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Hundreds of marathons are held each year around the world. Here's a look at some of the most famous marathon runners of all time.

Name              Country   Achievement

Spyridon Louis    Greece    He won the gold medal in the marathon at
                            the first modern Olympics in Athens,
                            Greece, in 1896. His time was 2 hours
                            58 minutes and 50 seconds (2:58:50).

Frank Shorter     United    He won a gold medal at the 1972
                  States    Olympics, which helped start the long-
                            distance running boom in the U.S.

Grete Waitz       Norway    She won the New York City Marathon a
                            total of nine times in the 1970s and

Paula Radcliffe   United    She set the current women's world record
                  Kingdom   of 2:15:25, in 2003 in London, England.

Patrick Makau     Kenya     He set the current world record of
                            2:03:38, in 2011 in Berlin, Germany.

1. What is the women's world-record time for the marathon?

2. How much faster is Patrick Makau's world-record time than Spyridon Louis's time at the 1896 Olympics?

3. Explain in your own words why Frank Shorter is a famous marathon runner.



2. 55 minutes 12 seconds

3. He inspired others to take up long-distance running.

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