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News/news debate.

Decide whether each sentence is true, false, or an opinion. Write your answer on the blank line provided.

-- 1. The United Arab Emirates is a U.S. ally.

-- 2. Six U.S. seaports have been closed to foreign shipping.

-- 3. Images sent to Earth from one of Saturn's moons indicate the presence of water.

-- 4. Jason McEIwain should have played on his school's basketball team all season.

-- 5. Charging different ticket prices for different movies would bring audiences back to the theaters.

1. true

2. false (Six seaports were involved in a deal between a British company and a UAE one.)

3. true

4. opinion

5. opinion
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Title Annotation:QUICK QUIZ
Publication:Junior Scholastic
Date:Apr 10, 2006
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