pasadena, CA, and is brewed and bottled in the Republique Du Congo. The name "Ngok" is derived from the language of the old Ki-Kongo Kingdom of Equatorial Africa, and means "crocodile."

Ngok' was first introduced to the United States at the 1990 International Beer Festival in San Francisco, where it was well received by festival-goers.

According to the importer, Ngok' has been developed, brewed and bottled exclusively in the Congo, and is packaged in a green and yellow case. Initially available in the Los Angeles and San Francisco areas, Ngok' should be available nationwide by the summer of 1992, the importer reported.
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Title Annotation:a light lager beer from Africa
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Date:Dec 2, 1991
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