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News from the World Forum for Parish Nursing.

This month we continue to share the growing interest in Parish Nursing. Several people will be going again on trips to new places to bring the word and work of ministries of health and healing to others.


Mary Slutz, our Symposium and Resource Coordinator, is going to be visiting Brazil in May to talk with a nursing instructor very interested in Parish Nursing who went to a Westberg Symposium in 2006 and asked for an IPNRC representative to come speak to nurses and pastors about health ministry and Parish Nursing. Mary will be speaking with 200 nursing students from the nursing department of an Adventist University there as well as some of the seminary people. Please pray for Mary as she plants these first seeds in South America.


Maureen Daniels will not be able to return to Madagascar as planned earlier this year, due to the political upheaval that the country has experienced. Please pray for the Malagasy people with this change and the few Parish Nurses ministering to their people, that they can continue their work.

Pakistan and India

Marabel Kersey has been asked to come to Pakistan to teach 30 nurses and India to teach 35 of the first Parish Nurses there and will be leaving April 2, 2009. Keep Marabel in your prayers for success of these programs, especially in these new places.


Rev. Susan Naylor, a member of the Deaconess Parish Nurse Ministry Network (DPNMN) in St. Louis, is returning to Sudan to follow up on the work reported below. Susan's group will present a conference on HIV/AIDS, and visit the wells, grinding mill and poultry farm being supported by the Episcopal Church. This group will meet with health ministers there to continue to nurture seeds for Parish Nursing. The following report is from Deborah Goldfeder, Parish Nurse at First Congregational Church of St. Louis, another member of DPNMN, who visited Sudan in December with some Episcopal leaders to assess a hospital there and plant some seeds for Parish Nursing. Please pray for this work, as well.


Exploring Parish Nursing in Sudan

The Government of Southern Sudan's Health Ministry is in the developmental stages. They are redefining educational standards for nursing. I met with several governmental representatives, including the county commissioner and the secretary to the health minister in Juba about Parish Nursing. I also spoke with the administrator of the hospital and the nursing supervisor. I shared information about Parish Nursing as it has been implemented elsewhere in Africa.

As of the time of our departure, we had not received permission to conduct Parish Nurse training from the Health Ministry. However, both Bishop Bullen and Archbishop Daniel have received care from parish nurses and could assist in the implementation of such a workshop. One question to be addressed is whether or not the church would provide some financial support for the nurses or if they could be paid through the state. This is to be determined.

Parish Nursing does not depend on scarce supplies, medications or advanced technologies. Parish Nurses could provide health education while training other health educators. especially in remote areas. Training an experienced nurse to be a Parish Nurse could be accomplished in a one-week workshop since nursing education is conducted in English in Sudan. A Parish Nurse needs only minimal equipment but could make a real difference in the overall prevention of disease or the complications from delay of treatment.

Come to the World Forum for Parish Nursing Annual Gathering at the Westberg Parish Nurse Symposium.

This year's gathering will be held the evening of Thursday, September 24, 2009 at the Hyatt Regency St. Louis Riverfront.

For more information about the World Forum, contact Maureen Daniels at

By Maureen Daniels, RN, MSN International Program Coordinator, IPNRC
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Author:Daniels, Maureen
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Date:Mar 22, 2009
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