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NewsRx's VerticalNews division launches 86 titles in tech, science and general interest.

NewsRx, a 25-year-old publisher and international news organization in Atlanta, recently launched 86 new titles under its VerticalNews imprint.

As part of this launch and to promote international understanding of the effects of our changing climate, the company has made an electronic version of its title, The Business of Global Warming, available at no charge for six months. The free subscription is available at the homepage, as are sample issues.

From one to more than 200 titles in 25 years

Charles Henderson has come a very long way since he launched AIDS Weekly in 1985, after working at the Centers for Disease Control in Atlanta. Cancer Weekly weekly followed in 1988, then Blood Weekly in 1993, followed by an accelerating momentum of launches focused on specific diseases and specific topics in healthcare management that brought NewsRx's portfolio to more than 100 titles by 2007. The weekly newsletters typically cost $2,595/year.

Not satisfied--or, more to the point, knowing he had perfected the "vertical marketing" formula also underlying the success of such companies as Lexis-Nexis Mealey's and Tech Target--Charles Henderson founded VerticalNews in 2007. That division grew to about 100 titles in one year, expanding his company beyond medicine and the health sciences. VerticalNews' titles range all over the board, from agriculture to energy and politics and investments and economics and transportation--you name it.

Latest expansion

Now Charles had done it again, not only almost doubling VerticalNews's number of newsletters with these 86 new titles, but also further expanding his reach with a number of general interest, or consumer, publications covering food, entertainment, travel, leisure--you name it.

NewsRx has become one of the largest content companies in the world. Popular brands and successful franchises extend to internet and online services, streaming video, mobile devices, and branded products. Each month, over a million readers globally view and download NewsRx articles and publications online. Although the company has focused on its digital platforms, quality print newsletters still matter, with subscribers in 25 countries.

NewsRx has won six eHealthcare Leadership Awards in the past three years, and was ranked as the #2 News and Media Site for the Pharmaceutical Industry by Amazon's Alexa in 2007.

New geographic-oriented titles at VerticalNews focus on news from Asia, China, and India.

Susan Hasty, publisher at NewsRx and VerticalNews, says, "For more than a quarter-century, we've built a loyal following of readers committed to staying on top of the story. With Vertical-News, the same rigorous standards that have made NewsRx a leader in pharmaceutical and healthcare coverage will apply equally to our new broad range of professional and consumer news areas."

Note that NewsRx's more than 200 newsletters include no acquisitions--they were all original launches.

VerticalNews. 2900 Paces Ferry Road, Bidg, D, 2 nd Floor, Atlanta, GA 30339, 770-507-7777, fax 770-435-6800, www.NewsRx,com.

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Date:Sep 10, 2008
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