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News of magnetic poles ....

The earth's magnetic poles are continuously migrating over the polar regions of the planet. For the benefit of navigators, it is necessary to track them down from time to time. The location of the North Pole was recently reported by Canadian geophysicists, who say its new site falls pretty much along its expected path of travel.

According to LArry Newitt at the Department of Energy Mines and Resources in Ottawa, the North Pole has journeyed northwest 800 kilometers since 1904. Geophysicists attribute this long-term migration to the complex motion of the earth's fluid core. Superimposed on this pattern is an erratic jig--in which the pole can wander by as much as 80 km in one day--induced by the movement of charged particles that get trapped by the geomagnetic field in the upper atmosphere.

The average position of the pole measured in May 1984 was 77[deg.] north and 102.3[deg.] west. In 1973, the last time the scientists had looked for it, the pole was at 76[deg.] north and 100.6[deg.] west.
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Publication:Science News
Date:Jul 6, 1985
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