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Newest Parody -- The X-Fools -- Takes Comical Look At Little Green Men And Government Cover-ups.

LARKSPUR, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Oct. 1, 1997--Parroty Interactive, the humor division of Palladium Interactive, has shipped "a paranoid paranormal CD-ROM parody" of the popular television series, The X-Files, at an estimated street price of $19.95.

The X-Fools, an interactive CD-ROM, was developed by the makers of PYST(TM) -- a parody of MYST, the best-selling CD-ROM game in history, and Star Warped(TM) -- a parody of Star Wars, the most popular motion picture trilogy in history.

The X-Fools spoofs The X-Files by introducing two ultra-paranoid ex-FBI agents, Mully and Scudder, who invite the user to become an "agent trainee" and be subjected to a deprogramming regimen of interactive games, trivia and multimedia vignettes. The X-Fools also offers a contest entitled "The Conspiracy Quest," where individuals can win great prizes by solving an "X-Fool-ish" password puzzle. The X-Fools is being distributed throughout North America by Mindscape Inc.

"With the tremendous public interest in The X-Files, UFOs and conspiracy theories, The X-Fools offers a humorous and refreshing opportunity to parody what has almost become a national pastime of paranormal paranoia for millions of people," said Palladium's vice president of marketing, Rob Halligan. "We are thrilled to be releasing The X-Fools at a time when the news is being dominated by such events as the 50th anniversary of the alleged Roswell incident, the Mars Pathfinder Mission and the public's eager anticipation of The X-Files season premiere."

The following is an assortment of the comical and covert activities from The X-Fools:

-- Conspiracy Computer -- Zoom in on historical and cultural photos as Mully unveils the previously unseen elements of a conspiracy. For example, a close-up of Ronald Reagan's neck reveals a topographical map of Mars.

-- X-Cam -- View seemingly everyday video with paranoid commentary by Mully and Scudder explaining the devious conspiracy behind the clips. For example, a video of individuals line-dancing is explained as an alien ritual celebrating the arrival of the mother ship.

-- Doctored Drafts -- What if aliens controlled television? Would Ellen come out as a Venutian? Take sneak peeks of Mad About UFOs, Roswell O'Donnell, Melrose Space and other paranoid parodies of familiar shows!

-- Deviant Dossiers -- Dossiers expose "the truth" with spoofs of famous villains from The X-Files -- baby pictures, psychological profiles and other secret skeletons in their closets!

-- Abduct This! -- Roles are switched as players fly the saucer to try and beam up everything from government agents to cows.

-- Run Agent Run! -- Users navigate through one of four possible mazes and try to elude aliens and The X-Files villains. Players can pick up ammunition and turn the tables.

-- Trust No One -- Fans of The X Files can test their knowledge in this esoteric and offbeat trivia game.

-- X-Fools Online -- Owners and non-owners of the CD-ROM can access The X-Fools web site ( - coming September 16, 1997) to play additional games, post their own conspiracies and e-mail "X-Cards." Those who own The X-Fools can also view the "Abducto-tron," access the password to the Evidence Locker and much more!

-- Evidence Locker -- View the mountain of incriminating evidence that Mully and Scudder have "borrowed" from the set of The X-Files to build their conspiratorial case against the government.

-- The Conspiracy Quest -- Gather clues posted on The X-Fools web site ( If the player solves the password puzzle he/she is eligible to win great prizes.

Parroty Interactive's Products

Star Warped(TM) ($19.95) -- Named "Funniest CD-ROM of the Century" by America Online's Huge Electronic Brain, Star Warped guides players through a galaxy far, far away to meet their favorite intergalactic icons in a variety of familiar, yet slightly warped, settings. Users can test their knowledge of Star Wars trivia in a humor-filled trivia game called "U Don't No Jedi," poke and prod those brown fuzzy creatures in a scintillating game of "Whack the Ewok," and much more.

PYST(TM) ($14.95) -- This interactive parody offers the millions of people who have played MYST the chance to experience the island in a whole new light. The pristine scenery is gone -- so are the impossible puzzles and New Age music. In their place is King Mattruss (played by John Goodman) and his sons -- the Prince formerly known as Prince, and Prince Syrup -- along with a host of characters who never left.

Format; Minimum System Requirements for The X-Fools

-- Runs on Windows 95, Windows 3.1, and Macintosh System 7.1 or later.

-- Acceptable performance on computers with Intel 486 Intel Pentium processors with a speed of 66 MHz or greater.

-- Acceptable performance on computers with Motorola 68040 and PowerPC processors with a speed of 33 MHz or greater.

-- Requires a sound card and speaker, 640x480 256 color display, and a 2x CD-ROM drive.

-- Requires 8MB RAM on Windows 3.1 and Macintosh OS's.

-- 16MB RAM required on Windows 95, and strongly recommended for PowerMac.

-- Requires 15MB free hard disk space on the playback machine.

-- Requires QuickTime 2.0 or greater for Mac and Windows (provided)

About Palladium Interactive

Headquartered in Larkspur, Palladium Interactive is a developer and publisher of top quality consumer software. The company offers three main brands: the Ultimate Family Tree brand, the Parroty Interactive line of parody products including PYST (the parody of the best selling CD-ROM Myst), and Star Warped (the parody of the hugely popular Star Wars movie trilogy), as well as the Palladium Kids brand of children's products, including WISHBONE, based on the popular PBS children's television series.

For more information on Palladium Interactive and its products, the company's web site can be accessed at .

About Mindscape Inc.

Mindscape Inc., distributor of Palladium Interactive's products in North America, is a leading developer and publisher of consumer software for the home, entertainment, education and reference markets. Founded in 1980, Mindscape is part of Pearson, plc, the international media group based in London, which focuses on the information, education and entertainment markets.

CONTACT: Palladium Interactive

Robert Naify, 415/464-5500 ext. 417


Access Communications

Holly Rossetti, 415/904-7070 ext. 264
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Date:Oct 1, 1997
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