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Newest Stryker variant introduced.

Last summer, the newest variant of the Stryker combat vehicle, the mortar carrier version B (MCV B), was delivered to the Yakima Training Center in Washington for testing by Soldiers of the 3d Brigade, 2d Infantry Division, at Fort Lewis.

The new Stryker variant replaces the MCV--A, which carried mortars that had to be unloaded and set up to fire. The MCV--B is very much like the basic Stryker vehicle, except that it has a 120-millimeter mortar mounted in the crew compartment that can be fired from inside the vehicle through doors on top that swing open. The vehicle also has a digital fire-control system that can receive fire missions and help its five-man crew aim the mortar more accurately.

In addition to the mounted 120-millimeter mortar, each MCV--B carries a second mortar that has to be unloaded and set up for firing. At the battalion level, the MCV--B carries an 81-millimeter mortar; at company level, the MCV--B carries a 60-millimeter mortar.

"The Soldiers like it; it's easy to maintain, and it's pretty simple," said Brian Jenne of the Army Training and Doctrine Command Systems Management Office at Fort Lewis. "They like not having to dismount the weapon, it's also very, very accurate; they like that the best," he added.

All feedback is not positive, however. Soldiers would like to have a hatch in the mortar doors on top of the vehicle, an option now being considered. The previous variant also could be emptied of its contents and used as an alternate troop carrier an option that is not practical with the new version. Jenne welcomes all feedback. "Any time that we can interface with the Soldier on a new piece of equipment and gather information from them, then we'll take that into consideration to see how we can make the system better," he said.
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Date:Jan 1, 2006
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