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The UN Paris agreement on climate still alive. Sep 4, 2017 797
North Korea: globalist pawn? Aug 21, 2017 4821
Are North Korean missiles a real threat to the United States? Aug 21, 2017 481
"Fake news" media use fake news to slam trump. Aug 21, 2017 2265
Getting US out of the UN for good! With United Nations entities and personnel repeatedly demonstrating bad judgment, illegality, and corruption, now is the time for the United States to exit the UN. Jun 5, 2017 5006
"Repeal and replace" the UN: a false solution. Jun 5, 2017 2141
Is the swamp draining Trump? May 22, 2017 4647
Trump takes chainsaw to Obamas "Climate" schemes: though President Donald Trump didn't undo all of Obama's "global-warming" provisions, he has made a good start, freeing the economy from onerous rules. May 8, 2017 2271
WikiLeaks: CIA may be hacking cars to murder people. Apr 17, 2017 1688
Suckish socialism: though American students are being sold by their teachers on socialism, analysis of the outcomes of socialism tells a story of utter failure, a tale told to readers in a new book. Oct 10, 2016 1576
Trump VP Pence: globalist neocon or solid conservative? Sep 5, 2016 1280
Bring on the bribes: the book Partners in Crime presents some of the astoundingly enormous amounts of evidence that the Clintons have taken bribes in order to buy the direction of U.S. policy. Book review Sep 5, 2016 2877
#Brexit to #Amexit: keep the momentum going! Aug 8, 2016 4383
Independence: yesterday, today--and tomorrow? The UN and its globalist allies are working to become the "Parliament of Humanity" and usurp U.S. sovereignty. Americans must resist. Cover story Jul 4, 2016 4324
Corrupt communist leads race for UN Boss: the name Irina Bokova should mean a lot to Americans: she is a die-hard communist, and she is a favorite to be the next UN boss, even as the UN is set to grow in power. Jul 4, 2016 3120
New film exposes: Climate Hustlers' lies and agenda: the new documentary film Climate Hustle by Climate Depot editor Marc Morano debunks global-warming alarmism, relying heavily on the words of the alarmists themselves. Movie review May 23, 2016 2867
Mass migration a plot to destroy Christian west. Apr 18, 2016 760
Refugees: using Chaos to build power: the real agenda behind the refugee crisis. Cover story Apr 4, 2016 4012
Refugee crisis: has Europe on the brink: as politicians prop open their countries' borders and throw out welcome mats to mainly Muslim refugees, the negative consequences are becoming apparent to all. Apr 4, 2016 3635
U.S. ranchers on border plead for help amid onslaught. Apr 4, 2016 794
UN climate summit: shackling the planet to "save" it. Jan 4, 2016 3187
UN Agenda 2030: a recipe for global socialism: Agenda 2030, touted as a solution to everything from poverty to global warming, is really a plan to empower a global governing body. Jan 4, 2016 2544
Climate alarmists have been wrong about virtually everything: of all the dramatic predictions made by warming alarmists about environmental gloom and catastrophe, none has as yet proven true. Jan 4, 2016 3119
Online school opens doors for special girl, Sydney: what do parents do to educate their child when she needs intensive physical care that public schools can't handle? Go online, of course. Dec 21, 2015 2559
Paris terror: who is responsible? Dec 7, 2015 838
Creating and exploiting the refugee crisis: the Obama administration and its allies have caused strife in Middle Eastern countries--Libya, Syria, Yemen, Afghanistan, etc.--and now exploit the problems to advance their agendas. Cover story Oct 19, 2015 3368
U.S. Military trained top ISIS commander: while the United States military reportedly trained the ISIS leader to fight Putin's forces in Georgia, he nevertheless used his new skills to bring slaughter to the Middle East. Cover story Oct 19, 2015 1426
In African Union, globalist agenda becomes clear: the United States, the EU, and communist China are all funding the goal of a single African government, similar to the EU. Oct 5, 2015 2569
Shadowring exposes globalist agenda: there are many globalist groups that for one reason or another aim to impose world governance on the planet, but the Council on Foreign Relations is pre-eminent. Movie review Oct 5, 2015 1755
