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Newbridge Networks Announces Multiservices Remote Access Solution.

WASHINGTON--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Jan. 26, 1999--NEWBRIDGE (TSE:NNC.) (NYSE:NN) Newbridge Solution Extends Business Class Virtual Private Network Services to Remote Users

COMNET - Newbridge Networks (NYSE:NN)(TSE:NNC) today announced the release of its Multiservices Remote Access Solution (M-RAS), an integral part of the Newbridge(R) Versatile IP solution unveiled last November. The Siemens / Newbridge MainStreetXpress(TM) 36100 Access Concentrator, cornerstone of the Newbridge M-RAS offering, now extends the functionality of the Versatile IP solution to enable service providers to deliver premium Internet protocol VPNs to mobile users, telecommuters and remote office workers.

The Newbridge Versatile IP solution leverages the core strengths of the Newbridge switched routing product portfolio, including its multiservices infrastructure and comprehensive end-to-end service management, to offer a suite of standards-based solutions. The solutions enable service providers to capitalize on the exploding market for value-added services by delivering premium IP VPN services to business customers. According to a comprehensive Yankee Group study, the Newbridge approach also allows service providers to reduce their own cost of ownership by as much as 37 percent over conventional routing approaches.

The Newbridge Versatile IP solution enables service providers to seamlessly blend the best attributes of private enterprise networks, the Internet and their own shared public network resources to offer the optimal mix of control, reliability, reach and cost options.

M-RAS expands the capabilities of Versatile IP to deliver remote access to business VPNs. The broad range of interfaces the solution provides, coupled with powerful service management, give service providers the flexibility to connect customers, irrespective of geography, technology or budget.

"The managed remote access market is about to explode worldwide, creating a tremendous opportunity for service providers," said Jim Arseneault, Executive Vice President, IP & Internetworking Products Group, Newbridge Networks. "The Newbridge M-RAS solution offers an effective, profitable way to manage access for Internet service providers (ISPs) and enterprises that want to concentrate on their core businesses and lower the costs of supporting remote users. As such, the solution is a natural and powerful extension to Versatile IP."

M-RAS allows service providers to sell packaged Internet and VPN access services to other service providers, such as ISPs, or directly to businesses. These service providers and businesses can, in turn, provide virtual access ports to their customers or end users. The solution combines a number of access technologies, including analog, integrated services digital network (ISDN), digital subscriber line (xDSL) and voice over IP (VoIP) into a package with integrated management and provisioning.

M-RAS also provides integrated services management for multiple access technologies and centralized access policy management. Consolidated management enables service providers to lower costs while effectively servicing the network edge. The solution also allows service providers to organize dial services by access speed and type and tailor VPN policies to the needs of the customer, regardless of where they reside on the network.

Newbridge M-RAS Product Portfolio

MainStreetXpress 36100 Access Concentrator

The Newbridge M-RAS solution centers on the MainStreetXpress 36100 Access Concentrator, which provides dial, ISDN and dedicated access services for an ISP or business customer. The flexibility of the MainStreetXpress 36100 concentrator enables it to function as either a standalone high-performance access concentrator, or as an integral part of a Carrier Switched Routing (CSR) network offering premium IP VPN services. The Newbridge Carrier Switched Routing product portfolio comprises the following components:

MainStreetXpress 36170 Multiservices Switch

The industry-leading Siemens / Newbridge MainStreetXpress 36170 Multiservices Switch provides asymmetric digital subscriber line (ADSL) concentration and broadband switching services, among its multiservice, multi-access capabilities. ADSL cards installed in the MainStreetXpress 36170 switch concentrate ADSL services that originate from MainStreetXpress 27020 ADSL modems located at the end customer site.

Newbridge Internetworking Services Card (ISC)

The Newbridge Internetworking Services Card (ISC) forms an integral component of the Newbridge Carrier Switched Routing product portfolio. When installed in the MainStreetXpress 36170 Multiservices Switch, it enables available interface cards to act as integral service points. The ISC card also gives Layer 3 forwarding capabilities to all MainStreetXpress 36170 interface cards. A single card can support up to 700 service points and a single switched routing network can scale to support as many as 12,800 secure IP VPNs.

MainStreetXpress 56020 Routing Services Control Point (RSCP)

The MainStreetXpress 56020 RSCP provides routing policy and information, emulating conventional router processor and policy server functionality on a network-wide basis.

M-RAS: The Service Provider Market

Gartner Group estimates that the number of remote workers will increase to more than 100 million by 2002. M-RAS enables new generation service providers, such as competitive local exchange carriers (CLECs) and ISPs to compete profitably with larger carriers by offering lower-cost multi-access services that simplify the management and provisioning of VPN services.

"Service providers and end users are steadily migrating toward IP-based VPNs to gain a competitive business advantage," said Ron Westfall, research analyst with Current Analysis. "The Newbridge M-RAS solution is a key component of the Company's VPN strategy. It addresses the remote and site-to-site aspects of evolving VPN implementations and extends the Newbridge Versatile IP initiative to the edge of the network."

The M-RAS solution enables service providers to: -0-
- Lower total cost of ownership by reducing the number of required
 modems and consolidating network and service management;
- Sell new value-added services, such as remote access VPNs and
 virtual modem pooling;
- Increase revenue by providing add-on applications, such as
 distributed call centers based on VoIP;
- Offload Internet traffic from the voice network.

M-RAS also targets the emerging enterprise service provider (ESP) market. ESPs are large enterprises that choose to act as internal service providers. They rely on carrier-class infrastructures that extend both the reach and the services they offer across their networks. Using M-RAS, ESPs benefit from the same cost savings associated with the shared remote access resources as carriers. The solution enables ESPs to: -0-
- Respond quickly and easily to increased demand for remote access
- Lower costs by consolidating remote and site-to-site VPNs;
- Manage separate virtual modem pools for multiple departments;
- Introduce broadband services for remote users.

 Newbridge Networks (NYSE:NN)(TSE:NNC) designs, manufactures,
markets and services networking solutions to organizations in more
than 100 countries. The Company leverages its relationship with a
growing family of Newbridge Affiliate companies and strategic
alliances with Siemens and 3Com Corporation to deliver seamless,
end-to-end solutions. Newbridge customers include the world's 300
largest telecommunications service providers and more than 10,000
corporations, government organizations and other institutions. Founded
in 1986, the Company employs more than 6,000 people on six continents.
News and information are available at
 Newbridge, logo are registered trademarks of Newbridge Networks
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alliance for comprehensive solutions in broadband communication. No
agency relationship, partnership, or joint ownership of a legal entity
is to be inferred or implied by the use of the term alliance.

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