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Newark, Jersey City among longest commutes in nation, according to Haven Life.

Byline: Jessica Perry

New Jersey has the dubious distinction of having two cities in the top 10 in the nation with the longest commutes, according to online life insurance agency Haven Life.

Researchers at Haven Life evaluated data from the U.S. Census Bureau's 2017 American Community Survey to determine the longest and shortest commutes in the nation. For each city, Haven Life calculated the average round-trip commute time and included other statistics about its residents' journey to work.

The longest round-trip commutes in the nation include Newark at No. 5, with an average of 71 minutes, according to Haven Life. Among Newark commuters 62.4 percent use a car, 26.3 percent use public transit, 8.1 percent walk and 0.2 percent use a bicycle.

Jersey City ranks third with an average roundtrip commute of 73.6 minutes, according to Haven Life. Among Jersey City workers, 38.5 percent commute by car, 48.5 percent use public transit, 8 percent walk and 0.4 percent use a bicycle.

New York City ranked second on the average longest roundtrip commute at 81.6 minutes. Among New York City commuters, 26.6 percent commute by car, 56.5 percent by public transit, 10 percent walk and 1.2 percent use bicycle.

Palmdale, Calif., ranked first in terms of the longest roundtrip commute at 85.4 minutes. Among these commuters 91.4 percent commuted by car, 2 percent by public transit, 0.8 percent walked and 0.2 percent by bicycle.

Haven Life determined Americans' round-trip commute averaged 52 minutes in 2017, whereas it was 44 minutes in 1990.

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Publication:NJ Biz
Date:Jan 15, 2019
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