Media encouraging riots, looting: with little to no evidence they were correct, and despite the known dangers, mainstream media cultivated riots by blaming white privilege for black problems. Sep 21, 2015 2148
Soros provides pressure from above, below: the billionaire progressive has been bankrolling hundreds of activist groups, many of which are inciting racial turmoil and fomenting riots. Sep 21, 2015 1438
Obama's "community schools" aim to replace parents: while proposed new rules would not get America to U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan's plans for 24-hour-a-day school, they will go a long way in that direction. Sep 7, 2015 1746
Charleston murderer: a drug-abusing National Socialist: Dylann Roof, portrayed as a right-wing racist, is actually a National Socialist who, like liberals in dealings with preborn infants and the elderly, is willing to kill to make life good. Jul 20, 2015 1686
Staking claim in the New World Order: with the help of Western globalists, China is actively pursuing a leading role in the New World Order. Cover story Jun 22, 2015 4758
Chinese tyranny 2.0. Cover story Jun 22, 2015 2745
Globalists and Communists create, exploit Islamic terror: in foreign policy, Western globalists and Eastern communists have similar methods and purposes: they exploit ignorant Muslims to expand government power. Jun 8, 2015 2815
What Americans must learn from Africa's lost tribe. Book review Apr 20, 2015 2288
States urged to defy: lawless marriage edicts by U.S. courts: with federal judges purporting to overturn states' marriage laws--unconstitutionally--some state officials are fighting back to protect their sovereignty. Mar 9, 2015 2667
UN seeks to criminalize free speech, citing "human rights". Feb 2, 2015 1991
UN exploits: pseudo-"human rights" to attack U.S.: using the deaths of Eric Garner, Michael Brown, and Trayvon Martin, the UN is trying to exert control over U.S. laws and treaties and individual rights--not for the better. Jan 19, 2015 5582
Establishment media: openly defends rioting as Ferguson Burns. Jan 5, 2015 1715
ISIS the best terror threat U.S. tax money can buy: ISIS, the throat-cutting, children-murdering Islamist terrorist organization that is taking over large segments of Iraq and Syria, owes its beginning to the U.S. government. Jan 5, 2015 3568
Demolishing Common Core fraud across the board: this book represents a collection of voices from across the political spectrum that are unified in their view that Common Core will dramatically hurt America's children. Book review Dec 22, 2014 1582
America to collaborate more with Interpol: with Obama's blessing, Interpol will coordinate tracking and deterring foreign fighters and terrorists, though Interpol does not have a good track record with human rights. Oct 20, 2014 2027
Hyping bogus global-warming claims. Column Oct 20, 2014 1602
Putin: key player in the "New World Order": a cursory look at world events, especially in Ukraine, suggests that Vladimir Putin is re-engaging the Cold War, but a closer look indicates that he is working with the West. Cover story Oct 6, 2014 5035
Putin's East vs. globalist West: merging into a new world order. Cover story Oct 6, 2014 2374
High-level hypocrisy on Ferguson. Sep 8, 2014 759
Embarrassing predictions: haunt the global-warming industry. Cover story Aug 25, 2014 4835
Exploiting Indians: tribal and federal government entities are working to seize land and power from U.S. citizens, ironically hurting most Indians on reservations, as well as other, ordinary folk. Aug 11, 2014 5791
Obama's EPA: weapon of choice in UN-backed war on freedom. Aug 11, 2014 2595
Bilderberg: where big business and big government meet: each year powerful representatives of government and big business gather for the very secretive Bilderberg conference to discuss how they should change the world. Conference news Jul 7, 2014 3686
SPLC launches attack on Common Core critics: the Southern Poverty Law Center, a self-proclaimed civil-rights organization, lashed out because Common Core opponents are finding success in explaining the plan's flaws. Jun 9, 2014 1920
The tragedy that might have been. May 19, 2014 843
The dark road: the worst tax law you've never heard about. Apr 21, 2014 5587
