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Nexter: a newcomer to CANSEC tests the waters.

Laetita Blandin is the head of external communications for Nexter Systems.

EdeC: Why do you think CANSEC is successful each year? What makes it successful?

Laetitia Blandin: Because it attracts all walks of business from international defence contractors, local industrialists to government agencies and first responders--all together for two days, which in normal circumstances would not necessarily come together.

What are you and your team hoping to achieve this year?

As this is our first time actively participating in this event, we hope to increase brand recognition (for Nexter Systems) and introduce our vehicles and technology to a wider audience.

What will your company be showcasing at the event?

Two vehicles which will be showcased this year we believe are particularly adapted to the Canadian Army's needs: the ARAVIS/TAPV and the VBCI/CV. The former notably because of its unique Nexter armour technology, which provides soldiers with the highest level of protection, and the latter because of its remarkable combat efficiency with unrivalled survivability for maximum capacity (up to 14 soldiers).

Why do you choose to participate in CANSEC?

For the same reason we believe it is successful, mainly because it attracts a wide audience which we would like to introduce to and persuade that our VBCI and ARAVIS are perfectly suited to the CCV and TAPV programs.

How many years have you been participating?

Whereas we have visited CANSEC regularly in the past, this is our first year actively participating with Nexter Systems vehicles.

What are you most looking forward to this year?

We are looking forward to proving that we are a seriously committed company with a long standing global record of excellence that can answer to the needs and requirements of the Canadian Forces.
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Title Annotation:interview with Laetita Blandin, head of external communications for Nexter Systems
Publication:Esprit de Corps
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Date:Jun 1, 2010
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