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Newsletter & Electronic Publishers Foundation's 26th annual Journalism Awards go to 43 winners from 26 companies.

In an era when the mass media are being castigated for plagiarism, sloppy reporting, buckling under government pressure, and watering down journalism to make it more entertaining, this year's winners of NEPF's Journalism Awards demonstrate the effectiveness and social value of newsletter and specialized-information journalism.

Articles appearing in the industry's publications during this last year uncovered corporate and government malfeasance; explained complicated regulations, oil-price fluctuations, and health matters; analyzed market trends; and unearthed massive fraud.

UCG continued its streak of winning awards every year and also topped the list by winning the most awards this year, nine.

Dressed on the Mayflower ballroom stage in formal attire, Nancy McMeekin and Dan Brown presented the awards with a delicate balance parodying the Academy Awards (complete with a drum roll preceding each name) and a serious respect for the hard research and reporting work done by the winners.

Here are they are, with brief descriptions of the 1st Place winners, who receive the David Swit Memorial Award of $500.

* Best Spot-News or Exclusive Single News Story

1st Place: Green Markets, Pike & Fischer, a BNA Company.

Steve Seay, editorial director of Green Markets, was the first journalist to report that Terra Industries Inc. was attempting to buy the major assets of Mississippi Chemical Corp. He got the information from the fine print in lengthy financial documents filed in the Mississippi Chemical Chapter 11 bankruptcy case. Green Markets ran the information more than two months before the companies publicly acknowledged the pending deal.

2nd Place: Report on Medicare Compliance, Atlantic Information Services Inc., Nina Youngstrom, managing editor.

3rd Place:, Business & Legal Reports Inc. Susan Prince, managing editor--human resources.

Honorable Mention: Insurance Compliance Week, UCG, Alan Prochorof, editor.

Honorable Mention: Jane's Defence Weekly, Jane's Information Group/Defence Weekly, Andrew Koch, Washington bureau chief.

Honorable Mention: Mealey's Litigation Report: Fen-Phen/Redux, LexisNexis Mealeys Group, Michael Lefkowitz, editor.

* Best Single-Topic Newsletter

1st Place: Retail Fuel Watch, UCG. Publisher Fred Rozell produced a 144-page special report, "Market Mayhem," which explained the turmoil in the markets for gasoline and diesel fuel throughout 2003, the most volatile 12 months in the history of petroleum markets. Seven reporters produced the study which included a detailed analysis of more than 29 million prices logged over the course of the year.

2nd Place: SC Insider C-45 Report, Bongarde Media Co., Glenn Demby, editor

3rd Place: Real Estate Finance & Investment, Euromoney Institutional Investor, Samantha Rowan, managing editor.

Honorable Mention: Canadian Health Care Management, MPL Communications.

Honorable Mention: New Urban News, New Urban Publications Inc., Robert Steuteville, editor and publisher.

Honorable Mention: The Senior Care Acquisition Report, Irving Levin Associates, Eleanor Meredith, publisher.

* Best Instructional Reporting

1st Place American Speaker, Briefings Publishing Group, Douglas Publications LLC. Aram Bakshian Jr., editor, and Deirdre Hackett, executive editor, provided a continuous, comprehensive speaking guide, offering presentation advice to business executives.

The material in the publication is solid, helpful and entertaining, covering such topics as preparing a speech, overcoming pre-speech jitters, using body language to your best advantage, avoiding technical problems, tactful use of humor, handling questions and answers, and ending the speech with a bang. Each issue also contains editor Bakshian's penetrating analysis of a different speech.

2nd Place: Harvard Men's Health Watch, Harvard Health Publications, Harvard Medical School, Dr. Harvey Simon, editor, and Ed Coburn, publishing director.

3rd Place The Business Owner, D.L. Perkins LLC., David Perkins, editor.

Honorable Mention: ED Management, Thomson American Health Consultants, Steve Lewis and Joy Dickinson, editors.

