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News from NSW.

I hope that all NSW members had a relaxing Easter break and possibly attended the annual Royal Easter Show at Homebush.

The most significant news in this report in NSW is about the ATMS 2nd National Medicine Summit from Friday 3rd to Sunday 5th of May at the Gardens Event Centre, James Ruse Drive in Rosehill. The theme of the Summit was "Quality of Life: Healthy Aging Naturally". Amongst the variety of speakers were Patch Adams who is an American physician, social activist, clown, author and founder of the Gesundheit Institute promoting alternative health care models, and Petrea King who is the CEO of the Quest for Life Foundation as well as being a qualified naturopath, herbalist, clinical hypnotherapist, yoga and meditation teacher.

On another note, with remote area practitioners in mind who may have difficulty in accessing traditional seminar/workshop presentations, ATMS organizes webinars, which are defined as presentations, lectures, workshops or seminars transmitted over the Web. These Webinars also provide an effective method of gaining CPE points. Go to the ATMS website www. to find information about webinars.

Finally, at the time of writing this state report, there have been no policy changes.

If any of the NSW members have any interesting news that they would like to share with other members then please feel free to email me on: p.depermentier

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Title Annotation:State News
Author:de Permentier, Patrick
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Date:Jun 1, 2013
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