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Newly registered contractor.

The following is a list of newly registered contractors in Chelan and Douglas counties based on a monthly report from the Washington Department of Labor and Industries. The list includes all new contractors in the area as well as those that have reregistered due to changes in business name or ownership or lapsed registration.

For more information on the contractors, check the Labor and Industries Web site at

ASP Earthworks LLC Owner:Austin Poff and Shannon Poff Address: 1232 Columbine St., Wenachee License number: ASPEAEL874DA Expiration date: March I, 2015

Bates House Moving Owner: Andrew Davidson and Rachel Davidson Address: 4845 Old Monitor Road, Cashmere License number: BATESHM877DA Expiration date: March I, 2015

Cliff Frey Construction Owner: Clifford Ray Frey Address: 2015 Center Court Drive, Wenatchee License number: CLIFFFC877DF Expiration date: March 6, 2015

Elias Landscaping Owner: Ricardo Elias Address: 800 Cascade St., Wenatchee License number: ELIASL*875DA Expiration date: March I, 2015

H&P Concrete Owner: Levi Jones and Clarissa Jones Address: 1119 Brown St., Wenatchee License number: HPCONPC871 D7 Expiration date: March 27, 2015

Legendary Masonry and Custom Tile Owner: Gordon E Carlile Address: 724 Walker Ave., Wenatchee License number: LEGENMC870DJ Expiration date: March II, 2015

Little Chumstick Land Management Owner: Taylor Orteg Address: P.O. box 461, Leavenworth License number: LITTLCL876DK Expiration date: March 12, 2015

Mel's Masonry Restoration Owner: Melvin LaFleur Address: 480 Highline Drive, East Wenatchee License number: MELSMMR872DQ Expiration date: March 8, 2015

Morrison's Dock at the Bay Ltd. Owner: Karen Morrison and Randy Morrison Address: RO. Box 534, Hanson License number: MORRID*876DH Expiration date: March 8, 2015

NCW Glass Owner: Adam Christopher Snyder Address: I 017 W. Park St., Wenatchee License number: NCWGLG*873DN Expiration date: March 15, 2015

No Worries Preservation Owner: Zackery Ceballos Address: II00 Kittitas St., Wenatchee License number: NOWORWP870D6 Expiration date: March 26, 2015

Peters Plumbing Inc. Owner: Charles Nicholas Peters Address: RO. Box 144, Waterville License number: PETERPI875DR Expiration date: March 19, 2015

Property Solutions Owner: Kristy Flores and Jaime Flores Address: 1740 10th Race N.E., East Wenatchee License number: PROPES*874DR Expiration date: March 19, 2015

Rosali Landscap|ng Owner: Rosali Vasquez Address: RO. Box 3076, Wenatchee License number: ROSALL*871DK Expiration date: March 12, 2015

Silverado Construction LLC Owner: Mark Allen Hanson and Jody A. Hanson Address: 200 Summer Ridge Lane, Malaga License number: SILVECL875DD Expiration date: March 4, 2015

Smart Choice Washington Inc. Owner: Theresa England and George McDonald Address: 410 Highway 150, No. 6, Chelan License number: SMARTCW871 C7 Expiration date: March 4, 2015

TBCC Owner: Tyler Joseph Burns Address: I 120 Wedgewood Ave., Wenatchee License number: TBCC***873D7 Expiration date: March 27, 2015
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Date:May 1, 2013
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