A New World Tax regime. Cover story Apr 21, 2014 3678
The case for impeaching barack obama. Book review Mar 24, 2014 1427
Obama's fascism by decree in state of the union. Feb 17, 2014 775
Global-warming alarmists double down after devastating 2013: in witnessing cold global temperatures and record levels of sea ice, as well as much scientific and anecdotal evidence of global cooling, warming alarmists are shilling louder. Feb 3, 2014 4220
South African Communist Party admits Mandela's leadership role: throughout Nelson Mandela's life, he and others denied that he was a communist functionary. Now that he is dead, it has been revealed that he was a top-level communist. Jan 6, 2014 2016
Climate alarmism and the corruption of science: why, despite the overwhelming evidence that humans are not causing catastrophic global warming, governments and the UN continue to push the scary scenarios. Dec 23, 2013 2538
Heats up as climate scam implodes: the UN released its latest global-warming report, claiming with certainty that human-caused carbon dioxide is a threat to the world--only to be laughed at by scientists. Nov 4, 2013 3372
Carbon budget for humanity: the UN claims that C[O.sub.2] emissions will soon reach a dangerously high threshold. To avoid breaching that limit, the UN wants to ration everyone's energy use. Nov 4, 2013 1959
War in Syria empowering Islamists: with the United States working to help overthrow Syria's Assad regime, it bears remembering whom we are helping to take over there: al-Qaeda. Oct 21, 2013 4300
War in Syria Empowering the UN: western internationalists are supplying and supporting the Syrian rebels. The Russians are supporting the Assad regime. Both are using the conflict to empower the UN. Oct 21, 2013 4065
Educators expose dangers: of common core national education. Video recording review Oct 21, 2013 1317
The EU: regionalization trumps sovereignty: with backing from U.S. one-worlders, the nations of Europe are being forced into a federation ruled by autocrats in Brussels--whether Europeans want it or not. Sep 2, 2013 4141
Africa and South America pursue integration. Sep 2, 2013 370
Common Core a scheme to rewrite education: Common Core--new national education standards that the federal government is bribing and coercing states to adopt--will harm students, not benefit them. Cover story Aug 19, 2013 6718
Orwellian Nightmare: Data-mining Your Kids: being implemented hand in hand with the new national curriculum standards being pushed on schools, called Common Core, is government surveillance of students. Aug 19, 2013 2432
Our empty future in Afghanistan: the murder of an American Marine in Afghanistan by the "slave" of a local police official highlights both the futility of the mission there and the callous disregard for our troops. Cover story Jul 1, 2013 4502
Deputy Knesset speaker Moshe Feiglin on Iran, Arab Spring, U.S. aid, sound money and more: this Israeli leader believes that his country and people should determine their own path--a new path, without the coercion of the United States--at home and abroad. Interview Jun 3, 2013 3305
Exploiting Indians to seize land: the Brazilian government is following the lead of the United Nations and seizing lands purportedly for Indians, but its actions are suspect--as are the Obama administration's. Viewpoint essay Feb 18, 2013 4098
Freedom of religion, press, and speech under assault in U.K.: though Brits may have many freedoms under the law, government is increasingly cracking down on unwanted public and private speech, especially targeting Christians. Feb 4, 2013 4639
Homeschoolers worldwide join forces: though the future of homeschooling looks bright in much of the world, homeschoolers from over two dozen countries met to devise a plan to ensure its future everywhere. Conference notes Dec 24, 2012 3910
The ever-shifting story on Benghazigate. Column Dec 10, 2012 1454
Genocide & communism threaten South Africa: with acquiescence and even aid from the West, South Africa is in a death spiral, as its elected communist leaders incite genocide and uprisings to bring about total control. Nov 5, 2012 5116
South African Communists' friends in high places: the ANC-communist party regime came to power in South Africa with Western aid, despite the regime's atrocious history. Nov 5, 2012 2643
