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Dear Science World Readers:

Hello and thank you for the opportunity to write about an issue that's critically important to all of us: our environment.

Like you, President Clinton and I believe strongly that we need to do a better job of protecting the world around us. As human beings, we are a natural force on the environment just like the winds and the tides. Even our most ordinary activities, such as riding in a car that produces pollution, can have an impact on the world around us. Our air, land, and water are the elements that sustain us. We must do a better job of protecting and preserving those resources so that we will have them not just for today's generation, but for all those to come.

During a national Earth Day address this year, President Clinton announced several new and important initiatives that charted a new course for environmental leadership for the United States. For example, we will increase investments in energy-efficient technologies. These new technologies will help make products without the side effects of pollution that now harm the environment. The United States will also develop more renewable energy sources, such as wind and solar power, which are nonpolluting and always available. Wind power can generate electricity without burning coal, which produces pollution, and solar power can be used to heat homes and buildings.

In addition to those initiatives, the President announced that the United States would sign the internationally supported biodiversity treaty to help stop the loss of plants and animals around the world. We depend on the genetic material of many plants and animals for medicine and agriculture, among other things. For example, the Pacific yew tree used to be bulldozed and burned. Now we know it contains a promising potential cure for some types of cancer.

But to succeed at protecting and preserving our environment, we must do much more. It will take all of us--young and old, rich and poor, from across the world--working together to solve the environmental crises we face. To reach that goal, we must change the way we view and treat the world around us. We must conserve energy, invest in environmentally sound products and processes, and increase environmental education.

As young people who care about the environment, you are making a difference. By educating yourselves about our environment, you are setting an example for others to follow. You are leading the way toward a new way of thinking that recognizes the importance of the environment and works toward protecting and preserving it. I am proud of your generation.

Keep up the good work. Good luck and best wishes.


Al Gore
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Title Annotation:Vice President Albert Gore, Jr., talks about the environment
Author:Gore, Albert, Jr.
Publication:Science World
Article Type:Letter to the Editor
Date:Sep 3, 1993
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