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Newly Developed Super Egg Powder Shown to be a Nutritional Powerhouse for the Immune System.

WILMINGTON, Del.--(BW HealthWire)--Jan. 21, 1999--

Egcel(TM) ACF, developed over the last ten years by a joint venture

of DuPont and ConAgra that is now a separate R&D company called DCV,

Inc., is the world's first all natural dietary supplement support

for the human immune system; it contains natural protective

antibodies and immune co-factors designed to work within

the immune system;

Clinically tested by the United States Army, New York Hospital

and the Harvard University Medical Center, Egcel ACF is

protected by over 100 patents;

BioChoice(TM) Immune Support, DCV's first all natural dietary

supplement to incorporate Egcel ACF along with 63 necessary

vitamins, minerals, proteins and amino acids, is now available

nationwide direct from Legacy USA at 1-800-949-7795

Calling it one of the greatest health breakthroughs since vaccines, DCV, Inc., an independent biotechnology R&D company originally formed in 1988 as a joint venture between DuPont and ConAgra, today announced the development of the world's first all natural dietary supplement support for the human immune system, Egcel(TM) ACF. When taken regularly in the form of a dietary supplement, Egcel ACF has demonstrated in a series of clinical trials that it can significantly support the human immune system in its continuous fight against a wide variety of diseases.

Egcel ACF is a revolutionary powder formula made from eggs that contain natural antibodies and immune co-factors. Regular eggs contain antibodies to fight against disease in chickens. Egcel ACF, however, is derived by vaccinating specially selected hens, raised in a controlled environment that exceeds all USDA regulations, with a vaccine against bacteria of human interest. After the eggs are laid, they are collected and tested for their immune response levels. The eggs are then broken. Whites and yolks are pasteurized and dried to a fine, free-flowing powder for blending with 63 vitamins, minerals and amino acids.

According to Dr. Orn Adalsteinsson, Vice President of Research & Development at DCV, Inc., based in Wilmington, Delaware, "After 10 years of development, extensive clinical trials, and an investment that now approaches $50-million, we are proud to bring this development to the attention of the general public. What's more, we are convinced that the regular use of Egcel ACF, taken in the form of our BioChoice(TM) Immune Support dietary supplement, will prove to be one of the greatest health breakthroughs since vaccines."

Available now to consumers through DCV's wholly-owned subsidiary sales company Legacy USA, BioChoice Immune Support is the first - and only - product of its kind available on the market. An all natural immune supporting dietary supplement, BioChoice contains the right natural protective antibodies and immune co-factors that work within the immune system to help protect the human body.

According to Dr. Adalsteinsson, DCV, Inc. has secured a strong proprietary position for Egcel ACF, as well as the processes and technologies that produce it. The company currently holds over 100 patents on the subject and continues to be awarded worldwide patents for all aspects of the technology. Successful clinical trials have been conducted by the United States Army, which is now purchasing the BioChoice Immune Support, as well as New York Hospital, the Harvard University Medical Center and the government of India. The Egcel ACF egg powder has been GRAS (Generally Regarded As Safe) self-affirmed by DCV's Scientific Advisory Committee. Further, DVC has reviewed the safety data for the FDA.

"BioChoice Immune Support is the first of several bio-nutrition products we bring to market that incorporate Egcel ACF," Dr. Adalsteinsson emphasized. "It is important to understand that this technology goes far beyond traditional dietary supplements that can provide only vitamins, minerals and amino acids. Egcel ACF is the first product ever developed to contain antibodies and co-factors that work to support the immune system. As a result, we can envision a number of applications for this technology that utilize a food matrix as the delivery model."

Headquartered in Wilmington, Delaware, DVC, Inc. was formed in 1988 as a strategic partnership between DuPont and ConAgra. The joint venture company, DuPont ConAgra Vision, was dedicated to developing and improving emerging biotechnologies. Now a privately held, independent research and development company, DCV, Inc. has exclusive rights to the DuPont/ConAgra technology. The company's World Wide Web site is located at DCV, Inc.'s wholly owned subsidiary sales and marketing division is Legacy USA, based in Melbourne, Florida. Legacy USA can be contacted at 1-800-949-7795 or through its World Wide Web site located at

Note: Copies of all clinical trials and supporting data are available from DCV, Inc. Please contact Dr. Orn Adalsteinsson, Vice President of Research & Development, at 302/695-5633.
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Date:Jan 21, 1999
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