Honorable Mention: Healthcare & You, Information Strategies Inc., Donald Mazzella, editorial director.

Honorable Mention: Manager's Edge, Briefings Publishing Group, Douglas Publications LLC, Barbara Clark, editor, and Deirdre Hackett, executive editor.

* Best Looseleaf Publication

1st Place (tie): Anesthesia Answer Book, UCG; Coding Answer Book (A-L) & Coding Answer Book (J-Z), UCG; and Fraud & Abuse Answer Book (A-I) & Fraud & Abuse Answer Book (J-Z), UCG. Laura Evans and Wendy Vogenitz of Anesthesia Answer Book, Nancy McGuire and Jill Gardner of Coding Answer Book, and David Grant, Julia Kyles and Holly Snell of Fraud & Abuse Answer Book won for their work on three looseleafs that are nearly identical in their makeup and comprehensiveness, covering three crucially important areas of healthcare administration.

2nd Place: The Hard Copy Observer, Lyra Research Inc.

3rd Place: Fraud and Abuse Certification Test, UCG, David Grant, Julie Kyles and Holly Snell, staff reporters.

Honorable Mention (tie): BioWorld--Biotechnology State of the Industry Report, Thomson BioWorld; and Medical Device Daily--State of the Industry Report, Thomson BioWorld.

Honorable Mention (tie): The Health Care Services Acquisition Record, Irving Levin Associates; and The Medical Technology Acquisition Record, Irving Levin Associates, Eleanor Meredith, publisher of both services.

* Best Interpretive or Analytical Reporting

1st Place: Entertainment Marketing Letter, EPM Communications. Executive editor Susan Nunziata won for an article titled "Weighing The Hits, '78 vs '03: Blockbusters Bring In More Bucks, Fewer Folks." She analyzed what a hit was in various media in 1978 vs. 2003, looking at dollar value (adjusted for inflation) and tickets sold, viewers, listeners, etc.

Her analysis showed that the medium, thought to be suffering most because of short attention spans and fragmented audience-attention books, saw the only astronomical growth over the period largely due to the immense popularity of J.K. Rawling's Harry Potter series.

2nd Place (tie): Regulatory Risk Monitor, UCG, Fran Fanshel, associate publisher, and Home Health Line, UCG, Jason Huffman and Marci Heydt, reporters.

3rd Place: Cardiovascular Device Update, Thomson BioWorld, Jeffrey Berg, contributing editor.

Honorable Mention: Child and Adolescent Psychopharmacology, Manisses Communications Group, Karienne Stovell, executive editor.

Honorable Mention: Communications Daily, Warren Communications News, Susan Polyakova, Dinesh Kumar and Herb Kirchhoff, reporters.

* Best Financial-Advisory Newsletter

1st Place: Personal Finance, Newsletter Holdings/KCI Communications.

2nd Place: The Investment Reporter, MPL Communications.

Third Place: Forecasts & Strategies, Eagle Publishing.

Honorable Mention: The Complete Investor, TCI Enterprises LLC.

Honorable Mention: The FundLetter, MPL Communications Inc.

Honorable Mention: Richard E. Band's Profitable Investing, Phillips Investment Resources.

* Best Investigative Reporting

1st Place: Telecom Manager's Voice Report, UCG. Publisher Jonathan Stern won the David Swit Award for his story in February 2004 concerning a massive fraud telecom giant Nortel used to prop up its stock price and hold on to customers lured by a rival's new technology.

The story, in conjunction with actions by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, resulted in Nortel's firing its CEO, CFO and controller; launching an audit committee probe of its management practices; restating several years of financial results; and coming under investigation by Canada's Ontario Securities Commission.

2nd Place: Jane's Defence Weekly, Jane's Information Group/Defence Weekly, Joseph Bermudez, reporter.

3rd Place: The Energy Daily, King Publishing, Jeff Beattie and George Lobsenz, reporters.

Honorable Mention: The Dark Report, The Dark Group, Robert Michel, editor-in-chief.
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