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NewRiver, Inc.

NewRiver, Inc. recently announced the roll out of Fund POINT Desktop for 529 Plans, software designed to manage multi-layered 529 college savings plan information. Backed by NewRiver's process technology for sourcing 529 plan data from multiple sources, FundPOINT Desktop for 529 Plans offers a streamlined, centralized approach to accessing 56 data points for all 529 plans, allowing advisors to perform real-time, plan-to-plan comparisons; conduct share class suitability analysis and communicate breakpoints to customers; provide point-of-sale disclosure; and calculate all tax advantages, fees, and commissions. NewRiver says that "favorable tax legislation and rising college costs have spurred a revival of 529 college savings plans largely because of their tax-free treatment, easy investing, no eligibility restrictions, and total donor control." NewRiver also points out that "the regulatory environment has changed as the Municipal Securities Rulemaking Board has adopted rules and regulations for 529 plans that are comparable to FINRA practices pertaining to sales of mutual funds."

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Title Annotation:NEW & PRODUCTS
Publication:Investment Advisor
Date:Sep 1, 2009
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