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Independent study takes the trial and error out of meal delivery services

SAN FRANCISCO, Jan. 24, 2012 /PRNewswire/ --, a leading consumer information web site, has announced the results of their 2012 diet food taste test. This unique comparison provides a completely independent look at how six of the leading meal delivery diet plans actually taste.While following any well-constructed diet plan should help someone lose weight, a critical factor in the dieter's ability to follow a plan is the taste of the's taste test and associated diet program reviews help those looking to maintain a healthier lifestyle choose the diet plan that maximizes their opportunity for success.

The taste test featured BistroMD, Jenny Craig, Diet-to-Go, The Biggest Loser Meal Plan, eDiets Fresh Prepared and Nutrisystem meal plans. NextAdvisor anonymously ordered a week's worth of standard meal plans from each diet program and paid out of pocket unbeknownst to the diet food companies themselves. conducted its first diet taste test in October 2010, and as expected, the results of the new taste test came out differently than the original, with some surprising findings."Because these companies are constantly updating their menus and inventory, we decided to do a second round of tests so we can have the most up-to-date results possible," said Lifestyle Editor Polina Polishchuk. "We believe that people who are thinking about signing up for these programs and browsing the menus will be very interested to know how the meals will actually taste."

Eight individuals of varying ages, both male and female, participated in the taste test. The test was done blind, with the testers unable to see the brands or any other identifiers. Participants in the taste test sampled each meal, rating the taste on a scale of 1 to 10 and providing additional comments. They told all - with feedback ranging from "Yummy potatoes and a little spice make for a good lunch," regarding BistroMD, to "Very strange, tastes like nothing!" for one of the lower-rated plans.

"This test was completely independent with no input from the diet food companies and no visible branding to sway our testers' opinions," said Polishchuk. "The overall scores you see in the chart are the outcomes of averaging the ratings from breakfast, lunch and dinner of each plan." As a result, BistroMD came in first, followed by Jenny Craig (last year's winner), Diet-to-Go, The Biggest Loser Meal Plan, eDiets Fresh Prepared and Nutrisystem. BistroMD's meals were consistently well liked, with its breakfasts, lunches and dinners all earning five out of five stars from the testers. Other plans were less consistent, noted Polishchuk, "For example, The Biggest Loser Meal Plan had sky-high ratings for lunch and dinner, but its scores for breakfast were quite low." The experts at believe that these taste factors are important tools for dieters who are deciding which program to try.

The taste test results were only one of several components used to calculate the overall rankings for NextAdvisor's complete diet meal delivery program reviews. Other factors include price, fitness tools and support strength and availability, i.e. access to nutritional experts online, over the phone or in person.

You can read the complete diet food taste test results here:

See the overall diet program reviews at:

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