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News from Western Australia.

On the 7th November 2011 the West Australian branch of ATMS met for our annual 'Skills Update' seminar. This year there were a few less attendees than usual, possibly due to the change of venue to Perth Zoo as well as lunch no longer being included in the cost--changes apparently necessitated by the new ATMS fiscal policy. Those that did attend were fortunate enough to enjoy a full day of information and inspiration from our guest speakers as well as networking with their colleagues.

Our first guest speaker was the renowned medical herbalist Dr.Kitty Campion whose fact- and fun-filled presentation was centred on the bowel as the determinant of either good or bad health. Kitty, who has authored ten published books and has been in professional practice over thirty-four years in both England and Australia, demonstrated her prowess by emphasising the importance of a healthy and nutrititious lifestyle with both humour as well as a firm sense of self-discipline. Uniquely, Kitty combines the traditions of herbal medicine, nutrition and iridology with the latest European technological developments in Bio-Resonance Therapy.

Our second speaker was Jacinta O'Connor a local naturpath, nutritionist and representative of Additive Alert. Jacinta regularly presents to schools and parents on the ubiquitous presence of additives in food and household products and their potentially deleterious effects on health and well-being. Although, no doubt, we were all somewhat familiar with the topic, Jacinta detailed specific chemicals; their link to certain illnesses and their oft-hidden presence in many of our foods. Demonstrating from a large benchtop laden with a vast array of typical packets, bottles and tins of food she also showed how she encourages families to select products that have fewer toxic ingredients than others and how to more safely feed children and nutritiously fill their school lunchboxes.

After our B.Y.O. lunch we continued with Jo Johnson, who is a qualified Buteyko breathing practitioner and gave, firstly, a clear introduction to the theory of Buteyko breathing; a number of case histories improved by this method, and then followed that with a series of practical breathing exercises in which we were all encouraged to participate. It came as a surprise to many that Buteyko breathing places a lot of emphasis on the carbon dioxide component of breathing as well as its balance with oxygen.

Our final speaker was the internationally-renowned Vedic Astrologer Dr.Theja who showed, with numerous examples, how a precisely constructed Vedic horoscope may reveal potential areas of physical weakness and the subsequent predisposition to various ailments. It seems likely that as ancient Ayurvedic medicine and yoga keep gaining greater acceptance in the western world so, in time, the underlying principles of Vedic astrology will become more widely understood in the preventative maintenance of physical, mental and spiritual health.

Through the day we were also fortunate enough to have a sneak preview of the new documentary "Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead", a truly inspirational movie by Australian Joe Cross, describing his travelling juice-fast across the United States in a desperate bid to overcome his debilitating auto-immune condition. The film also features best-selling author and nutritional expert Dr Joel Fuhrman. A movie most highly recommended for practitioners and patients alike.


State Representative positions will become available for;

Tasmania, Victoria, New South Wales, Northern Queensland, Southern Queensland, South Australia, Western Australia and Australian Capital Territory

from September 2012 for a period of three (3) years and includes responsibilities:

* Writing reports for each edition of the ATMS Journal

* Submitting written reports to the Director in charge of State Representatives

* Attending the AGM

* Keeping abreast of all events relating to natural medicine in your state

* Promoting the ATMS to all

* Maintaining contact with the Director in charge of State Representatives if there are any questions or information needed

as well as the possibility of:

* Being Support Person for Professional Education Seminars

* Visiting ATMS and non ATMS Colleges

* Attending and presenting the ATMS award at College Graduations

* Participating in telemeetings

* Addressing the full Board of the ATMS

Successful applicants will be sent various documents which they are expected to read, and sign.

Interested applicants must apply for the position relating to their state or territory with full CV, must have been a fully paid member of ATMS for at least 5 years and not be a member of any other natural medicine association.

Applicants may be interviewed by the Director in charge of State Representatives.

For further information call Bill Pearson, ATMS Vice President on 03 62 729 694.
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Date:Mar 1, 2012
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