Embassy attacks and blowback. Oct 8, 2012 789
The real UN agenda & the Rio+20 summit unmasked: the Rio+20 Conference on Sustainable Development has run its course, but its plans - on abortion, property rights, energy usage, and personal consumption - go on. Jul 23, 2012 5778
Sustainable freedom: surging opposition to Agenda 21, "sustainable development": rejecting the provisions of the UN's Agenda 21, which lays out the UN's version of a sustainable future, is proving to be popular across the political spectrum. Jul 23, 2012 1673
The exploitation of Trayvon Martin's death: though the details behind the shooting of black teen Trayvon Martin are murky, race-baiters and other demagogues are using the incident to further their agendas. May 7, 2012 3734
U.S Fed bailout of euro prompts new push for audit and sound money: the U.S. Federal Reserve, a private entity given power to control our country's money supply, has taken steps to bail out over-spending countries in Europe and their banks. Feb 6, 2012 2138
LIBYA now what? Gadhafi is dead, but his supporters are reportedly organizing an insurgency against the victorious rebels, who are themselves strewn with al-Qaeda, and support Sharia law. Nov 21, 2011 5116
Herman Cain: Herman Cain, a businessman and banker, is concerned with the status quo for banks and corporatists--with a hint of reform. Aug 22, 2011 1302
Jon Huntsman: Jon Huntsman is on board politically with President Obama--if not in equal degree, certainly in type. Aug 22, 2011 1204
Terrorists vs. the state. Aug 22, 2011 770
WikiLeaks confirms North American Integration Scheme: when U.S. elites were caught creating a regional government with Mexico and Canada, dubbed the "North American Union," they denied it. WikiLeaks shows they lied. Jun 20, 2011 2576
UN-Obama intervention helps al-Qaeda in Libya. Apr 18, 2011 824
Wisconsin erupts ground zero for national movements: Madison, Wisconsin--nicknamed "Madtown" --launched the fight between government-union workers, who want to continue the status quo, and taxpayers, concerned over debt. Mar 21, 2011 3632
The reforms, the reality: claims and counterclaims have rung forth in Wisconsin's budget battle. Here's what's happening. Mar 21, 2011 1584
Zeitgeist and the Venus project: the Zeitgeist movement, which advocates environmentalism, world peace, shared wealth, atheism, and scientific problem solving, has gained many adherents. But should it? Essay Mar 21, 2011 4046
Tragic response to a tragedy: starting shortly after the Arizona shooting occurred - without any evidence that they were correct - much of the media portrayed the shooter to be a right-wing reactionary. Cover story Feb 7, 2011 2530
WikiLeaks exposes U.S. & EU climate bullying, bribery & espionage: the WikiLeaks cables have revealed that dirty political dealings, such as bribes, are common as the U.S. government coerces adherence to globalist "warming" mandates. Jan 24, 2011 2845
Cap and trade by stealth: U.S. states partner with foreign governments: though international plans for an agreement limiting greenhouse gases and setting up cap and trade have been stalled, at regional and state levels they are booming. Jan 10, 2011 1024
Cancun: global hysteria, wealth redistribution: a global one-child policy along the lines of China's and rationing similar to that implemented during WWII were just a couple of the recommendations at Cancun. Jan 10, 2011 2495
Waking up to a world currency: world leaders, American politicians, academics, and bankers are not only debating the feasibility of a world currency, they have the mechanisms in place to ensure its ascension. Cover story Sep 27, 2010 3808
The emerging global Fed: many of the world's financial elites are excitedly pushing for a world fiat currency, but such a system would create problems that would make our present ones seem tame. Sep 27, 2010 2716
Fed manipulations in the crosshairs: evidence is overwhelming that the Federal Reserve is manipulating stock, bond, and gold prices to the benefit of big banks and the detriment of average Americans. Jun 21, 2010 4366
Alternative currencies. Viewpoint essay Jun 21, 2010 825

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