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News from the World Forum for Parish Nursing.

In World Forum news, a monthly newsletter has been started, with good responses received. Handmade greeting cards were made by the DPNM Parish Nurses and sent to Parish Nurses in 19 countries. This connected with some nurses who have had the Basic Preparation course, but who work alone. They felt connected to something bigger than themselves and that someone cares about them. We received many kind greetings for the New Year.

Debbie Marsh (UK) and Thandiwe Dlamini (Swaziland), offered a basic preparation class to 12 nurses in Kenya last October, and will teach again in October 2009 at the same location and in another diocese there that is interested in parish nursing. Marabel Kersey (US) offered a basic preparation course to 80 nurses in Nigeria and 15 more nurses in Zimbabwe.

Brazil and Ukraine are both exploring options for introducing parish nursing more broadly there. Each country has a parish nurse who has completed Basic Preparation, and both wish to invite others into this field. Norway also has a nurse introducing Parish Nursing.

A Jesuit priest from Guinea studying in St. Louis, who has benefitted from a DPNM Parish Nurse, has met with me and asked for information to take home to start a Parish Nurse ministry there to help his people. Guinea is a very poor country with few medical resources, and could benefit from Parish Nursing.

I will return to Madagascar in May, where I will have the opportunity to speak for two hours to all the Catholic nurses there at their national meeting, held every 2 years. I also will teach a new group of Parish Nurses, and assist with hiring a Project Coordinator to assist with communication and coordination of the program.

An updated French translation has been commissioned by Sr. Ernestine LaPlante, who teaches parish nurse basic preparation in New Brunswick, in partnership with InterChurch Health Ministries in Canada.

A Spanish translation of the Basic Preparation Curriculum for Parish Nurses is also being discussed. Annette Stixrud is serving now in Costa Rica and working with some nurses to share about parish nursing.

Dr. Helen Um is working with domestic violence victims and their abusers in Korea. She recently visited her mother in Chicago and did programs with the Parish Nurses there for the local Korean community. Dr. Um, who is on the nursing faculty at Ewha University, shared that they are not teaching parish nursing at this time, but there are still a number of practicing parish nurses in Korea.

Maureen Daniels, RN, MN

International Program Coordinator, IPNRC

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Date:Jan 1, 2009
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